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AU$ 9,797 pledged of AU$ 25,000 goal
By Lost Sawmill
AU$ 9,797 pledged of AU$ 25,000 goal

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    1. Bobby Brimmer

      Just keep us in the loop. We'll happily back your next project.

    2. Lost Sawmill Creator on

      @Bobby Brimmer: I'll be launching the accessory packs on their own in a couple of months and then try and ramp back up to the full scale buildings in the next twelve months or so.

    3. Bobby Brimmer

      Sorry we didn't make it. But this project is still amazing and I hope you make it happen.

    4. Missing avatar

      Andrew Foster on

      Kinda ironic you should be finishing the campaign in a convention centre known as EPIC (Exhibition Park In Canberra).

    5. Bobby Brimmer

      Happy to hear you're going to make this happen no matter what. Sorry the Kickstarter hasn't picked up more traction. Here's hoping for a crazy awesome finish.

    6. Missing avatar

      Andrew Foster on

      Oh, I will definitely come and see you at Wintercon. That is awesome news.

    7. Lost Sawmill Creator on

      @Andrew Foster: Absolutely. I'm still hopeful that we can reach our goal, but should the project fall short I have a number of other plans to get the business going.
      I'll be at Wintercon promoting Lost Sawmill tomorrow and Sunday even though the Kickstarter campaign will be finished.

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrew Foster on

      Have you any plans to launch this beyond Kickstarter? It will be such a shame to see it not get off the ground!

    9. Bobby Brimmer

      I appreciate that Lost Sawmill. I'm at 1083 now. So with the Lords Collection plus one of each add on, I think I have everything. Probably still want to add another piece or two, just still trying to decide which ones. They're all so awesome. :-)

    10. Lost Sawmill Creator on

      @Bobby Brimmer If you've made a mistake I'm sure we can sort it all out in the backer survey anyway.

    11. Bobby Brimmer

      I know we're making our final push, so I went ahead and added one of each of the higher walls and each of the accessory packs. Hope I did that math right. lol

      Here's hoping we get a huge 48 hour bump. Would love to see this funded.

    12. Lost Sawmill Creator on

      @Andrew Foster - I put the preview video on the campaign page, but I think you're right and the actual game video should be there as well.

    13. Missing avatar

      Andrew Foster on

      @Lost Sawmill, you should put the YouTube video on the campaign page, not hidden in the updates.

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrew Foster on

      @Bobby, if you want ot chat about painting, shoot me and email


    15. Missing avatar

      Andrew Foster on

      Oh, a monarch in the Castle! Awesome!

    16. Bobby Brimmer

      Thanks Andrew. It's nice to know there's help out there if I become brave enough to try it. Otherwise, the commission option might work. Thanks.

    17. Lost Sawmill Creator on

      @Jeffrey - Your Majesty is most welcome! I am sure the Monarch Collection will suit you well.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey on

      Reading through the FAQs and seeing the product in action on YouTube made me upgrade my bid. I hope this gets over the line as it is an amazing idea. Great job Lost Sawmill!!

    19. Missing avatar

      Andrew Foster on

      And you can always get a job commission painted if you just could not be bothered.

    20. Missing avatar

      Andrew Foster on

      Always happy to chat to people to help them paint better, mate. If you want to learn how to paint, I can give you some pointers and point you at some really good tutorials.

      The joy of paining terrain is that it is alot more forgiving than a 10-33mm model.terrain

    21. Bobby Brimmer

      That's what I assumed, just wanted to double check. Sadly I'm a terrible painter so mine would have stayed the natural wood color. lol

    22. Lost Sawmill Creator on

      @Bobby Brimmer They were always going to be shipped as unpainted flat packed sheets which you would then need to assemble and paint however you wanted.

    23. Bobby Brimmer

      Sounds good Lost Sawmill. Would love to see more of them painted.

      Was the original intention for these to come to us painted or unpainted?

    24. Lost Sawmill Creator on

      @Bobby Brimmer I agree with you about the charm of the wood look, but I really like how the painted set turned out. The detail in the wall came out really nicely and I have always really enjoyed the assembly and painting aspect of the miniatures gaming hobby, I really want a textured and pained tower, here's to hoping the project gets funded so I can make one!

    25. Lost Sawmill Creator on

      @Jordi The width and height of the corridors does vary between the different sets. Typically the corridors are 64mm wide and the walls on each level are 50mm high. I tested a number of different corridor sizes and found that these dimensions worked best for being able to move 28mm miniatures around inside the corridors.

    26. Jordi

      Which is the size of the different corridor levels and walls?

    27. Bobby Brimmer

      Painting looks cool. Although there's a very nice charm to the original wood look. Not sure which I prefer.

      Here's hoping we make it to our goal over this last week. I can't wait to add this to my game nights. Good luck to us all.

