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WarStages is THE Scenery System for 28mm scale miniatures you've been waiting for: Ultra-Modular, Epic, Flexible, Gorgeous!
WarStages is THE Scenery System for 28mm scale miniatures you've been waiting for: Ultra-Modular, Epic, Flexible, Gorgeous!
WarStages is THE Scenery System for 28mm scale miniatures you've been waiting for: Ultra-Modular, Epic, Flexible, Gorgeous!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Robert 3 days ago

      #soon (trade mark)

    2. David Olorenshaw
      3 days ago

      Please can you let me know which year you expect to deliver?

      Thanks, waiting patiently.

    3. Missing avatar

      Duncan Underwood 3 days ago

      Thank you Jeremias.

    4. Jeremías Collaborator 3 days ago

      @Duncan It will be a one off. Considering the printing costs for a small run it doesn't worth it. The bulk of the new update is done so it should be issued soon.

    5. Missing avatar

      Duncan Underwood 4 days ago

      I feel for you guys. I would ask for a refund however I really want the product and at this point I feel a little deceived, I backed because I believed that the product was already developed and the big one that it was a once off. That+,s right that you would not be able to purchase it at a later date. That was the main reason I backed this because of the limited run and I wanted some different Necromunda terrain.

      It will be not be impressed if this becomes a regular sale item on the website.

    6. Shaggy 5 days ago

      I directly asked for a refund over 4 months ago and have been totally ignored.

    7. Russell Webb 6 days ago

      @John Buzon, kindly share details if you request and receive a refund. After the limited communication, unresolved QA problems, and multi-year fulfillment delays happening in the prior RH KS projects, I started questioning the likelihood of this one completing successfully (or simply my interest level if this also ended up slipping by several additional years). I had tried to give up on it earlier this year but RH rejected refund requests.

    8. Missing avatar

      John Buzon 6 days ago

      The RH folks certainly have heart, and I've been cheering for them through it all because I love an underdog story... but at this point, aside from the "oh hey just build your own scenery for a while" PDFs, which are great, I kinda want/need terrain for my games. I'm almost at the point where I give this another month before I ask for my refund and walk over to GW and get a fair amount of Sector Imperials stuff, which, by and by, is now much more modular.

    9. Imperator on

      @Captain Absinth
      Indeed it was their sales speech of the design being ready that drove me to back the awesome looking Cathedral. It was supposed to be used in Finlands biggest miniature convetion in tournament finals, but even though im used to seeing Kickstarters late as a norm it still hurts to see another one fail to meet its deadline!

    10. Captain Absinth on

      The thing is I think the Cathedral would be bad ass. I'm really hoping they are only absolutely horrible with communication/PR/updates etc. , but can still pull this off. I'll admit, it doesn't look too good.

      We haven't seen anything on the Daedalus Extension or the Floor Mat for example. We have no clue when production will begin and why it hasn't already begun. Why are they still experimenting with a white prototype cathedral.. wasn't the design supposed to be practically finished?

    11. Imperator on

      @Captain Absinth
      Im so glad I didnt go all out on this one seeing how it went with their 1st KS

    12. Missing avatar

      Duncan Underwood on

      Thank you Jeremías for the update on the update. The reason I backed this kick starter was for the purposes of having some cool terrain for Necromunda and yet we are still waiting for execution on delivery.

      I feel the problem with your company is that you have many creative people and not enough men of action. Pipe dreams are awesome until you make them real and once you do you have responsibilities.

      Your company has no end of talent and this is obvious to anyone who sees your output however as a business you are struggling (Rackam comes to mind).

      At this point I will be reluctant to back your kick starters in future. It is not because of the delays but your managerial impotence in your lack of communication. Why can your company not understand that even a few sentences on progress will allay the fears of your backers?

      It boggles the mind.

      Update your backers!

    13. Captain Absinth on

      This from their 1st KS:
      "Any news on the artbook yet??
      It's been four years or so. Perhaps it's time to refund if you won't deliver?"

    14. Tom aka "Original Timmy"

      @Robert, I backed this at $1 to follow and see if RH improved things and is i was going to upgrade in the PM, but alas its becoming the same story here so no upgrading from me!

    15. Missing avatar

      Robert Hanby on

      @Tom aka "Original Timmy"
      wow just having a quick glance through those comments......yikes wish I had done some research on this company before I pledged

    16. Imperator on

      The convention I ordered the Cathedral for was last weekend. Im a bit at a loss for words at how this campaign has proceeded. How does this compare to the previous ones with only miniatures?

