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Raging Heroes' Toughest Girls of the Galaxy are back! 6 new armies of miniatures: Sisters, Dark Elves, Lust Elves, in Fantasy + Sci-Fi.
Raging Heroes' Toughest Girls of the Galaxy are back! 6 new armies of miniatures: Sisters, Dark Elves, Lust Elves, in Fantasy + Sci-Fi.
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    1. Candice Rigby on

      Denny Yan: Put int he email you used and click forgot password. You don't get an email to access the pledge manager.

    2. Denny Yan

      So, what happens if you use the same address for both Paypal and KS but still didn't get the email to access pledge manager after the period shipping payment was suppose to open up for you?

    3. Alistair

      Im not supprised Erzebel is the top selling model in the PM. Any chance we can get a list of the top 5 or 10? Id be quite interested in that.

    4. Jonas Schiött

      Turns out the pledge manager was open to me. I never received any notification about it, though. And to be able to log in I had to use the "forgot my password" function to set a password in the first place.

    5. Michael on

      @Mathew McCoy: try resetting your password on using your email that you used when you paid shipping. There will not be an email saying you have been granted access to the pledge manager.

    6. Matthew McCoy on

      Checked to make sure I only used 1 email address. I submitted my pledge at 2:45 AM GMT on June 28th. According to that I should have pledge access as of June 30 1 PM GMT. Haven't seen it yet and it is 10:35 PM July 1, GMT.

    7. Mike the Knight on

      Opps, didn't realise I had to send my password to myself I thought they'd send me one in an email.

    8. Mike the Knight on

      Still haven't got my invite, same email on both sites. Sent in a recipt through KS msg hope that's all I need to do, I don't want to clutter up their time by sending multiple messages here and gmail.

    9. Yanni Cooper

      I am in the same boat as Christopher Royles. I can not afford an extra $311 this month... This is a VERY big deal for me and needs to be fixed asap!

    10. Rascarcapac on

      Bon les gars, il est bien compliqué votre pledge manager. Je viens d'essayer, mais comme les adresses de frais de port et de pledge ne correspondent pas, je n'ai pas accès au site. J'ai donc rempli le formulaire adéquat et j'attends votre réponse. Mon frère a plus de chance. Il peut accéder au pledge, mais son crédit n'apparait pas.
      L'idée de devoir ajouter les freebies et une autre source d'erreur. Tout comme le fait de passer par la procédure d'oubli de mail, plutôt que de créer un compte ou de recevoir directement un mot de passe personnalisé, complique également les choses.
      Enfin, une promesse de campagne était que chaque pledger du premier TGG1 recevrait une figurine en plus gratuite. Or, je ne vois pas cette option dans le pledge manager.
      Bref, on va y arriver, mais vous allez crouler sous un paquet de mails relatifs au non fonctionnement du pledge manager.
      Bon, courage, mais svp, répondez-moi au sujet de la fig gratuite. Merci.

    11. Scott Templeman on

      @Riven The male Dark Elf conversion kits are under the heading "bits" in the add ons section of the pledge manager. Angel wings also are in that location.

    12. Bill Redford on

      And Christopher Royles. I almost did the same thing about paying with Paypal before paying with store credit. I had it all in the paypal screen, and was thinking "why do I have to pay the full amount.... " I almost did it anyway thinking the store would deduct my credit afterwards, but I asked on the live chat and they told me what to do.... I can sympathize, my wife would have killed me if I had added an unexpected $300 charge...

    13. Bill Redford on

      Hmm, I was all set to make a comment about how adding the freebies was in the update and you should have read... blah blah... but... you guys are right, It was not addressed in the update that you had to add the freebies. I did, but thinking about it, I think I did it because we had to do it in TGG1... Also, I was hoping they would address the $10 credit for those who backed TGG1... I think overall they are doing a good job. This looks overwhelming and I am glad I don't have to deal with it on their end. Sorry for those who have had issues on this. All I can say (and this is not a justification) is the minis I got in TGG1 were awesome and expect these to be too when we get them.

    14. Candice Rigby on

      We have to add the freebies? That needs added in big blinking letter to the pledge manager. That, and I added a freebie at first to my cart (forgetting she was a freebie), and it added to my total. So... what gives there?

      Also, I spoke with your people the 28 about not having all my credit in my account, as was told it would be fixed in a day and a half. It's past that mark, and I've heard nothing. I know you folks are busy, but this is frustrating.

    15. Michael Meyer on

      Add freebies? why on earth are they not included allready? in case we dont want our free minis?
      Rather than something we need to fix, it sounds like something Loud'n Raging should fix for us?

    16. Missing avatar


      Didn't read i had to add the freebies myself. And after checking, it is extremely badly shown in the pledge manager. This is important infos guys. It should have been IN CAPITALS IN THE LAST UPDATE AT LEAST. I guess you will have so much more work later because of this...

    17. Christopher Royles on

      I made a mistake and I have been charged twice - waiting until the pledge manager closes is not satisfactory! You have $170+ of my money. As requested please cancel my order and refund, so I can resubmit with my store credit included. Prioritise the major issues please!

    18. Riven on

      I notice nothing has been said about the Male Dark Elves conversion kits. Are we to assume that these will not be made?

    19. Missing avatar

      ashikenshin on

      crap, didn't read about the freebies :( oh well. will have to wait til july 11th

    20. Mike Fleming on

      Yeah, Erzebel is amazing. They're all amazing. Great work, RH.