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Art supplies for 10 girls on the east side of Detroit to make drawings of their neighborhood, which is also home to LOVELAND's Plymouth microhood
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New Video Animating The Girls' Drawings & New Kickstarter Round

Hi everybody, Check it out, we put together a short animation incorporating some of the girls' drawings that we received already and posted it to another round:

There will be a lot more to come. Many thanks to you. Hope you enjoy,


Jerry, Team LOVELAND, & Friends

OK! The Check Has Been Written. Let The Drawing Begin!

Hi everybody! Sorry for the couple day delay in this update. Strangely there was an issue with our Kickstarter account where every time we'd try and log in, it would log us into another account of ours (it was a Facebook connect issue, and we sorted it out with help from Kickstarter).

So, check it out, thanks to you we just gave the girls a check for lots and lots of art supplies. Their aunt BJ brought them out to a party at Roosevelt Park this past Sunday that we helped organize through the Imagination Station project we also work on ( I've attached a picture below of Ricki doing a flip in one of those inflatable jumping castles. :-)

BJ also gave us a pad full of drawings the girls made with some supplies we dropped off as a gift last month (also see the picture by Panelapy attached below). When we have some time, we're going to try and animate some of the drawings, which should be pretty awesome. We'll share that here and try and do that with some of the new work too to get everyone fired up to keep making things.

If you go to you should be able to login to your new inches in the microhood by entering your email address into the box that says "First time here?"

On rewards to be mailed out, we just sent a request for mailing addresses to those who backed the project at that level. Hopefully next week we can have those things together and in the mail.

Thank you so much for your support and generosity. We're honored to have you here and are having the time of our lives creating this new sort of system for making fundraising fun, exploring social ownership ideas, and putting real people and places online in incheresting new ways. Please stay in touch, let us know if you have questions, and look out for updates.


Team LOVELAND & Friends

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