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A horror/fantasy filled with demons, zombies, monsters and mayhem. A unique and unconventional story with an attention to detail.

We are currently in the works of making a feature-length horror/fantasy film called "The Demon's Rook." We are striving to create something original with an artistic perspective and attention to detail, yet reminiscent to the cult horror films of the late 1970s.

In an effort to get back to the roots of the horror/fantasy genre, all of the creature/gore fx will be handled practically without the use of cgi. We have a handful of experienced practical special fx artists volunteering their time in order to help carry out this vision. In order to get that classic film look, we have decided to shoot the movie with a Redrock depth-of-field adapter. This will enable us to achieve cinema quality video at an affordable price, and allowing us to incorporate incredible focus techniques typically found in high-end film productions.

Over seventy talented and dedicated individuals are coming together to volunteer their time in helping to create what we all think will be an original piece of motion art. In these tough economic times, underdog artists such as ourselves are having a hard time bringing our visions to reality. We are in need of financial support, as our existing budget is coming to an end. We have already spent roughly $5000 of our own money on various special effects materials and camera and lighting equipment. We estimate the need of at least another $5000 to complete the movie. Any donations at all are greatly appreciated, even as little as a few dollars.

The more people collaborating with us to finance this movie, the further we can go with our vision. Even though we are creating all of our own special fx, the cost of silicone, foam latex, etc is very expensive, and we are using a lot of it. With the help of additional financing, the quality of our fx will improve. And we can also use the money to purchase more lighting, sound, and camera equipment.

We hope to have everything edited by the end of 2012 to have the movie ready for screening at the 2013 spring film festivals. Although our beginning focus will be with the festivals, one of our goals is to have the movie available to the masses. Whether through Netflix or a film distribution company, we plan to explore all possible outlets so that "The Demon's Rook" can be widely seen and appreciated.

To learn more about "The Demon's Rook" check out our official website at:

Thank you for your time, and we hope you will consider helping us in our efforts with this project.


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