    17. dhallnet on

      Then maybe cut off all the background info that makes up 75% of these "updates" and just get to the important information (while nice to know about, we can always hear about it later). Like, I dunno, is there any hope this project will end before we're done with 2018 or even the current decade and what is holding up the project. I know that I would be disappointed if the next update is only about that white cardboard prototype again (we've been hearing about it for a while now, I can't imagine it was holding you back all this time) and whatever background story you still have to tell.
      While being sorry for the owner's issues, I can't believe nobody else is qualified to write updates about what RH is doing at the moment regarding this project since, as far as I'm concerned and despite previous updates, I can't tell why this is even a KS in the first place and not just a pre order. Maybe I missed the info though. Or maybe the project wasn't that much finished in the first place and you forgot to tell us due to RAM issues.

      Anyway, thanks for the replies.

    18. Jeremías Collaborator on

      Hi guys,

      We are aware that you guys are right when you ask about updates. Not only Duncan but also the rest who asked for more information about the project progress. As you may have notice Raging Heroes updates are quite extensive and can not be crafted in 30 mins. Maybe the closer to a 30 min update is the info i gave to you though this comment section but i know this is not a proper update and not enough information. I wish to say we have real date for this but the team is not completely sure at this time.
      In the end we prefer to wait and not say a date until we KNOW for sure what will happen and that is done and ready to show. Otherwise we would have say 3 weeks ago "yes you're going to see the XXL thing in 3 days" and it wouldn't have happen, even if at that time it felt like, yes it's going to be done in 3 days. Im sure you may be familiar with this situation. It might feel to you that we don't care, but we are really trying to change that.

      In the next update we will show you the XXL prototype of the cathedral. Building that XXL prototype has helped us to design many new technical improvements so that all the cathedrals will be stronger and even better built and we will show you there what and why.
      And please remember that, as i said many times, WarStages is going to be a reality so please don’t have any doubt about it.

      Thank you very much for your understanding.

    19. Missing avatar

      Charles on

      Duncan has a great point. I’ve been a consistent backer for their kickstarters, and I love their quality so far, but I too think it’s really poor form to just stay quiet for huge amounts of time. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes for a small update or 10-15 minutes for a detailed one. They could literally post an update while sitting on the toilet. It’s hard to believe they can’t find the time.

    20. Missing avatar

      Duncan Underwood on

      Yes people have bad times and personal issues. That said I send out 12 to 15 market briefs a days that my clients depend on. Each analysis I send out dwarfs your updates significantly and my clients have no consideration for my personal welfare however they do pay me well.

      You see you are a business and you have taken on investors and investors expect an update on their investment (rightly so). So that said I would greatly appreciate an estimate on delivery even if it is 6 months from now.

      Silence is unprofessional.

    21. Jeremías Collaborator on

      Hi guys,

      Company owners are having a bad time for personal issues. I think it has been mentioned before and the situation is bad for them. This is delaying the new update. However the team is working as normal and this project is going to be fulfilled , please don't have any doubt about it. So be sure you are not alone and not forgotten.

    22. Captain Absinth on

      It's oh so quiet
      Shh shh
      It's oh so still
      Shh shh
      You're all alone
      Shh shh

    23. dhallnet on


    24. Teemu Kujala on

      Pledge manager completed. It was bit confusing, that the FAQ says, that it will be closed 31st of May. Clearly wasn’t. When can we expect delivery?

    25. Captain Absinth on

      "First, we completely designed and tested the product BEFORE launching our project. Then, we decided to move from a craftsman production to an industrial one. This means that what is now left to be done is essentially the manufacturing"

      Hmmmmm... as others before me already asked, please deliver us a status report and timetable when this project is going to the printer, thank you!

    26. Missing avatar

      Duncan Underwood on

      I just received an email with PDF information and I did not back PDF files. I am sorry raging heroes but enough is enough, please wake up to yourselves. 681 people backed your vision/idea and your lack of communication is just disrespectful at this point.

      If you are running behind, suffering personal problems or just drunk of your arse 24/7 you should communicate the status of this kick-starter. Please understand that the disrespect that you show your backers will affect your reputation and your company in the years that follow. Not just this project but raging heroes as a whole.

      I have backed kick-starters that have failed to deliver before so if this is the case so be it however please know that your actions in this campaign will represent your parent company in my eyes which is a shame as you are truly talented.

      Wake up and update the backers that backed you in your vision!

    27. peter szitarity on

      What is happening all?

    28. Missing avatar

      Robert Hanby on

      that feeling when a "quick" kickstarter that is "guaranteed" to work because "everything is ready to go to the printers" takes a year to open the pledge manager because its so "complicated" even though its just a form with 6 things to select from.

      and despite being ready to go to the printers before the kickstarter started are still messing about with prototyping plasticard designs that look like something any half way competent art student could knock out in a slow weekend!

