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Three outstanding armies of decidedly full of attitude 28mm-scale female miniatures for gaming, painting and collecting.
Three outstanding armies of decidedly full of attitude 28mm-scale female miniatures for gaming, painting and collecting.
2,748 backers pledged $698,548 to help bring this project to life.

UPDATE #90 – Latest renders + Pledge Manager Close moved to JUNE 19!

Posted by Loud'n Raging (Creator)

We said we would do another Update with more images before the close of the Pledge Manager. Well, the machines have been running 'round the clock to get the renders out, but nature conspired against us as well: our Sculpt Supervisor became an uncle for the first time this past week-end, and so we had to do without him for a few days...

​So, since we are publishing this Update only now, we have pushed out the close of the Pledge Manager to Thursday June 19.

Below, you will find new renders for 

  • the long-awaited Necro-Priestess Nepharya (IE)
  • Commander Elektra Eisenstein (KST)
  • Strategist Ludmilla Magdanova (KST)
  • Chief Commander Aleksandr Kurganov (KST)
  • the KST Artilleries
  • the IE Artilleries
  • the IE Mecha
  • the KST Motorbikes
  • the IE Motorbikes
  • and the KST and IE Weapons for Regular and Heavy Troops and Command Groups.

Please also note that the Motorbikes and the Artilleries all have alternate parts (heads, arms, etc.) included in every kit, which will help you customise your armies even more. Most of these elements are done, but have run out of time to be able to also render them with these alternate parts now.

The missing renders are the Jailbirds Mecha, Parker (JB), Ilsa Wolfenstein (IE), Kiki Bulldozer (JB), BabaYaga and Arushka, the IE and KST Trikes, the Cyberzombies (IE), and a few freebies. These sculpts are all very close to completion, and we will soon share them with you. 

We know that many of you have been waiting for the JB Mecha, Parker and Ilsa Wolfenstein, and we've been putting many extra hours into their sculpts, but they still need some more work. These are 3 complex miniatures. As we already mentioned in a previous update, Parker has been bugging us since the beginning of this Kickstarter. We don't want to rush her as we really intend to capture her persona and attitude into the sculpt. It's a bit the same for Ilsa, but the challenge is more about her posing, which is delicate to get perfectly right in a tri-dimensional space. Finally, the JB Mecha is the most complex of the Mechas, because all of its mechanics are uncovered and on display, and so, is a structural challenge that we need time to resolve, especially since we want to keep it as posable as possible...


NecroPriestess Nepharya: It may seem to you that Nepharya is the same miniature than the one you saw during in the Kickstarter video and on the front page. But actually, she's not quite that: many details were missing back then, and many others needed cleaning and rework. And we also slightly reworked the overall composition to make her look more powerful and more tri-dimensional.

Commander Elektra Eisenstein and her alternate version:

Strategist Ludmilla Magdanova and her alternate version:

Chief Commander Aleksandr Kurganov:


The KST Artillery: When we released the KST Artillery a few Updates ago, 2 servants were missing, so here is the full kit now. Also, keep in mind that each kit contains alternate accessories to customise the servants.

The IE Artillery:

The Iron Empire Mecha


For the bikers, we tried to stay true to the concept poses as much as possible. However, some of them were frankly boring, so we endeavoured to bring a bit more excitement to the mix.

Also, remember that each bike+biker kit comes with an additional head and an additional arm.

Iron Empire Motorbikes:

KST Motorbikes:


The Jailbirds have the same weapons as the Kurganova Shock Troops (Heavy and Regular):

And here are the Iron Empire Weapons for both Regular and Heavy Troops and Command Groups.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Drachnien on

      @Adrian : Ohh yeah its all personal preference and it looks like i can take the pieces hanging down off it quite easily if I don't like them in person.

    2. John Zmrotchek

      Big thanks to Ana from the support team for answering me very quickly about adding a few pieces to my order after seeing some of the new pictures above. I've been very impressed by both the quality of the sculpts/renders that I've seen and the service I've gotten from the Raging Heroes team. Wish I had a bigger budget! Keep up the good work, folks! :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Adrian Lovegun on

      I really like the alt head for the IE Mecha! :)

    4. John Zmrotchek

      After seeing this, I would definitely like to add a bit to my (now closed) pledge manager. I've emailed you folks at RagingHeroesTeam at as in your comment, let me know if you got my message about it please! :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Christoffer Strand on

      Is the wolf pelt on Eisenstein a separate component or is it integrated in the torso? I'm wondering because I rather liked how the model looked before it was added.

