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Three outstanding armies of decidedly full of attitude 28mm-scale female miniatures for gaming, painting and collecting.
Three outstanding armies of decidedly full of attitude 28mm-scale female miniatures for gaming, painting and collecting.
Three outstanding armies of decidedly full of attitude 28mm-scale female miniatures for gaming, painting and collecting.
2,748 backers pledged $698,548 to help bring this project to life.

AT LAST! THE LULU'S! (Unveiled, but not quite yet unlocked...)

We have just passed the $450,000 mark, and this deserves something special!

So for this milestone, this week-end, we are unveiling the Lulu's, opening a Paypal option, enhancing the higher pledge levels with additional free stuff, and by popular demand, announcing a new higher tier reward level which will be launched Monday, complete with Early Bird Specials!!!

So stay tuned for more updates, beginning with this one:

At last, unveiling the Lulu's!

(Unlock will follow later this week)

Life is not easy for the Jailbirds...
They are constantly on the run, fighting for their survival.
And in their wake follow all kinds of fugitives and survivors.
Many of them are very young, lost children who don't have a home anymore, or who never had one...

Why did we create the Lulu's?

There were several things that made us want to do the Lulu's. From the very beginning of Raging Heroes, we envisioned a female faction for Fantasy Games that would be made of a religious sisterhood protecting orphans and other stray children. For various reasons, this project has been on the backburner for quite some time. But it came back to the forefront when we started working on our Science-Fiction minis. That's when we decided to do a Sci-Fi version of this Sisterhood army, which will be called the Sisters of Eternal Mercy. If you've followed our blog, you probably already know that this particular army is planned for a future Kickstarter...

But when we began working on the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy project, one of our intentions was to create many types of feminine characters... If you look at the entire range of the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy, you'll see that while many of them are 20-something warriors, more mature characters are also represented, not to mention the matriarch Baba Yaga. And with the Jailbird Division came images from Mad Max 3 with their army of small children who somehow incarnate hope in a world that is in complete turmoil and decay.

For us, it was obvious that the Jailbirds would come to cross the path of many survivors and runaways, and that some of them would be children.

And we particularly like the idea that even amidst a world of ruins, a bunch of small kids could still grow up and create a better future for themselves and for mankind.

Of course, there's also a Peter Pan element, with children opposing Captain Hook and the grim prospects of adulthood... And a bit of the French tradition of the Poulbots, these stray children who used to live in the streets of Paris at the turn of the twentieth century.

In the end, we felt that these little characters bring with them poetry, warmth and innocence in an otherwise dark universe.

Who they are and how they fit in the game...

The Lulu's are a patch of stray little girls who have become the protégés of the apparently emotion-less One-Shot Blondie.
The little girls worship their hero and always try to emulate her, following her wherever she goes.
But Blondie always keeps them safe, never letting them come near violent action.
And to make sure they are not tempted by real weapons, she has equipped them with inoffensive dart guns that she crafted herself...

Of course, we don't want them to be part of the fights on the battlefield.
So we decided that in-game, the Lulu's will have very specific capabilities.
No one will be able to target them, and they will be virtually indestructible.
They won't be able to inflict any damage to anyone but they will distract enemy focus, and/or create safe zones around them for the Jailbirds.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Virks on

      GUYS! Apostrophe Crime on a massive scale!

      It's "Lulus", not "Lulu's"! No plural apostrophe! They are the Lulus, they don't belong to someone named Lulu :-P
      Now sort it out and go back to making awesome models!

      The Grammar Nazi has spoken.

    2. Loud'n Raging 3-time creator on

      As some have mentioned in the Comments thread, the Lulu's would be perfect as objective markers...

    3. Andrew V. Disbrow on

      what about a handgun and sword upgrade????not small sizes like Aleksandr Kurganov sizes chainswords!

    4. JP Max on

      I feel a diorama coming on.

    5. Anton von Leski

      Which were from the beginning of my wish list, as Kiki ...

    6. Missing avatar

      Jordi on

      The lulu's are awesome. I will pick one set at the end even if i have to up my pledge a bit.

      I am actually more curious about which pledge levels will be getting that boost in freebies/upgrades. Logic dictates me to say captain level and higher. We will just see.

      Keep up the good work and info flow.

    7. Götz Kirchhauser on

      @Jonathan Ricks - Of course these are dart guns. Just have a look, you can see the gummy tips at the gun muzzels...

    8. JA Marbella on

      So what do I have to get The Lulus?

    9. Mark Hurst on

      Love the art for them, much better than i expected, to be honest i expected a kinda stock "little people" type thing. Its great that they are kids, far more interesting and a lot more potential.
      I don't think much of the mechanic for them though ....

      I think either have them as a mascot [can raise moral, let troops close by make 1 re-roll pre round, per lulu] ... something like that
      Make them a normal troop, a hard to hit, does not shoot well type troop. So they get a bunch of shots, most of which wont hit, but with a group of them have a chance to inflict damage.
      They would be great for capturing cover [even harder to hit/shift] or capturing objectives.
      But rather than cutesy [Spielberg style] invulnerable annoying kids, they should be the embodiment of having hard to grow up too quick and fight for their freedom.

    10. Missing avatar

      Andrey Khmelnov on

      Oh, no!
      I think I'm fall in love (is it legal?).
      If the models would be EXACTLY as art - 3 packs minimum.
      Want to see at least 3D renders.

    11. Andrew V. Disbrow on

      Whoot! have been waiting and waiting,..Anyone say squats

    12. Charles D. Moisant on

      How will they interact with the Iron empire? I can imagine a story with the Iron can and the little LULUs.

    13. Joe on

      Hm. I think I'd like 'em more if they were a bit more gritty and realistic. They're a bit too cutesy saccharine right now. It's like a very awkward game of dress up.

    14. Eric Ylrac on

      I really like the second one from the left

    15. Leonard Schneider on

      The word "Fantastic" wouldn't even come close to what you've done here LnR! Simply awesome in both concepts and backstory!
      I am indeed glad I had planned to get them anyway :)

    16. Jonathan Ricks

      AWESOME! (but I thought you said they carried dart guns... or are those oversized-gun-replica dart guns?) :)

    17. HisDivineShadow on

      The idea for their in game mechanic seems incredibly break-able.

    18. Balgin Stondraeg

      You know, given that there were five silhouettes I did wonder if they were going to be a Spice Girls tribute act. Now I'm getting more of a Maurice Sendak/Max - Where the Wild Things Are vibe from them.

    19. Riptide X-7 on

      Unable to be targeted, but nothing more then a distraction?
      Even the Iron Empire's undead cannot resist going "D'awwww".

    20. Kevin Behrendt on

      I didn't imagined the Lulus to be THAT sweet. Well, honestly I thought they would turn out as little gremlins but no, they really are little girls so sweet even Coca Cola wouldn't dare to put them into one of their soft drinks.

      Now I will have a really hard time thinking about upping my pledge. Until now I didn't had them on my list but now? Wow, you're amazing.. amazingly evil!

      Maybe the new pledge levels will help me out here?

    21. Brian Blessed! on

      Love the back story and the art.

      Also it sounds like they will have a really interesting in game mechanic.

      Good job LnR!

    22. Missing avatar

      PsychoticStorm on

      Quite cute I must say.

    23. Martin Dickson

      *squuueee* :)

    24. Black Kestrel

      Stretch goals?