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Less Magic. More Grit.
Less Magic. More Grit.
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    1. Pickpocket Press Creator on

      Hi Matthew, it's the same files as Dropbox, just from DTRPG (not sure why it was sent three times!). I wont send out an updated PDF until mid March for final feedback. I feel like I've already spammed Backers enough this last week! (thanks DTRPG!).

    2. Missing avatar

      Matthew C. Cutter on

      DriveThru saw fit to send me 3 different emails and links for the Deluxe books. :)

      All 3 worked, and I can't see any difference except maybe file size. I'm assuming glitch on their end?

    3. Pickpocket Press Creator on

      Hi James, thanks for letting me know, I've just sent you a message with your links.

      Note there is no Backerkit for this project (this being our first project, we are keeping things as simple as we can). Cheers, Steve.

    4. Missing avatar

      James Rennie on

      Hello, I've not received the backerkit or links to DTRPG yet. I'm getting the updates from kickstarter. Thanks. James

    5. Craig Tooke on

      Ignore previous - just received DTRPG link in the last hour. Many thanks.

    6. Craig Tooke on

      Any update on the DTRPG downloads (Midlands specifically)?

    7. Pickpocket Press Creator on

      Hi Ezequiel - the changes to Midlands are minimal:

      (1) Page number references updated to match LFG Deluxe.
      (2) Spells renamed to match LFG Deluxe.
      (3) High Priestess Racea (p.45), Grand Librarian Bridonna (p.61) and Shaman (p.328) changed to Cultist class.

      That's it! There are no plans to update the Midlands print book.

    8. Pickpocket Press Creator on

      Hi Steven I've sent you an email.

    9. Missing avatar

      Steven Gomez on

      I haven't seen an email about downloadable files.

    10. Pickpocket Press Creator on

      Hi Phillip & Tiryth - I've sent codes to both your emails!

    11. Phillip McGregor

      No sign of the email from RPGNow/DTRPG ... email is as per Kickstarter

    12. Pickpocket Press Creator on

      Hi Tiryth, can you please send me your current email address via message. Cheers!

    13. Tiryth on

      Hi, I haven't received any codes (checked Spam and all).

    14. Ezequiel on

      Hi, it is posible to have a list of changes in midlands? I have bought the PDF and the actual printed book. No problem with de PDF (delete and download new one) but I wont print again the book. But it could be nice to have a list of changes. Again, thanks for the work you are doing for all of us.

    15. Pickpocket Press Creator on

      Hi Craig, I've sent you an email - let me know if it doesn't come through! Cheers, Steve.

    16. Craig Tooke on

      Hi Steve - I've checked email (including Spam) and not received anything yet on the adventure bundle. Please could you look into when you have chance - no rush though.