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Help a group of young boys on the east side of Detroit create some new super heroes and stay out of trouble.
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Last week, thanks to your inchvestment, we delivered a check for $300 to buy art supplies for 8 young girls on the east side (see that Kickstarter round here) to create stories and pictures with, and have begun piecing together some of their drawings into the animation above.

We want to keep doing this, enabling the creativity of young people and helping take it up a notch by organizing, showcasing it, bringing it to life, and showing them how to do it, too.

This week's inchvestment challenge is to raise $300 for a group of 10 young boys who also live on the east side of Detroit. After brainstorming with Courtney, we decided a good a setup would be to give each boy the following template and ask them to create a character with super powers that can help make Detroit a better place.

The boys will come up with a super hero (filling in the blanks with name, super power, and how they use it), draw the super hero (in the center), and draw a picture of themselves (on the right-hand side), like in this example:

[→download and print the full-size 8.5" x 11" template to create your own New Detroit Super Hero right here←]

They'll each be given $20 which they'll spend in a way related to the project, supervised by an adult. $100 will go towards materials and operations, getting them the templates and scanning and sharing their creations.

Along with funding the boys' super heroes, every dollar you put into the project also gets you an inch of land in LOVELAND's second 50,000 square inch microhood, Hello World:, and all backers will receive scans of the super heroes via email.

PS Special thanks to Ken Hudson for shipping his Canadian squirrels to his 100 inches in the Plymouth microhood! Which explains the Canadian squirrel in the video. ;-)

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