    6. Mateus Carneiro on

      @Loud'n Raging:

      Are the weapons going to be available separatedly, at retail? It would be nice if you would sell sprues of them, so people can convert models from other companies with you bits, which look a lot cooler than most out there.

    7. Elliot Williams

      I think the beam and energy guns are just mislabeled. If you look at the boxes with 8 guns, there is an energy rifle on the left and a beam gun on the right, and they are different guns. Then in the boxes with 4, there is a beam rifle that looks like the energy rifle in the other box. Either the name or picture should be reversed.

    8. Missing avatar

      Drachnien on

      also ,..... sweet zombie killer. Nepharya is better than I ever imagined her being.

    9. Missing avatar

      Drachnien on

      looking at the IE mech it is very close to the original but I agree that I preferred the mask in the concept art to the the model.

    10. Stephanie Swan on

      Also, and sorry to bother you again, but please have the Cyber Zombie troop, soon! I want to see them in all their glory!

    11. Thargan on

      I think they're both supposed to be the same basic gun, just with different names for some reason.

      The other thing that's missing is the gun featured on the KST regular command box is shown as having on the pledge manager images.

    12. Stephanie Swan on

      Nepharya looks absolutely beautiful! She's what made me want to pledge when I saw her forever ago! Well done! :)

      The guns on the IE mech look pretty similar to the concept art so I'm not sure what everyone's going on about...

      What concerns me though, is the head. I went and double checked the PM and it states on the concept art picture that it comes with alternate accessories. Does this include heads? I much prefer the kinda boxed head in the concept art. It's also really hard to tell with the head in these renders but is the body still wrapped up like in the concept art? Honestly that's kinda what made me choose one in the first place was the like ancient ritual like torture and torment from an ancient figure.

    13. Atreides on

      also, correct me if i'm wrong but there appears to be no difference between the beam and energy rifles?

    14. Missing avatar

      Florian Zielecki on

      I love Nepharya and Elektra Eisenstein! Good work !

    15. Paweł Antemijczuk on

      The pose she's standing in now, all bent backwards and the strangely bent leg are both pretty bad. Perhaps the sculptor should try standing like that for a few minutes.

      Perhaps the sketch was not clear enough but it seems I was not the only one who thought it's cybernetic.

    16. Alejandro on

      Is there a different concept of Ludmilla? I think the miniature ( ) is quite similar to the concept I know ( ).

      Maybe the head is in a slightly different angle and the left arm is a bit above the original pose, but I cannot see any mechanichal leg in the concept... O_o

    17. An Angry-Muppet on

      I agree with the comments below - whats happened to Ludmilla's mechanical leg - that leg was what sold me on the miniature. Its still a nice figure, but I would definitely prefer a mechanical leg if you could find the time to go back and modify the sculpt.

    18. Atreides on

      @ Pawel, regarding the wheels, i noticed that also. should hopefully be an easy fix, but seems an odd oversight!

    19. Paweł Antemijczuk on


      I get it, this is exactly the problem. We paid money based on the original concept, not anything else (since we only got the renders today). I'm glad I was never interested in the mechas whatsoever.

      By the way, the bikes must be a very bumpy ride, considering the axis of the wheel does not go through its center. :P

    20. Steve Rispin on

      I just think they are all awesome!

    21. Missing avatar

      Alastair on

      It's not actually about whether the model is an improvement or not - I'm fairly sure just as many people will prefer the new mecha over the old one. On the other hand, I'm just as sure that some people will have prefered the old "boring" bikers.

      But the problem is that we were expected to buy off artwork, and assured multiple times that the model wouldn't change fundamentally from that artwork. And does change.

      Aesthetics are always subjective. This is why if you advertise yourselves as sticking to need to stick to the concept.

    22. Missing avatar

      Drachnien on

      I only wanted one of the mechs based off the art, now I want more. also I had 0 interest in the biked but now I'm seeing them that's changing, I love the skull faced rider.

    23. Thargan on

      @Paweł : I was simply commenting on the various changes that we've seen that don't fit with the original concept. I've no idea whether or not RH have super secret concepts as part of their super secret workflow process.

    24. Missing avatar

      Alastair on

      Well, I'm glad that I only ordered one IE Mecha.

      Seriously, Raging Heroes :- if one of your big points is "We don't change things from the concept art"...DON'T CHANGE THINGS FROM THE CONCEPT ART.

    25. Paweł Antemijczuk on


      Really? So we were supposed to pledge according to the concept art we saw, but the actual minis are sculpted according to DIFFERENT concept art that we didn't even see at all? Essentially meaning we pay for a completely different product that we expect? I'm sorry, but that's just ridiculous.

