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We are changing hip hop. WE HAVE A NEW GOAL, $10,000, IT WILL MAKE THIS ALBUM EVEN BETTER!! :-)
Low Viscosity is my name. Music is my HOW. Love is my WHY. Flow Life | Stay Fluid
Low Viscosity is my name. Music is my HOW. Love is my WHY. Flow Life | Stay Fluid
121 backers pledged $8,805 to help bring this project to life.

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If you never got to see on Facebook, check out these cool pictures of Clay & Low Viscosity!

Free Merch

Put The Road Less Traveled cover art as your profile pic and leave it til the end of August, and we'll put you in a drawing to win this exclusive Flow Life snapback hat! Just put it up and message me that you did! No cheating by taking it down after! ;-)


Ok guys here it is! The official cover art for The Road Less Traveled!! Pass it around on Facebook! ;-)

The Album Is Taking Shape!

It's been a while since we've given you guys an update! The Road Less Traveled is coming along nicely! We've recorded 6 very high quality songs so far! One of them features rap artist Sean Brown.

We are extremely excited and can't wait for everyone to hear what we have! We'll be back another update soon :-)

The Next Step: READ THIS! :)

Hey everyone! We had such an amazing time with this project, and are just blown away by your support and love.

We have people who still want to support us, but get stopped trying to pledge since the project is over. We have a solution! Just go to Low Viscosity's fan page, by clicking the link below, and click the "click to donate" button on the right side. Also, be sure to like the fan page if you haven't already ;)

Thank you all so much, and stay put for your rewards :) We are starting this week in getting them sent out, so be ready to respond when we send you a message to collect your information!!

Love you all, thank you :)