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Millennia of knowledge are at risk! Save the treasures of the Great Library in this asymmetrical & unconventional game for 2-4 players.
Millennia of knowledge are at risk! Save the treasures of the Great Library in this asymmetrical & unconventional game for 2-4 players.
Millennia of knowledge are at risk! Save the treasures of the Great Library in this asymmetrical & unconventional game for 2-4 players.
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    1. LudiCreations 23-time creator on

      The easiest and quickest way to set up the game (in any version), is to simply make little piles of 4 furniture tiles and place them in the middle of the room.
      Whenever it is time to reveal them, simply turn them face up and spread them out.
      In the Deluxe edition, that's when you place the wooden tokens instead.

    2. Johnathan Steven Solek

      Finally got a chance to play this and had fun, but I am confused on how you use the wooden tokens for the furniture. I don't understand how it works with the tiles because if you put in the wooden tokens right away, then you know where everything is versus the tiles being face down until someone enters the room. Am I missing something?

    3. Chad Leonard on

      Finally arrived! Looks wonderful. Can't wait to get it to the table.

    4. Ricky Duong

      Just want to share the insert I made using foam core :D…

    5. LudiCreations 23-time creator on

      As you can see in the campaign page, tracking is not available. Also, even if we had it, we could not post it here, as it is your private information, which is why we ask in all the backer updates that you contact us via the KS message system, if you have any issues or questions about your pledge.

    6. Pedro Henrique on

      Could you send me the tracking code?

    7. LudiCreations 23-time creator on

      Awesome Ed! Out of curiosity, what date do you see on the customs form stuck to the shipping box? And, do you remember which date exactly you received it?

    8. Missing avatar

      Ed on

      received in Layton UT. boxes were in reasonable condition and can't wait to play.

    9. Missing avatar


      Eagerly waiting for my game, not complaining just commenting.

    10. Roeland on

      (Off course, Merlin is a queen game... My mistake 😉)

    11. Roeland on

      I sent you a message 2 weeks ago and got the answer I needed to have patience...

      But ok, no more patience than, message is coming up.
      (Still waiting for my missing stickers for Merlin as well)

    12. LudiCreations 23-time creator on

      Well, wait no longer! Simply send us a message - via the Kickstarter system, and we will help you out!

    13. Roeland on

      Still waiting...

    14. Aaron B

      @Valentine yes I got mine a month or so ago, near Montreal

    15. Missing avatar

      Valentine H on

      Has anyone in Canada already gotten their game?

    16. LudiCreations 23-time creator on

      As mentioned in all backer updates, if you are having any issues with your reward, please send us a message via the KS system.

    17. Gabriel Thorn

      Backerkit says my reward has been shipped on the 28th of December, I still haven't received my game. I live in the UK.

    18. Kelly Chua on

      Anyone else in Singapore that have not received their games? I saw someone posting that they received it. Singapore is a city state, I doubt mail takes this long if they are on the same shipment.
      Have PM Ludicreations :(.. just hoping Im not the only one that hasn't received it in my country :(

    19. LudiCreations 23-time creator on

      Correct, the list on the campaign page is old. You should have as many wooden as cardboard components. The difference is basically in the VP tokens. Instead of 30 parchments and 30 scrolls, there are 14 parchments and 16 scrolls.

    20. Vũ Trần Hoàng on

      I received game in CA, US. and successfully transport into VietNam.. maybe the number of components are not matched with campaign.. This is the list wooden components
      11 chests
      11 armoires
      9 carpets
      9 braziers
      20 lecterns
      20 bookshelfs
      2 water
      4 fire
      4 colored player hourglasses
      20 stone tablets
      30 parchments
      30 scrolls
      170 total wooden pieces

    21. ED Mundo Trejo on

      Thanks @LudiCreations, Agree, we have the information that we should not get Panic at least before EO January, and I appreciate that you reply any comment positive or "negative". And I agree with Richard, I still don´t receive mine, but being aware that other folks still keep receiving their games and specially when is on same Country helps to contain the craving.

    22. LudiCreations 23-time creator on

      Understood. Our chief concern is getting your games to you, so any comment that indicates that you have not received them is something we have to respond to. it also helps other backers understand that we are paying attention and being responsive, and not otherwise ignoring any concerns.
      It also serves to remind backers about the importance of reading the backer updates.

    23. Richard Dickson on

      We're not necessarily trying to get your attention here, just sharing our experiences with other backers so they don't think they're the only ones with a particular issue.

    24. LudiCreations 23-time creator on

      Gentlemen, please read the latest backer update. It states:
      This is why we asked you to provide an address that is valid through February 2018 - sometimes it inexplicably takes very long for a package to be delivered, even when others in your area have received rewards that we shipped at the same time as yours. So please do not worry about non-delivery at least until the end of January. We routinely receive returned packages (usually due to an incorrect address or non-pickup at the post office). Sending a replacement to you prematurely usually results in both packages eventually getting delivered.

