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The City of Seven Seraphs is a fully developed Planar Metropolis for the Pathfinder RPG available in full-color Hardcover and PDF.
The City of Seven Seraphs is a fully developed Planar Metropolis for the Pathfinder RPG available in full-color Hardcover and PDF.
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Coming Together Bit by Bit!

Posted by Lost Spheres Publishing (Creator)
Locus of Breaking - Ed Mattinian
Locus of Breaking - Ed Mattinian

Greetings backers!

Final layout continues on the title as all art assets are FINALLY in. We are hopeful that the PDF will be completed soon and that we can move to print. We can't apologize enough for the delays in the process (despite most of them being out of our hands).

We have not however been idle during our waiting time however! Partnering with City of 7 Seraphs team member N. Jolly and rising talent Siobhan Bjorknas (Spheres of Might, Aetheric Heroes) we have created 4 new base classes utilizing the critically acclaimed Spheres system to continue the mission of expanded 3rd Party Support and permissive gaming that is part of this project.

These products all feature a section on how they can be used in the City of 7 Seraphs setting and useful appendixes of content from other sources.

You can find them on sale here at a special bundle discount. We hope you check them out and can't wait to show you the City in earnest soon.

Thank you again for you patience and support!


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    1. Lost Spheres Publishing Creator on


      In playtesting the reduced non-Death casting and inability use fleshcraft on their other undead reduced damage potential in all but single foe encounters for the Brutal Necromancer. It did have slightly better performance against "boss type" monsters but the trade off seemed fair. Though in encounters involving spell resistance of significant values, the became more equivalent. The feats necessary to combine combat and casting to optimize a death focused build seemed reasonable. Horde builds focused on negative strikes or necrotic bomb generally outperformed it.

      Similarly, the class chassis isn't overly optimized for skill use but a caster could theoretically do a focused build here but many Combat Spheres give similar boosts to skills and other "champion" classes gain access to these from a similar pool. Prodigy in particular is likely to match many skill totals. We had looked at enhancement bonus but the HD limits of skill points seemed to be the best limiting factor.

      Fleshcrafting is powered by channel energy, both of which default to standard action.

      While counting as "an undead they control", the Brutal Necromancer is not technically undead and should default to casting attribute. IF the Brutal Necromancer counts as undead from another effect (or is undead) they should choose the more advantageous. Some GMs may wish to let all Brutal Necromancers do so.

    2. Kyle Francoeur on

      I finally go around to looking through these, and I have some concerns that I'd like to point out.

      Primarily, the Brutal Necromancer seems top heavy as it doesn't seem to reduce the CL of Death effects at all (leading to a full BAB character with no penalty to the casting that would be the primary portion of the Necro's spells), and additionally treats itself as one of its undead creatures for fleshcrafting - leading to the rather enviable situation of being able to dynamically give itself full skill points to desired skills at (almost) will, as needed through the Skilled Corpse fleshcrafting. This means that the Brutal Necromancer is, quite possibly, the most skilled character class in the game if a player wants to put a small amount of focus into it.

      Relatedly, I'm not sure what the action cost is for Fleshcrafting. It seems to imply it can be done during the creation of the characters undead subjects, and I'm assuming otherwise it's a Standard action. Is this correct?

      Finally, a small question: in the Combat Talent" fleshcrafting, it mentions that undead use their strength modifier. If a Brutal Necromancer grants themselves these talents, do they use their strength modifier for these temporary ones, or do they use their normal modifier?