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LOLA is a book for girls about living a sustainable lifestyle and making healthy choices by Priscilla Woolworth
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June-July-August-September update

Posted by Priscilla Woolworth (Creator)

 Hello friends!

 I’ve been meaning to write an update for ages but it’s been just so wild and crazy over at LOLA HQ these past few months! Since the LOLA books arrived in late May, it’s been non-stop ever since!

 It’s so exciting that so many LOLA’s have been ordered from my site and Amazon, and shipped all over the USA, and to as far away as Norway, Slovenia, the UK and France. LOLA has sold out of a few stores, and was the best selling book at Book Soup/Los Angeles in late August and is currently available at MOCA Los Angeles, Lost and Found Los Angeles & Santa Monica, Tecolote in Montecito and Chaucer’s in Santa Barbara, and Velvet NYC. More stores will be added soon! 

If there is a store you feel would love to carry LOLA, please let me know. If you know a blogger, journalist, or magazine that could do a feature on LOLA, please connect us. 

 Helping raise awareness about LOLA is so appreciated by the LOLA team. Our email contact is:

Thank you so much!

 A box of LOLA’s were recently shipped to Fran Drescher’s Cancer Schmancer Foundation where LOLA will be the featured book at the Women’s Health Summit, October 13th in Los Angeles.

 Did you know…this Kickstarter campaign is being used as a case study by the Wharton School of Management?!

 For all of you who chose the E-book option, I’m still working on it. The usual Kindle or Ipad reader format is not suited for LOLA, and I’m still exploring other options. Since I haven’t been able to fulfill the reward promise to all of you who chose the LOLA E-book, I am sending you a copy of the actual book in the next week, so look out for it!

 If you haven’t seen a copy yet, you’ll soon understand that it’s a very unique book, which your hands will enjoy holding while your fingers turn the rounded edge pages. 

 The holidays are coming up fast, and LOLA makes a great gift! 

 About the LOLA Blog and Newsletter: The LOLA blog was launched months before the release of the LOLA book, to get a head start on providing information relating to what is covered in the book. The LOLA book is a basic reference guide. The blog is where all the newsletter posts are saved, functioning as an extension of the LOLA book. The LOLA blog is where all news relating to upcoming book readings, signings and events will be posted, so don’t miss out and subscribe to get your updates: 

 Thank you for all your patience and support! 

 Lots of love always


p.s. You are welcome to order more copies of LOLA here:

LOLA MAY update

Posted by Priscilla Woolworth (Creator)
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May is here and that means…LOLA will be arriving soon at LOLA HQ!

 A few early copies arrived recently, and because I have to put the LOLA PR and marketing into high gear... 

 the LOLA's were packed up and sent to press, and media contacts. LOLA needs to get everyone's attention!

 Even though LOLA isn’t here yet in it’s entirety, things are busy at LOLA HQ. I've been painting LOLA Market Bags, prewashing and drying them on a laundry line in my garden, with butterflies, hummingbirds and bees for company, while they are dried by the sun and wind

 More news: LOLA has  launched the LOLA Pop Up Store where many of the products mentioned in the LOLA book and blog can now be easily found in one place. So exciting!

 Look for the LOLA Market bags too, and many stickers made from my photos

 More LOLA news: LOLA Lots of Love Always has been trademarked! This is great news for the LOLA brand going into the future!

 So thrilled: LOLA has made it to its first recommended reading list on Whole

 I will be packing and shipping your rewards to you over the next few weeks. For everyone who ordered the E-Books, I am working on setting that up as well and will send you a special link and LOLA password ASAP.

 Wishing you a wonderful month of May!

Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing moms!

I love being a mom so daughters sent me a flowers recently when LOLA went to print...just typing this and sharing it with you is making me cry...happy tears!


ox Priscilla

LOLA April Update Post Scriptum

Posted by Priscilla Woolworth (Creator)

P. S. LOLA is available as a pre-order and will be the most wonderful graduation present for any young woman you know who is graduating from either High School or College:

April LOLA Update

Posted by Priscilla Woolworth (Creator)

Hello friends!

It feels so good giving you this exciting update! 

LOLA is being printed at the moment at The Studley Press, in Dalton, Massachusetts! Yes! The ink used is vegetable-based and the paper is approved by the Forestry Stewardship Council. It contains at least 10% post-consumer waste (I wish it was way more).

The typeface in LOLA is called Avenir (French for "future"), which is very apropos, don't you think? 

All photos taken at Studley Press by James McDonald
All photos taken at Studley Press by James McDonald

 LOLA design editor, James Mcdonald stopped by The Studley Press to check on the overall color balance of a sheet.

 James overseeing the printing run

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 and back at LOLA HQ in Los Angeles....

LOLA Market Bags!
LOLA Market Bags!

 I think a countdown is in order: 40 days till LOLA is in your hands!

While LOLA is being printed, assembled and bound...LOLA is being announced and presented, via a Press Release. If there is someone you would like to send it to, who would be interested in learning about LOLA, please email me at so I can send you a copy of the Press Release.

Many thanks to all of you for supporting the LOLA project.



LOLA Marches on!

Posted by Priscilla Woolworth (Creator)

  Hello friends!

Since I was last in touch, lots has been happening at LOLA HQ Los Angeles....



Sooooo exciting!

 I reread LOLA last week, and it brought tears to my eyes. I loved every page. 

I have the pleasure of introducing you to:

 The Cover

 This is a quick shot of the complete manuscript, (LOLA had just arrived by Fedex) all 288 pages of it, on my kitchen table, before I ran it over to the proofreader, Mel Bordeaux. 

Mel has spent the last few days with LOLA and sent me a few messages: 

 “ I am loving this book so much. I keep forgetting that I’m supposed to be looking for mistakes!”

 “I’m loving this book deeply” 

Here are a few sneak peaks spreads:

...from the chapter NATURAL BEAUTY 

..from the chapter INSPIRING WOMEN 

 ...from the chapter of RECIPES 

 ...from the chapter about FOOD

 LOLA is the perfect graduation gift.Girls graduating from high school or college will love LOLA and need LOLA in their lives. That’s why I wrote LOLA. It’s for them. It’s for you as well if you are a parent and want your girls to have a good source of information that you can trust. 

 If your reward includes a LOLA book, your copy(ies) will be shipped to you beginning of May. In case you would like more than one, LOLA is available for pre-order on