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This feature film, shot on location in Haiti, will inspire audiences to join ongoing relief efforts.

This feature film, shot on location in Haiti, will inspire audiences to join ongoing relief efforts. Read More
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In January of last year, a massive earthquake in Haiti killed hundreds of thousands, injured hundreds of thousands more, and robbed at least a million Haitians of their homes, all during the time it took for us to shut down our computers and wonder what we should do for dinner. When we tuned into the news that evening and every day for weeks afterwards, scenes of destruction illuminated the screens of our TVs and laptops. We used our phones to donate via text, punching in numbers to transmit pledges towards what we hoped was Haiti’s general direction. Through technology, we showed our concern and bonded together to support a country that needed help.

As important as our donations were, they left a comfortable degree of separation between ourselves and the terror and grief that was ravaging Port-au-Prince. Now, one year later, most of us have moved on. It’s understandable. We have our own lives and our own little crises. Today on our TV screens, newscasters show us footage from recent shootings, congressional hearings, and Hollywood awards shows. But we don’t see the world behind the screen, where Haiti still struggles to emerge from the rubble, its progress painfully slowed by government inaction, abject poverty, and the efforts of those who exploit the earthquake’s crushing ruin for their own personal gain. THE PROJECT Over the course of this past year, filmmaker Lucas Krost has been haunted by images of the sick, injured, and homeless Haitians he’s seen during his travels. Armed with a powerful screenplay and backed by a talented cast and crew, Lucas travels to Haiti this spring to make a full-length feature film based on his own experiences. His movie, A Rock in the Sun, sets out to increase awareness of a country’s continuing desperation and to inspire support to raise the funds necessary to help individual Haitians begin to rebuild their homes.

SYNOPSIS Kirk Kjeldsen’s screenplay tells the story of Nick Fanning, a successful Manhattan lawyer who reconnects with his Haitian childhood friend Jean Paul, whose mother, Yveline, had been Nick’s childhood nanny. Desperate to find Yveline after news of the earthquake, Jean Paul plunges into the thick of Haiti’s devastation with Nick in tow. Nick’s character’s development as he becomes more and more engaged with his surroundings suggests our own potential evolution from bystanders to active participants.

DISCLAIMER The $25,000 goal on this website will be combined with other financing and is not intended to be the entire budget of the film. Travel costs are not included as part of any reward. This is not an offer or solicitation for purposes of SEC regulations. Yeah, my lawyer made me write this. Can't live with em, but can't produce a film without em.


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    If you’re in or around fabulous Richmond, Virginia or run-of-the-mill New York City (or if you’d like to make a trip), we would love to have you as an extra in the film, complete with your own credit. Of course, being an extra in Haiti would show some serious devotion, but we’re not picky.

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    An appearance as an extra in one of the scenes shot in Richmond, Virginia or New York City as well as any credit you like (within reason!!). Always dreamed of being called “The One That Got Away”? Go for it. “Gentlemen of Leisure”? No problem. We might reserve some puny credits like “Director” or “Producer,” but you’ll never miss them.

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