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A gritty, dystopian economic game set in a nation on the brink of ruin. Tough decisions & premium components in a dieselpunk setting.
A gritty, dystopian economic game set in a nation on the brink of ruin. Tough decisions & premium components in a dieselpunk setting.
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The World of CRISIS

Posted by LudiCreations (Creator)

Greetings, LudiCrats!

It's been a while, and we wanted to update you on what is going on with Crisis, and its ever expanding world.

First, we have been in contact with publishers around the world to try to get the game a retail release. It's a tough one, with a game that is so expensive to make. But we are trying.

Second, in about a month we will be meeting up with the designers to see how the expansion material is coming along. By that time we will have put up an online form that you can fill in, if you would like to help us playtest it, ahead of a campaign next year.

Third, well, we are happy to announce that the world of Crisis is growing! We were hesitant to even call it a "world" until now, but this happening a third time shows that we have something here. Ladies, gentlemen and sentient robots, allow us to introduce the campaign for...



Diesel Demolition Derby is a brilliant tactical drafting game by the esteemed Matthew Dunstan, whose design work you can experience in Elysium, Relic Runners, Costa Rica, and many more great games.

Matthew pitched this game to us a while ago, while we were in the planning stages for the Crisis campaign, and as soon as Anthony was done with illustrating the dieselpunk edition of Long Live The Queen, we immediately asked him to work on Diesel Demolition Derby.


Matthew's take on the card drafting genre is a bit more interactive than you might be used to, still without being mean. However, it still remains a simple game to learn, since the symbols and exceptions have been kept to a bare minimum.

So, if you want to continue exploring the world of Crisis with us, join us at the Diesel Demolition Derby campaign and play it on Tabletopia, see what Rahdo thinks of it, and take a look at the wonderful dieselpunk art by Anthony Cournoyer:

Now, as you have seen before we take every opportunity to add more material for the game, so we can hopefully make it easier for it to get reprinted. As we did with Long Live the Queen, we used the spare space in the Diesel Demolition Derby punchboard to include promo tiles for Crisis! Which leads us to announce...

CRISIS: The Inventors

The Inventors is a set of two promo tiles for Crisis included in every copy of Diesel Demolition Derby.

Each of the two Inventors is an Engineer employee (+1 modifier) that is moonlighting as a Battlemekk designer for Axia's underground Diesel Demolition Derby league. They have the ability to command their robotic creations to do their bidding and will not hesitate to do so.

At the beginning of the game, add the Inventors to the bag of Employee tiles.

If you draw an Inventor tile when setting up for a new round, place it along with the other Employee tiles in one of the spaces of the 9. EMPLOYEES location. Immediately place the Robot Employee under the Inventor tile, removing it from the Temp Employee location, which is now unavailable. This still happens even if an event has made the Temp Employee unavailable. If the second Inventor is drawn in the same round, return its tile to the cloth bag and draw another Employee tile.

During the 3. PLANNING phase, a player can reserve an Inventor Employee just like any other, and claim it during the 4. OPERATIONS phase. When claimed, the player also takes the Robot tile and may keep it until the end of the round, as the normal rules allow. This may only happen once per Inventor tile.

When resolving 13. PRODUCTION, an Inventor may be used to fulfill a necessary Engineer position in a Company card.

Just like with other Engineers, an Inventor may also be used as a bonus Engineer Employee, adding +1 to any modifier that a Company card may have.

At the moment the Inventors are part of the Diesel Demolition Campaign, but in the future we may be able to offer them separately, e.g. for a nominal $5 cost, or at conventions such as Spiel.

We hope to be bringing you more good news soon. We know how really fortunate we are to have had your support in making Crisis, and we hope to have it in the future as well!

As always, please send us a direct message via KS if you have any issues with your pledge.

All the best,

- LC

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    1. LudiCreations 23-time creator on

      Thanks, Eric, those are some nice suggestions, we will keep them in mind.

    2. Missing avatar

      Eric Brine on

      May I make three suggestions for the reprint (if there is one?).

      1. Please clarify that Production step always happens and that no manager is required (in contradiction of text in "4. OPERATIONS").

      2. Please clarify company cards by separating the (fixed) output of required employees from the (skill-based) output of optional employees, as depicted in the this image:

      3. Add a 0 (zero) space on the loan track (as a place to store loan tokens for players without loans).

    3. Ron Isdale

      Who needs stretch goals, when a game can continue to be enhanced, simply by supporting the production of more games.

    4. LudiCreations 23-time creator on

      --- If you're thinking of offering the promos elsewhere, is the a chance that they could be included in the Crisis expansion?
      Sure, it's possible. Of course then we will have complaints that people already have those - and we also prefer to make new things. It's more likely you would see them on the BGG store.

    5. Missing avatar

      Dean Jones on

      If you're thinking of offering the promos elsewhere, is the a chance that they could be included in the Crisis expansion?

    6. Steven Crane

      Instabacked well before the update :) Rahdo's runthrough talked me into it :)