    29. Imperator on

      That feeling when the pledge manager opens a year after the kickstarter campaign 😂

    30. dhallnet on

      Pledge manager has been open since May if I remember correctly, are you guys still missing some pledges ?
      Considering you're talking about it since April, are you done toying with the "white cardboard" prototype ?
      Since the dead line is behind us, what should we expect from now on ? What is left to do on your end to be able to deliver ?
      And since we are allegedly late partly because you're missing info on what to manufacture, why are "late pledges" still a thing ?

      I don't mind if a project is late, just communicate about it (for example I think I only asked once about what was going on during TGG2 and that's it, despite a significant delay), here I'm sorry to say that I always feel like you have more important stuff to do or are delaying it on purpose (you're hoping to get more volume to print ? trying to squeeze another project in the print ? I can't tell and I'm left to guess) as it's been nearly a year since funding and I would be hard pressed to tell anyone what you achieved during this time regarding the cathedral. At this point, I'm kinda expecting you to tell us that since it's summer and holidays, we should wait for September.
      Which is infuriating as one of the points that made me (and others I'm sure) back your project was that it was supposed to be a quick one since from your own words, what was left to do was manufacturing the product.
      And considering that with a dead line in June 2018, you planned that you would need a year to get this manufactured/shipped and the project hasn't moved forward from our perspective, I'm a bit worried that I will have to wait until 2019.

      Of course you also said we should also expect challenges but you didn't really report any, so ¯\_(?)_/¯

    31. Jeremías Collaborator on

      Hi guys, The PDF links are ready you should receive it very soon. If no, please contact the team at and they will send you all links to date including the PDF files mentioned in last update.

    32. Michael on

      I also never received any emails with the download links.

    33. Russell Webb on

      Jeremias, thanks for the response. No, that is actually the specific confusion I was trying to point out; as recently as today the word from RH@gmail was that the PDFs in the June 20th update simply have not been sent yet (so contacting the email support may be premature).

    34. Jeremías Collaborator on

      Thanks for the heads up. I will contact them. Did you get the PDF links for the items mentioned in the last update BTW?

    35. Russell Webb on

      Jeremias, there is some internal miscommunication about the PDFs; indicated that PDFs links were simply not sent yet.


      Thanks for reaching out. New links have not been send yet, mostly due to the office move the team is doing these days. You will receive the new links as a private message like in past occasions.

      Sorry for this delay

    36. Jeremías Collaborator on

      Yes, we will send a reminder for those who have not filled the pledge manager yet.

    37. Missing avatar

      Robert Hanby on

      if the pledge manager has still only been filled in by approx. 45% of the pledges can you send out another email explicitly stating in the email title that the pledge manager needs filling in then giving a link etc.

      I suspect a lot of people just haven't seen that the pledge manager is open because they skim read the email!

    38. Hella101 on

      When will the pledge manager close? Ik don’t want to be held hostage by the fact that not everybody has filled out the PM yet.

    39. Missing avatar

      Michael Whelan on

      Will do Jeremías. Thanks for the reply too dhallnet.

    40. Jeremías Collaborator on

      Hi guys,

      All of you who have problems with the links please contact customer service at and they will provide new download links

    41. dhallnet on

      No, I didn't receive any link either. Someone probably ate the pdf.

    42. Missing avatar

      Michael Whelan on

      Hi all, did anyone receive the link for the downloadable content flagged in the 21st June update yet? I havent got it yet :-(

    43. Imperator on

      The cathedral will be shipped during june as planned correct? 😊

    44. Captain Absinth on

      Hi Jeremias,
      no mistake. I want the Daedalus Extension.
      Good that you came to comment here. I have been part of so many failed/failing Kickstarters, so forgive me for being a bit skeptical. Your communication (and I'm being polite here) has not been the best. If you keep us in the loop we are much happier backers. ;)

    45. Jeremías Collaborator on

      Hi guys,

      Theres no reason at all to doubt about this Kickstarter fulfilment, an update will be released soon with info about the project progress.

      @Captain Absinth. If you made a mistake in the PM please contact with the customer service at and they will help you with that :)

    46. Captain Absinth on

      I forked out for the Daedalus Extension in the pledge manager.
      Anybody else as stupid as me?
      (really, if this fails, no more Kickstarters for me except if they are from CMON)

    47. dhallnet on

      Well... It's been funded nearly one year ago and as far as I'm told, barely anything happened, so even if it doesn't fail, they will have to deal with the fallout from their abysmal lack of communication skills.

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