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Boardgames That Tell Stories, one of the most popular board game blogs at goes to paper!
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After the end of the campaign, please visit to find out if there are any copies of the book left.

So here I am, Ignacy Trzewiczek, most crazy blogger among game designers, a guy who - for the past few years – tries to entertain gamers and every single Wednesday writes about game design at Boardgames That Tell Stories. Funny stories, dreadfull stories, honest stories... All kinds of them published on his blog week after week!

Now 35 best of these stories are gathered together, edited and put into one amazng book. Book that tell an extraordinary story about game design. Learn about terryfying presentation of International Gamers Nominee Pret-a-Porter. Learn how much time was needed to design Golden Geek Best Card Game nominee 51st State. Learn how kids helped designind Dice Tower nominee Robinson Crusoe...

Read stories behind scenes. Learn about designing one of the most popular boardgames. You find them all in this one book.

 Why would you like to buy a book with stories that were published for free at Ignacy's blog?

This is a unique item, book printed in limited number, with stories that were most popular at Now you can have them all in one book with new content, with many photos and drawings. It's a great idea for gift for fellow gamer – a book that presents your beloved hobby in funny and interesting way.

It's also a great way to say 'Thank you, mate!'. Supporting this campaign and making this dream come true you support Ignacy's blog.

35 best essays published previously at Boardgames That Tell Stories blog, 5 new essays written exclusively for the book, foreword by Angus Abranson, unique photos and pictures of prototypes of Ignacy Trzewiczek's games!

It is written in my style, my language, my words, without those annoying editors and proofreaders forcing me to say this that way and the other thing the other way - 1719% pure Ignacy!

I try not to read this blog.

          - Tom Vasel

Your blog is a clever combination of information and entertainment... kinda like you, but without the accent.

          - Cardboard Jungle

Usually I don't read anything in English. Except Ignacy's blog. There's not much English there anyway.

          - Michał Oracz

Click here (or right-click and Save as...) to check out a sample chapter. If you don't like it, well, then you can save time and stop reading here.

Book is ready. I took best posts from my blog, I send them to editor, and then to desktop publishing team who created amazing layout of pages, added number of photos and drawings I gave them and now book is ready to go to print. I wait for your support. I need money to print the book. As soon as campaign is finished, I send files to print! You will not have to wait long for final product. It is almost here!

I don't know how many copies we will make (that's the point of Kickstarter, no?). After I send the rewards to the backers, I will offer the remaining stock to our loyal Portal Games newsletter subscribers, who will have first chance at buying it and then in the good game stores.

Then, if there are any copies left, I might sell this to the unwashed masses for something like 24 usd / 18 euro. Maybe.


- worldwide shipping

- 10% off Cardboard & Sun 2014

- your name on my blog

- my promise to keep making great games, and to never shut up about it

- i will eat something that Merry has cooked

To help me get there, you can change your avatar to a sketch I made of the most handsome man I know:

I know, I know, I should have been an artist.

Oh, and here's some links for you:

Thanks everyone!

Risks and challenges

Book will be printed in Poland. It will be shipped from Poland at the beginning of December 2013.

We are doing the printing ourselves, and the Portal Games / LudiCreations team is putting as much effort and attention into this campaign as in any boardgaming project.

There might be delays in delivering the book, especially if the busy holiday season causes delays. If that happens, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Fulfillment of all previous campaigns created by LudiCreations is now being completed. Gear & Piston and Byzantio / Nekken will be shipping between 21 and 28 October, while Among the Stars: The Ambassadors is shipping in November.

Thanks for your support and trust!

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    Pledge US$ 2 or more About US$ 2.00

    (1,47 EUR) Thank you for your support!

    If you have a good time reading my blog but you don't actually want to have a book – this may be a good way to say 'Good job, mate. Keep writing!' All supporters will be listed on my blog after the campaign is finished.

    Choose this reward to stay informed about the campaign, and perhaps increase your pledge later.

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    Pledge US$ 10 or more About US$ 10

    (7,32 EUR) Boardgames That Tell Stories digital copy

    You will receive Boardgames That Tell Stories in PDF format, easy to read on any e-device. You will receive everything from the $2 level too. No game designers have been harmed in the making of this pledge reward.

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    Pledge US$ 26 or more About US$ 26

    (19,03 EUR) Boardgames That Tell Stories hardcover.

    This is main purpose of this great campaign – beautiful, about 200 pages long book in hardcover edition. Each book will be signed by Ignacy Trzewiczek. You will also receive everything from the previous levels. Shipping to any altitude below 8000m included.

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    Pledge US$ 48 or more About US$ 48

    (35,13 EUR) Boardgames That Tell Stories hardcover. ++

    The book, along with one of the original cards from prototype of Robinson Crusoe or 51st State, signed and framed. Additionally 1 unique caricature drawn just for you by me. You will also receive everything from previous levels. Shipped anywhere in this galaxy. For any other dimensions, please add $42.

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