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Want to come brew at Lucid Brewing? We're buying a tank for homebrewer training and collaborative pro/am beers! Your donations help!

Lucid Beer?

Lucid Brewing LLC was founded on the premise of providing a high quality, drinkable craft beer which appeals to both connoisseurs as well as the general consumer.  We craft our beer with the enthusiasm and creativity of painter and the precision of engineers.  We work our a$$es off so that you can drink a pint (… or six…) of the smoothest, freshest, most unique craft beer in Minnesota.   Our motto: Clarity in Thinking leads to Excellence in Drinking.

Eric and Jon, the founders of Lucid brewing, started as homebrewers about 13 years ago.  Each took the hobby seriously enough to have beers win medals at state fairs and regional competitions.  The best part about being a homebrewer is the creativity you put into every batch of beer and the community that supports the hobby.  The creativity that goes into hombrewed beer is incredible!  Have you ever had a saffron -lime lager?  It’s awesome!  Beyond the wealth of creativity, homebrewers are very supportive of each other.  At regular meetings there are always a large group of members willing to give you feedback on your beer and help you with recipes. 

As we’ve begun this adventure upgrading from hobby to professional, we are finding more and more that the pro community comes from the same cooperative mold.  Whether it’s tips with how to deal with inspectors, boiler requirement engineering, or where to get a great deal on printing, professional brewers are inviting and forthcoming with information.  We wouldn’t be where we are today without the jumpstart from the homebrew clubs and the help of the professional community.

Our KickStarter Project:

Lucid brewing is a dream come true for two homebrewers.  We know that there are many more homebrewers with the same dream to start a brewery, but the overhead and complexity of getting one built is often overwhelming.  Now that we’ve been through the process we have lots of information to share.  We want to repay the kindness we’ve received by helping more hobby brewers become professional and by allowing other pros a place to experiment with new recipes without affecting their bottom line.  The funding we raise from Kickstarter will be used to upgrade our brewery to include a tank and electronic equipment that can be used by these two communities.  A place where pro and amateur brewers can openly interact and collaborate on limited release batches of beer.

This equipment will help kickstart the brewery dreams of homebrewers by allowing them to train and work on large scale equipment side-by-side with skilled professionals.  With the help of Lucid Brewing, a homebrewer can test the waters of professional brewing without the overhead of operating an entire production brewery.  For the professionals Lucid will act as an outlet for their creativity by giving them the opportunity to experiment with small production batches. But we need your help!

 STEP ONE: Sign into Kickstarter - just need an e-mail and to create a password, easy
STEP TWO: Sign into Amazon (if you already have an account you're good to go)
STEP THREE: Donate $5 or more and your card will only get charged once we reach that $10,000 goal!

Donate now to help take part in this experiment.  Visit our website for more information on how to get involved in the cooperative brewing project.  Before you go please make a donation to help ours (…and yours…) cooperative brewery become a reality.  We’ve come up with some fun thank you gifts for your donations. 


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  • Pledge $5 or more
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    For your five dollar donation we will thank you with a personal letter, a shout out on Lorenzo Lucid's facebook page, and a limited edition Lucid Brewing Kickstarter sticker.

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    34 backers

    In addition to the above, for your twenty dollar donation, we will send you a special edition glass and cool key chain bottle opener. You know why it's cool? Because your donation means we can be brewing the bottles of beer that you will be opening!

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    In addition to all of the above, for your fifty dollar donation we will send you a special edition t-shirt and will teach you the secret brewery handshake!

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    12 backers

    In addition to the above, for your donation of one Benjamin, you will receive an invite to a private tasting event with the brewers, a tour of the brewery and a test on your ability to perform the secret handshake. Clarity in Thinking required!

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  • Pledge $150 or more
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    13 backers Limited (37 left of 50)

    How cool would it be to get a growler of any test batch of beer coming from the new community tank? This is your ONLY opportunity to do so. We'll also throw in a shirt, glass, opener and sticker. THIS IS LIMITED! YOU WILL ONLY GET ONE OF THESE THROUGH KICKSTARTER!

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    7 backers Limited (23 left of 30)

    For your two hundred dollar donation you will receive two tickets to a private beer dinner where each course will be paired with a special Lucid Brewing beer.

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    5 backers Limited (1 left of 6)

    "I here by declare the name of this fermenter to be___________". Your five hundred dollar donation let's you fill in the blank. To thank you for your donation we weld a commemorative plate onto the front of a fermenter or tank of your choice. The name you choose will become a permanent part of brewery operations. On tours, people will ask: "Is that fermenter full?" To which we will respond: "________ is always full of it"

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  • Pledge $1,000 or more
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    1 backer Limited (4 left of 5)

    For your one thousand dollar donation you will be invited to join in on an exclusive brew session with the brew master. The beer that is brewed will be sold in the Twin Cities with a special tap handle and name commemorating the first ever commercial community brew session. This is your chance to go from a recipe design to kegging to drinking on a microbrewery scale!

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    The biggest donation of all receives the biggest thank you. You will get to name THE COMMUNITY TANK and will be invited to join the team for the inaugural brew session. The name you select will be engraved in a commemorative plaque and permanently attached to THE COMMUNITY TANK.

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