      As we have done time and again in backer updates, let us remind you to contact us directly, with a message via the KS messaging system, if you have any issues with your pledge. Unfortunately we can not solve or track any issues via the comments, and you can't (well, shouldn't) post your personal information there. So, please message us to get our attention directly and promptly.

    25. Richard Dickson on

      Still nothing in Orlando.

    26. Missing avatar

      Michael Price

      Still waiting in Western Australia. Friend received his quite some time ago, so a little concerned.

    27. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies

      @Mika If you need replacements, just send them a PM.

    28. Miko

      My shipping box was trashed and falling apart. Was glad to see the game was not damaged.

    29. Kaina

      Got it in French Polynesia. Everything is perfect. Wooden tokens match the tiles.

    30. LudiCreations 23-time creator on

      Hi Richard, this is precisely why we clearly state the tracking issue in the campaign page, and also why we explain that delivery services operate in mysterious ways, with some backers getting their package a lot earlier than others, even within the same city. We have seen weeks of variance in some cases. Please make sure you have read the latest backer update.

    31. Richard Dickson on

      Not having a tracking number is driving me mad. Someone else in Orlando got their shipment and I have no way of knowing where mine even is.

    32. LudiCreations 23-time creator on

      If you have any issues with your reward, please read the latest backer update. Then, if you still have issues, as mentioned before, in multiple comments and all backer updates, please send us a message via the KS system.

    33. Pedro Henrique on

      Could you send me the tracking code?

    34. Missing avatar

      Andrea Baldini

      Box received yesterday. Bologna Italy. Not yet opened

    35. Vũ Trần Hoàng on

      anyone received game in CA, USA? I have not received my copy :(.. maybe my number too big, 1742, still waiting.

    36. Pedro Henrique on

      I have not received my copy.

    37. Missing avatar


      Package well received 15 minutes ago. minor dents on box (mostly caused by delivery), wooden tokens are good and accounted for, 3 map tiles and neferhotep's punchboard wasnt all the way through but nothing a simple cutter wont fix. other components are good, the standees though.... since we have to kinda force the piece together it left a mark. so switching to a plastic standee.
      Overall. Very good production, would love to back more games from Ludicreations. will be playing it soon.

    38. Eagle-Man

      I received my copy today (Vancouver, BC, Canada). Everything looks good except two wooden fire tokens whose tips have little chips (not worth getting replacements, though). Maybe these need to be packed in a separate bag, or the design needs to be adjusted so that this doesn't happen.

    39. LudiCreations 23-time creator on

      As mentioned before, in multiple comments and all backer updates, please send us a message via the KS system.

    40. Missing avatar

      perpetual14 on

      I received the game last week. but missing 10 lecterns wooden token while others match the number of cardboard. and 1 stone tablet is broken.

    41. Kelly Chua on

      :( have not received my copy in Singapore yet... 5 days since a backer reported he got his.
      still have to wait a few weeks if the game is returned and resent :(

    42. Cary Harrison

      /sad face everyone is getting their games and I'm just sitting here waiting for the mailman. (actually I'm beginning to wonder if he delivered to the wrong address, it's happened before :/)

      Ya'll play a round for me because I can't yet!

    43. Missing avatar

      Nelson Viegas

      Got my game here in Portugal. Had some issues caused by boards not being punched all the way thru. Got some minor damaged tiles backs while trying to take'em off, but not really a big issue. Didn't like the quality of the "mushy" cardboard used. Too soft and it almost feels like it's kinda damp... weird.

    44. LudiCreations 23-time creator on

      As mentioned before, in multiple comments and all backer updates, please send us a message via the KS system. Also, no need to send to *all* of our contacts (email, FB, etc.) - just a simple message via KS is enough.

    45. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies

      @Scott Send them a PM

    46. Scott Mohnkern

      Well opened the box, and one of the room tiles was out of the cardboard and damaged. Anyone else have issues with damaged components?

    47. Scott Mohnkern

      Game arrived in Maryland USA Today!

    48. Rob Bendig

      Just arrived in Calgary

    49. Ken Perryman on

      Received the game on the 3rd in perfect condition. The larger tiles do have some issues when punching them out (be a little cautious).

    50. Missing avatar

      Lyle Wren on

      I actually got the package a few hours after I posted my comment about still waiting for it, so it arrived on December 27. Great condition, thanks!

      We only managed to play it once so far, but it seemed like a lot of fun. I am sure we are doing something wrong because I played the Roman agent and managed to score waaaay more points than the other players (more points than the rest of them combined)

      Looking forward to playing again though!

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