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Love, the Bus is an original web-series by 4 friends as they travel across the country completing wild challenges to fund local orgs. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on January 31, 2011.

Love, the Bus is an original web-series by 4 friends as they travel across the country completing wild challenges to fund local orgs.

About this project

UPDATE:: Together, we're taking a trip across country this summer!

Thanks to over 150 backers, we've reached our goal and can't thank everyone enough.

We are still raising money here on kickstarter, and the more we raise, the bigger our impact will be.

THE OVERVIEW: 1 Bus • 4 Friends • 80 Challenges for Good

Helloooo Kickstarter!

This is Corey McLean, Seth Brown, and Tyler and Silas Dunham, four best friends from the small town of Lincolnville, Maine. We’re currently brimming with optimistic energy and a desire to accomplish something epic. We're calling it Love, The Bus. Take a look.

Love, the Bus is an interactive web-series. With your help, it will share our story as we journey across country in a converted school bus and complete challenges to help organizations that are doing really good things.

What started as a means to celebrate our accomplishments in academia and a lifelong friendship, quickly developed into something far more meaningful and memorable. Honoring our most treasured mottos of 1) Love What You Do and 2) Help Others, we created Love, the Bus. It's a road trip for us, but designed to impact thousands of people and countless communities and local organizations across the nation. Here's how it works.

THE CONCEPT: Every week, and nearly every day, we will be completing entertaining and arduous challenges to raise money for local organizations and programs dedicated to education, getting individuals outdoors, and human services. Using the interactive abilities of a web series, viewers will be able to follow and influence our adventures in nearly real time.

Each week, we will produce one full episode that documents the boys completing a challenge posed by our sponsor. It will focus on the challenge, but will be cut with a back story of the local organization or program chosen for the challenge's contribution. The challenge will require between 10 - 24 hours to complete and will work against a pledge of $24,000. The faster the challenge is completed, the more money remains for the organization that the challenge supports.

Tweet Challenges
Four days a week, we will take the best challenges that are posted on our facebook wall or are @Tweeted to our twitter feed. The viewer that shares an organization that best fits with our mission and provides us with a creative challenge will win $500 towards the organization they support as well as some gear from our sponsors. We'll post an update after we complete the challenge, just a day after receiving it.

Video Response Challenges
Weekly, we'll also issue a challenge to our viewers. The viewer or group that submits the most persuasive, entertaining, and effective documentation of their challenge completion will win $2,500 towards an organization they support while receiving a gift from our sponsors.

WHY WE NEED YOU: Love, The Bus is an idea that we are very passionate about. We think it will spread optimism in those who we reach, and will generate both attention and tangible improvements in every organization or program that we support. With that said, the trip really won’t be the same without you. Your contribution will go directly towards purchasing the school bus, making the necessary renovations to be able to live and work out of it, converting it to run on waste vegetable oil, and acquiring the necessary production equipment to film our episodes.

To increase our impact, and to increase viewership (everyone loves higher stakes), LTB is partnering with visionary brands looking to make the world a better place. Forging lasting partnerships with complementing companies will allow LTB to accomplish its lofty goals nation-wide, while offering a unique approach to brand ambassadorship and an innovative method for allocating corporate charitable contributions. However, we're not ready to ask for their support.

In order to put ourselves in a stronger position as we approach companies, we want to come to the table fully ready to go. In order to do that, we're coming to the beautiful community of Kickstarter to, well, kickstart our trip.

Think of it as an investment in good people, places, and ideas throughout the country. Your contribution today will lead to much larger contributions throughout the summer, and help us accomplish something truly epic. Thank you for such an opportunity.


The Bus
(Corey, Seth, Tyler and Silas)


All ideas on this and shared pages are © 2010 to Corey McLean, Seth Brown, Tyler Dunham and Silas Dunham. Specific details on this page are for illustrative purposes, and are subject to change as the season progresses. Thank you for your understanding.


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    YOU ROCK. And because of that, we'll give you props on the website.

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    HIGH FIVE BIG TIME. You'll get a custom high-five sticker (looks like Corey's hand...with more soul. Check it out: + a hand-written thank you letter + your name in the DVD credits + web thanks.

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    HOLLYWOOD BOUND. You'll get a DVD (of all our episodes, PLUS a film we make about the entire experience) + the sticker + hand written letter of most extreme thanks + web & DVD credit. Hollywood here we come!

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    OMG (Our Mothers' Gratitude). Well, the title says it all. Our mothers will write you a hand written letter thanking you for helping their boys with such an incredible opportunity. You'll also get a personalized song from us + T-shirts for the whole family + the DVD + the sticker + a thank you letter from us + web & DVD credit.

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    BE THE BOYS (At least for a day). You'll have the opportunity to join us (or watch in person) as we complete one of our episode challenges. We'll cook you three meals on the bus, and of course sing a personalized song just for you. We'll definitely give you a group hug, and stickers, and T-shirts for the entire family, and put your name on EVERY EPISODE (and on the web/DVD) as an executive producer. (Ladies welcome).

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