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David Jensen (Before Braille) & Ashley Taylor (Split Lips) have come together to make the best record of our lives - with your help!
David Jensen (Before Braille) & Ashley Taylor (Split Lips) have come together to make the best record of our lives - with your help!
151 backers pledged $7,534 to help bring this project to life.

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REAP YOUR REWARDS (Corrected Download link)


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Time To Reap Your (Loyal Wife) Rewards


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Hello Generous Contributors,

Loyal Wife has so much good news.  Here we go!

Shirt designs are ready to print.  If you have not sent us your preferred size, please email us immediately at If you did not pledge at least $40, but wish to receive a shirt, it is not too late.  Send the difference via Paypal to  *Please note that this is a limited print/exclusive design by the great Mark Shutz and it is only available to our KickStarter Backers. [We've attached an image of the shirt.]

Website is in the works.  It's still "Beta" format (so no "official" launch yet), but you can see how it's shaping up here: (The official site address will be when it's ready.) We haven't posted contributor photos yet, so if you want your profile photo included on the contributor page, please send one to

Our debut album, Faux Light is complete.  The awesome artwork (Designed by Chuckie Duff/Common Wall Media) is finished, and the music has been recorded, mixed, mastered, and sent to the pressing plant! We expect to get it back the first or 2nd week in March.  And YES it is a full-length album!! (10 songs!)  *We know that people say this all the time, but our case it is literal and 100% sure, this would not have been possible without you! Thank you!

The first show we will ever play will be our All Ages - CD Release Party - Friday, March 30th at the Hard Rock Cafe in Phoenix.  Check the following links for more details.
Pre-order tickets here:
Invite friends here:

Our band has grown.  Our new members now include Spencer Reed, Sam Hardwig, and Blake Kimball, who recorded in the studio with us.  This is literally a dream line up. Dave has said for years that he's wanted to be in a band with these three.  Wishes come true. Read more about it [here].

Thank you!

Loyal Wife (Dave/Ashley/Spencer/Sam/Blake)

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Dear Backers: You Should Know...

Dear Backers,

It is important to know that this project will be funded on Sunday Jan 15, 1:39am.  (In a couple hours.) Kickstarter will make ONE attempt to draft funds.  If there are no funds in your selected account, the pledge does not go through.  (Also note, because this is a holiday weekend, the payment process may be slow.)  So, if you are using an Amazon, checking, savings, or other account please take notice.  

Ashley and I are so incredibly fortunate to have such great people in our lives.  We are blessed with generous friends and family.  We are so grateful to all of you who pledged.  We met ever goal we set out to reach because of all of you.  Thanks also to Quenton Beals for producing a great video for us.

Also, huge thanks to Spencer Reed, Blake Kimball and Sam Hardwig who made our album much better by recording bass, guitar, and drums.  We hope this is the beginning of a long musical relationship.

May our album "Faux Light" be one that each of us enjoys.

Thanks forever,
David Jensen

P.S. If you haven't seen it yet, please see the Phoenix New Times article written by Serene Dominic about our experience with Kickstarter.

48 Hrs To Go (& some exciting bits of news)

48 hours left to make your mark and encourage others to do the same.

This has been a great experience.  A few exciting updates:

1. The Phoenix New Times... is preparing an article on the band and our experience with Kickstarter and it will be written by our favorite reporter, Serene Dominic.

2. LP, not EP... We went into the studio intending to record an EP (6 songs) and our Kickstarter backers may be expecting an EP, but we will be delivering a full length album! (10 songs!) 

3. Album Title... Our debut (full length) album has a title.  It will be called FAUX LIGHT.

4. Album Art... We have a rough draft of our album artwork (see it below), created by our favorite artists Chuckie Duff.

5. Website... We are preparing/building our website now and it will contain a list of our our contributors as well as profile images of each one.

6. T-Shirt Design... As an extra bonus to you and a show of appreciation, we plan to create an limited design for all our Kickstarter Backers that will be exclusive to only those who pledged.

7. Goals... We have reached every single one of our Kickstarter goals!  Thanks to you.  You will see that there are additional costs that have not been met, but because of your help, all financial obligations for this album will be met. 

Thank you.
David & Ashley