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The Hygienic Dress League is Detroit's premier public art fantasy brand. Who what when where why how? Exactly. Now you're beginning to see the light.
The Hygienic Dress League is Detroit's premier public art fantasy brand. Who what when where why how? Exactly. Now you're beginning to see the light.
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89 backers pledged $5,098 to help bring this project to life.

New hygienic dress league show opens TONIGHT plus new video

If you're around De-twa, or more specifically Hamsandwich, HDL has a new installation opening at Public Pool at 7 PM. Details here: . It runs through October 22nd. 

They also just released a new video called "Creation of a Brand II" which gives a glimpse into their corporate hierarchy of Executives, Extractors, and Transporters: . 

Don't even play. You know all ur golden birds are belong to them.

Love and extraction,

inchy & Team LOVELAND

Activation Ceremony TOMORROW!

Aloha Backers!

Tomorrow, Saturday the 20th, at 5:07 PM, the Hygienic Dress League will have a short public activation ceremony for the No Vacancy billboard. Please spread word and join us at the Roosevelt Hotel to see the fruits of your inchvestment come to life (be there on the early side of 5:00 PM).

Afterwards we'll head to Cafe d'Mongo's downtown which will be open until 9 just for the occasion, and we'll finish off the night at PJ's Lager House.

•The Roosevelt Hotel is 2250 14th St (google map:

•Cafe d'Mongo's is 1439 Griswold St (google map:

•PJ's Lager House is 1254 Michigan Ave (google map:

Make sure to check out some of the media coming out about the project:

•Detroit News piece with video on HDL and No Vacancy:

•WDET radio piece on HDL and No Vacancy:

We'll see you there! Call me if you have questions: 908-343-1981.

Jerry, Team LOVELAND & Friends

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No Vacancy Activation Ceremony and Clean Clothes Club Rewards.

Wow. To all of you that backed No Vacancy congratulations, you have done something really cool, like unbelievably, and totally cool.
I've got two big updates for you.

One, a rare and exclusive opportunity to spend an evening with the husband/wife HDL duo! The official unveiling of No Vacancy with a VIP (Very Incheresting People) after-party at Cafe D'Mongo's from 6-9pm. So check out the press release below. And I'll see you all next Saturday on November 20th!

Two, those impostors ;) the Clean Clothes Club have released the designs for the shirts they've put together using iconography appropriated from HDL. I've included those images below as well.
As bad as we at LOVELAND feel about using products that so blatantly copy another group's style, we have to reward our generous backers with something and HDL does not create a product. And let's face it, these shirts are pretty darn cool.

Thank you, again to everyone who backed No Vacancy! It will be lighting up Roosevelt Park as of November 20th, come down and see the solar-neon-awesome-sauce that you built!

Thank you!

Mary Lorene and Team LOVELAND

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You Did It! (and oops! sorry for old email -- this is the new stuff!)

Hello 89 Backers! You did it!

Because of you, the funding is now in place for Hygienic Dress League to complete the "No Vacancy" installation on the Roosevelt Hotel in Detroit. High fives all around!

Installation of the billboard is now well underway. Check out the attached pics from today (more documentation to come throughout the process, as well as an invitation to the official opening). The frame is in place, the tiles with graphics will be up soon, and the solar panels and batteries will be up next week now that there's funding to buy and set them up.

Apologies for the outdated email from this summer's Big Inch Block Party that got sent out when your LOVELAND accounts were made this evening. That was a glitch in the matrix. But! The moral of that glitch remains: if you go to and put your email address in the "first time here?" box you'll be able to log into your inches in the growing microhood. :-)

We're building out this system for entertainment fundraising and social ownership projects in Detroit where people from around the world can drop dollars in the machine to be a part of great things happening in the city, over the network or in person. Engage as much or as little as you like, and definitely feel free to send us feedback on your experience or ideas on how we can improve. It's an open-minded project with a lot of possibilities for where it can go, and we love to constantly evolve it.

Rewards will be packaged and mailed as soon as we can, so send us your address through the Kickstarter form if you've got something coming.

Many thanks and much love from Detroit,


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Last Day, Home Stretch

Hello 72 Backers!

Today is the last day of fundraising. At 3 AM this Kickstarter goes poof and closes.

We're all on the road to victory together. The link for sharing is:

If anyone needs a motivational speech today, I turn the mic over to Al Pacino who explains how life is a game of inches:

The installation started getting snapped together yesterday. I've attached a few pics of neon bird pieces (and a real bird in the same shape -- total copy cat), peeps on lifts, and the frame being assembled. When this round completes, HDL will immediately purchase the rest of the solar and electrical equipment, and this puppy will brighten the Roosevelt and Detroit.

High fives,


♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪┏ ( ) ┛♪┗ (・o・ ) ┓♪┏(・o・)┛♪

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