    26. Fran García Calerón on

      I am really disappointed with the IE Mecha. The concept art was brutal, awesome. However, I don´t like nothing the 3D sculpture, as it is very different, The heads are very ugly heads and weapons are not threatening. I hope this will be corrected so that the final design is more faithful to the concept

    27. Jan Goldbeck on

      There are no other pictures of the IE Mecha besides that single one.

    28. Thargan on

      @Jan: Don't forget that the final sculpts are very very close to the concept art... it's just not always the concept art that we saw during the funding period.

    29. Jan Goldbeck on

      Nepha is truely awesome!
      But... why are some of the miniatures so different from the Artwork? Ludmilla lost her mechanical leg! Why? Her pose (left arm) is different too. Why?
      The IE Mecha, as others have already said, is weird, especially it's heads. Unfortunately, both heads are quite bad.
      What a shame because that was one of the miniatures I was looking forward to the most! Now I'd like to exchange it to something else. But wait! I'm already locked into my choice.

      Don't you see why people wanted to see the final renders before getting locked in? Exactly for this reason. Again: It's not something we want because we are snobby costumers. It is something you as a company promised and people including me pledged BECAUSE of that promise.

    30. Neon Revan on

      I love the Necro Priestess design. Too bad I already ordered. I admit I am a bit disapointed by the sudden rush regarding the pledge manager. Even more disapointing however is that on Monday noone answered me in the chat for more than 8 hours (8 am to 4 pm central european time). So I finished my order without help and now I cannot change anything anymore.

    31. Paweł Antemijczuk on

      ..what happened to Ludmilla's cybernetic leg? Not to mention the really awkward pose (looked much more believable in the sketch). I am so glad I didn't pick her in my PM when we only had a sketch.

      The "old" version of Elektra's head looks much better.Alas,my PM is locked at let's leave it at that.

    32. Ugezod on

      Very poor!!

      PM gets moved from 15th to 17th, so no updates by 16th, so I complete my PM, then an update on the 18th, more renders and closing date now 19th. Are you lot on another timeline to the rest of us?

    33. deadairis

      Really like the new IE mech, but that's largely because it looks SO weird.

      Would love an alternate a) human head and b) version closer to the original concept art, but really like this one. Nothing else like it out there.

    34. safyrejet on

      I didn't ask before because I figured you had enough questions. But I want to be sure. If we just pledged at the rookie level, no miniatures added, just the digital art book, do we need to do anything in the pledge manager? I didn't get a pledge manager email and I assumed that was because I just need to wait for the digital art book to be complete and you'll email it to me.

    35. Stuart Hampton on

      The Necro Priestess transition from concept to render is excellent and from what I have seen with the other renders to figures this fig will be a centrepiece.

      Sadly, I agree with @Marc and @ Wasteland Warrior, the new head doesn't grab me. Not enough to prevent me getting the two I have ordered, but how about the alternate head being closer to the concept art? The concept art gives the impression that the pilot is/was human, this is not as obvious in the new renders.

    36. John D on

      Wow, Nice work - Thanks for getting these up!

    37. Wasteland Warrior on

      @Marc - I agree about the IE mecha. I'm not a fan of it. The face of the driver just seems cartoonish to me and the weapons look boxy and distinctly non-menacing. I've ordered three of them but that may change.

    38. Loud'n Raging 3-time creator on

      Guys, it's 6AM so we're off for a bit of rest, but the best way to get answers would probably be to drop on the Pledge Manager and Leave a Message in the Live Chat box in the lower right hand corner, or send us an email at RagingHeroesTeam at, and we'll get back to you as soon as we're back on deck.

    39. Wasteland Warrior on

      To those who want to change their orders due to the new renders, the best place to ask about that is from within the live chat function of the pledge manager. I doubt you'll have much of a problem but you can get better, faster answers there than here.

    40. Missing avatar

      Marc on

      Huh. Am I the only one who reeeally doesn't like the new IE mecha? Is it possible to change an order that's already been submitted?

    41. Joe Faella on

      Nepharya got pants!

    42. Denkstrum on

      Awesome renders! THe IE mecha changed quite a bit, but it's starting to grow on me. These are really excellent renders I can't wait to receive my order. These characters are extremely striking.

    43. Riptide X-7 on

      Sweet Emperor.
      Those renders are so beautiful, I think I'm drooling.
      I like the new IE mecha head!

    44. Ashley on

      Wow, now that I see the NecroPriestess, I have to have her. Simply amazing. But I already submitted my pledge order. If I go back and order her separately, will she ship with my original order or will I have to pay for shipping again?