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A collection of one hundred comics about talking back to your self-doubt and anxiety, and a plush demon to go with ’em.
A collection of one hundred comics about talking back to your self-doubt and anxiety, and a plush demon to go with ’em.
A collection of one hundred comics about talking back to your self-doubt and anxiety, and a plush demon to go with ’em.
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Cover Art, Money, Progress


Hello, Lovely Backers—

I hope this update finds you all safe, wherever you are. Between raging wildfires and tropical storms it's been a scary time for many of us. Portland has been blanketed in a thick pall of smoke this week (though we have a blissful interlude of clouds this morning), and it can be hard to focus on creative work when so much in the world is in disarray. 

If you're in the DC area and want the support of a friendly face, I'll be tabling at the Small Press Expo next weekend in Bethesda, MD. Come find me at Table K9A, right next to the Cartozia Tales team. (Speaking of Cartozia, I'm selling off some rare original art I did for the series over in my online shop, if you're interested in that sort of thing.)

Survey Status:

It's been a bit of a lull period in production land as we wait for the final surveys to come in and get started on printing in earnest. A whopping 94% of you have filled out your information already, for which I am exceedingly grateful, but I'm still rooting for those last 75 backers! If you haven't yet gotten your survey, or it's buried somewhere in your inbox (it happens) just let me know and I can send you a direct replacement link. You can also add-on additional books or plushies or prints if you didn't get quite the package you wanted during the campaign. (And if you have friends who want some swag as well, there's a public pre-order store up now.)

As far as production goes: 

The plush tags have been submitted and the downpayment is in, so things are moving ahead there! All the design elements for the book are now with Ally, who's hard at work making the text align and the layouts sing. Though she's in charge of putting everything together, I couldn't help going through my own wiggly process toward figuring out the covers. I'm usually more of a maximalist, so it's been interesting to try and make a book that's on this side of refined and elegant. Here's a look at some early drafts and how they progressed toward a closer prototype:

The tricky thing, of course, is that the cover is going to feature both spot gloss over a black background and silver foil, which are hard to mock-up accurately in a digital format. However, through a happy coincidence I've found some nice physical examples of books printed with a similar aesthetic (like Abby Howard's The Last Halloween) and now feel way more confident about the effect I'm going for. Those faint grey demons in the background will by rendered in gloss, so you only see them when they catch the light! The rest of the cover details will be silver. I think it'll look really cool.

Money Matters:

As promised, I've made a public spreadsheet that I'll keep updated with all the money that's come in from the campaign and where it's going. I've learned so much from folks who have been willing to share behind-the-scenes details from their projects, and I want to pay it forward with my own contribution to the field. I hope it's helpful and/or interesting to some of you!

Now, more than ever, I believe it's important to champion art that brings us together and forges ties between our various lives and struggles. I hope this book plays some small part in that process.

Talk to you soon,



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    1. Tasha Turner

      Thanks for a great detailed update.

    2. Glenn Fleishman on

      I saw Abby's book at the last ECCC — it's so gorgeous. She also had them paint the edges of the pages black!