    28. Missing avatar

      Andrew Foster on

      Ah, not being a player of many grid based games, I had not considered that issue. Okay. I get it. Many games are not designed to play with a tape measure in hand.

      As a modeller first and foremost, I like scenery that is pretty and don't consider inch squares and such, but as a gamer, I can understand their requirement.

    29. Lost Sawmill Creator on

      @Andrew Foster. It is theoretically possible to engrave any pattern you want into the courtyards and roads. I experimented for a long time with lots of different options before settling on the cobblestone pattern. It isn't really shown or mentioned, but the cobblestones actually have a 1" movement grid hidden in the pattern. I didn't want to make the 1" pattern super obvious as it would break from the realism of the sets, but I also wanted to include it for the role-players who use the 1" movement grid for their games. With an irregular pattern like flagstones it would either make the regular 1" grid super obvious, or I would need to remove it. I will continue to play around with the idea of different textures for different types of roads and courtyards, and if there is a demand for it I will definitely offer several different varieties.

    30. Missing avatar

      Andrew Foster on

      How hard would it be to add flagstones to the courtyard and roadways?

    31. Lost Sawmill Creator on

      @Andrew Foster. From Craftsman to Watchtower Guard in no time at all. At this rate I'm going to have to introduce a level above Monarch.

    32. Missing avatar

      Andrew Foster on

      Alrighty, I have already stepped up from craftsman to Watchtower owner, moving on up, one pledge at a time! That is fantastic, love the stand alone watch tower.

    33. Lost Sawmill Creator on

      @Andrew Foster. Even the humblest of craftsmen knows that to make a set of stairs, you've got to start at the bottom and take it one step at a time. You'll be a master builder one day!

    34. Missing avatar

      Andrew Foster on

      I am backing as a humble craftsman, but allowin' time in tha backer kit I hopes ta make me way up in tha ranks by squirrlin' away some groats and buying my way to power!

    35. Bobby Brimmer

      @LostSawmill Thank you very much. I'm on the Duke pledge now because it's awesome that you can make the full enclosure. But I like the idea of having a least one of each piece. So, I'll probably have to add on at the end. I'm glad you're thinking of using something like backerkit or a similar system. There's a lot of add on potential here. :-)

    36. Lost Sawmill Creator on

      @Bobby Brimmer Yes, the inside corner and the inside corner+ are the only two sets missing from the Duke Collection. The idea behind the Duke Collection was to create a rectangular enclosed fort or stronghold and this wouldn't require inside corner pieces.

      I wasn't planning on using backerkit, although that platform does look incredibly versatile, but I will absolutely make it possible to add extra sets and add-ons to your order post-campaign whether through backerkit another pledge survey platform.

    37. Bobby Brimmer

      I almost never use miniatures in fantasy gaming. But these are so cool, I think I'm going to have to start. Question for you. The only major buildings missing from the Duke pledge are the interior corner and interior corner+ right?

      Also, on the pledge manager question. You mention having a pledge manager and then say we need to increase our pledge amount to add additional items. I've seen a couple different versions of this in various kickstarters. Are you using something similar to backerkit where we can add money and items to our pledge after the campaign has ended? Or will your pledge manager only allow us to allocate funds added during the campaign?

    38. Lost Sawmill Creator on

      @Kharegim Yes there will be a pledge manager at the end where you can add extra sets and accessories to your order. Have a look at the add ons section and increase the amount of your pledge to reflect what extra add ons you want. At the end of the campaign I will arrange for a survey to confirm exactly add ons you want with your pledge level.

    39. Missing avatar

      Kharegim on

      Hello again! So I would ultimately like to back for more than the duke pledge but due to some unforseen dental bills can only do the duke level, would you open a pledge manager after the kickstarter for those who wish to add extra after the kickstarter is done?

    40. Lost Sawmill Creator on

      @Kharegim Thanks! You are the first to attain the rank of Duke. Your support means so much, I'm sure you'll love the Duke Collection.

    41. Missing avatar

      Kharegim on

      Hello! really love the look of everything here! I would love to do the monarch pledge but sadly cash is tight so ill stay at duke! looking forward to a good kickstarter!

    42. Lost Sawmill Creator on

      @Emmanuel SIMON. Thanks for your comment. I will absolutely add more information to the page with dimensions and photos with miniatures. Hopefully I can get that up for you at some point today. The sets are quite large to accommodate the kind of fighting and exploring that I wanted to get out of my games.

    43. Emmanuel SIMON on


      I have a few questions :

      - Do you enjoy being so awesome ?
      - Can you publish the heigth, width and length of each piece ?
      - Can we see some pictures of a few pieces with 28mm miniatures (like the one with the two knights in front of the portculis, but zoomed out) ?