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The Hygienic Dress League is Detroit's premier public art fantasy brand. Who what when where why how? Exactly. Now you're beginning to see the light.

Custom-crafted neon lights, rooftop solar panels, and the creative resurrection of an empty hotel in Detroit. No Vacancy is technologically and conceptually the Hygienic Dress League's most ambitious public art work to date, and it can't happen without you.


UPDATE & SPOILER ALERT: Here's a rendering of what the piece will look like when it's hanging on the Roosevelt Hotel. Let's make it happen!

DOUBLE UPDATE: Phase 1 construction is underway! Once this Kickstarter goal is completed the last bits will be paid off and installation will happen FAST. GO GO GO GO GO GO GO!!! ♥‿♥


Shrouded in mystery and legend, little is known about the Hygienic Dress League (HDL), a somewhat imaginary brand whose striking, large-scale installations and iconography appear overnight to grant powers of inspiration and surprise to places both prominent and remote around Detroit.

For example:

photo by John DeBoer
photo by John DeBoer




And on and on.

Inchy first encountered the HDL duo late one night while exploring the magical ruins of the old Zarzanzle Building (see video of Inchy entering the Zarzanzle). Mutually inspired, they made a pact. Inchy will summon an army of 5,000 inches and HDL will lead them on a quest to bring his favorite hotel back to life.

The journey will not be easy, for there are many dangers that darken the path. But there are also allies who promise hope through the darkness. Kind Mystery Wizard has promised to match the inch army's $5,000 with $5,000 of his own, allowing HDL to cast a spell on the hotel that will echo throughout the Greater Detroital Region, if not the ages.

Details of Hygienic Dress League's installation will appear as progress is made, including the identity of Kind Mystery Wizard. At present the exact location, design, and materials, while all solidified, must remain a secret, for surprise is the truest arrow in our artists' quiver. That, and bright gold and colorful birds.

Every dollar that you put into into this project earns you an inch of land in Detroit and access to the online Inchernet via LOVELAND micro real estate, and goes directly to HDL for the execution of No Vacancy (see the LOVELAND micro-grant program).

As HDL neither manufactures nor sells merchandise, HDL knock-off gear under the brand name Clean Clothes Club (CCC) is available for contributors at varying levels. All CCC gear is designed by Inchy and Mayor Hazen S. "Potato Patch" Pingree, a much beloved and long-dead (1840-1901) former Detroit mayor come back as a potato gun-wielding cyborg. You can't get this stuff nowhere else.

So spread the word, open your coffers, and lets make magic, people. <3


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    12 square inches in Detroit, access to the LOVELAND online community, a Hygienic Dress League virtual badge, your name on a No Vacancy credits page, plus a one square inch deed with a magnifying glass and Hygienic Dress League/Clean Clothes Club sticker will be mailed to you.

  • Pledge $50 or more
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    21 backers

    50 square inches in Detroit plus all of the above, plus a limited edition Clean Clothes Club t-shirt.

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    100 square inches in Detroit plus all of the above, plus a signed photograph of Kind Mystery Wizard.

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    250 square inches in Detroit plus all of the above, plus a limited edition golden bird like the ones you see in the video.

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    500 square inches of Detroit plus all of the above, plus an HDL golden gas mask.

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    10,000 square inches in Detroit plus all of the above, plus a one of a kind HDL custom decorated golf cart.

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