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The LUCRATIF Brand is about doing what you love. And being great at it. It's about going for your dreams and expressing your passion!

The LUCRATIF Brand is about doing what you love. And being great at it. It's about going for your dreams and expressing your passion! Read More
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The LUCRATIF 2012 F/W Collection

First, THANK YOU!  I am greatly humbled by your consideration and generousity.  I'm thankful that you are even taking the time to learn more about my project, brand, and goals.  Even if you can only donate a small amount I am beyond indebted to you, every dollar counts.

The 2012 collection is much past due.  Those of you who may know me personally know that there was not a 2011 collection, I simply did not have the financial ability to produce one.  This year is different.  Determined to bring something new to the table, I'm bound to make it happen.  People are asking, people are curious, and people still want to "Get Lucratif" even after a year of waiting!  Why make them wait any longer? Give the people what they want!!  Ok.. I know that was kind of cheesy but come on, work with me folks!  I've been working diligently on designing and planning this collection's production and marketing strategy.  I believe with a little help, Kickstarter can and will give Lucratif the ability to get back on track and start being seen in retail locations throughout Southern California and beyond.

The funds collected with Kickstarter will strictly go to producing and marketing this collection.  As you can imagine, costs come in from all different areas.  There's the "blanks" - tees, cardigans, tank tops, and hats - which will then be either screen printed or embroidered.  Other than materials and labor to actually have a product... we gotta sell it.  Duh.  But we can't sell it if no one knows about it.  So.. marketing costs.  Everything from fliers and stickers to vendor fees and participation fees for crucial brand development events such as MAGIC, AGENDA, and smaller events such as World Of Dance, Beat SwapMeet, and the like.  I've carefully planned out every dollar, down to the penny.  I will still be getting a ton of favors and help from people in my network to produce the look book, online product photos and more. (If you're reading this and think you may be a part of that team, you probably are. Wink wink).  Trying to keep my Kickstarter goal as realistic and obtainable as possible was my main focus. 

LUCRATIF is a great LA company that just wants to get better.  The brand name stands for those who are doing what they love, have worked hard to get there, and are good at what they do.  It's for the people who are "Making Something Out Of Nothing" and for the people who "Live Abundantly In All Aspects".  We focus on the positive in life.  We like to highlight and support individuals and talent that represent the same passion and drive in what they do.  Life is beautiful!  Enjoy life.  Do what you love.  Do it the best you can.  That's Lucratif.

THANK YOU!! See our websites below for more :)

For a current look at Lucratif, see our website:



Facebook: and


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    My undying love, affection, loyalty and appreciation. What's better than that?? Ok... how about a nice Lucratif hand printed Thank You card? .. You're friends will be soooo jelly.

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    The aforementioned love and happy warm feelings, a personalized hand printed Thank You card, AND

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    a Lucratif keychain! POW!

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    Pledge $50 or more About $50 USD

    Me, impressed at your generosity. But wait, there's more.. You get the Thank You Card. You get the Lucratif Keychain, and you also receive a Lucratif signature tee from the new 2012 collection! How fetch is THAT??

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    Pledge $250 or more About $250 USD

    Now here's where it gets fun folks. For this, I may just be willing to watch your kids for the weekend. Ok, probably not. But I will love you forever and a day! You also receive the Thank You Card, Lucratif signature tee, a Lucratif "Fly Rosary", and *drumroll please* a custom Lucratif tee hand printed by the designer. Your friends are gonna be like "Where'd you buy that?" and you can smirk and say.. "It's one of a kind. This amazing new designer customized it for ME." And then walk away like James Bond.

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    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    And you thought $250 was a good idea? Let's make sure you're all the way appreciated right down to the walls in your home. Yep. Donate 5 benjis and receive a Lucratif Signature Tee and Lucratif Rosary.... You'll also receive one of only three custom hand painted (big) canvas pieces!! Wowzers. Just wait to see the look on your couch's face when you hang up that bad boy.

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    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    The big cookie. The home run. The superbowl of Lucratif. Reserved for only two select individuals in this world. (Aaliyah voice "Are you that somebody?") ....You'll receive one of EVERYTHING in the collection. That's right, just your size too. Sent to you before it hits the shelves! Not only will you receive the entire F/W collection... I'll customize a tee shirt, a small size canvas, a Thank You Card, and a custom one-of-a-kind accessory piece just for YOU! ...How you like them apples? ;]

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