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An exploration of the complex layers of shame and healing, through the lives of 3 survivors of sexual slavery during WWII.
An exploration of the complex layers of shame and healing, through the lives of 3 survivors of sexual slavery during WWII.
590 backers pledged $56,525 to help bring this project to life.


We are absolutely speechless about the amount of support we've had throughout this campaign and especially everyone who helped us spread the word in the last few days. We have finally reached our goal of $50,000 and still with 49 more hours to go. Amazing, just utterly amazing.

Now we can go to the broadcasters and producers with the solid fact that people want to see this film made and that it's important to so many people that this piece of history is preserved. The grandmothers will get one step closer to finding the peace that they deserve and for that we are truly grateful. 

Friends, family, and strangers around the world have gotten us here and there isn't enough Thank you's we can say to express the amount of gratitude we feel. When the movie is finished, we will invite you to join us in celebrating the stories of these Grandmothers and honour the struggles that they have endured for so long.

Thank you thank you thank you for making my dream and the dreams of these Grandmothers come true.


Tiffany and the Forever Grateful (and even more friendly) Team at Golden Nugget


    1. Creator Ngardy Conteh on June 30, 2011

      so happy for u and the team, congrats!

    2. Creator on June 29, 2011

      so stoked to get my recipes! and congratulations!

    3. Creator Ginny Chau on June 29, 2011

      Congratulations! I am looking forward to your talk tonight.

    4. Creator Jermaine Carty on June 29, 2011

      CONGRATS!!! Thank YOU Tiff, and everyone at Golden Nugget, for fighting for a story that needs to be told. I can't wait to see it. Much luv!!!

    5. Creator Justin Woo on June 29, 2011

      Not even joking, when I read this at 11PM last night, I went "YES!" and even did the little fist-grabbing-the-air thing. :)

    6. Creator Rebecca on June 29, 2011


    7. Creator Won Young Lee on June 29, 2011

      Congratulations! Cannot WAIT until this comes out!

    8. Creator Adnan M. on June 29, 2011

      Congratulations!!!! This is definitely one awesome milestone towards the completion of an amazing project! Cannot wait to see the final documentary and the buzz it will bring on this planet!

    9. Creator Stacie Ardoin on June 29, 2011

      Awesome! I am so excited for this project. Congratulations!

    10. Creator Helen Suk on June 28, 2011

      Congratulations!! You and the team should be so proud - for your sheer determination, creativity and resourcefulness in your fundraising. Really inspirational. I can't wait to finally see the film!