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Shagadelica - The "Glow Fur" Desert Ship's video poster

Shagadelica is the ultimate Burning Man art car: a old English double decker bus completely covered in glowing fur plus massive sound. Read more

Reno, NV Public Art
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This project was successfully funded on August 22, 2011.

Shagadelica is the ultimate Burning Man art car: a old English double decker bus completely covered in glowing fur plus massive sound.

Reno, NV Public Art
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Update: Receive free glowfur bracelets for any donation (1 for $25, 2 for $150, 4 for $500 and up) - Kickstarter is not letting us edit our rewards at this point but they will be waiting for you on Shagadelica.

From the very beginning our vision was to create a vehicle that pays tribute to music, festivals and the beauty of celebration driven by creation.  Shagadelica takes us from the counter culture revolution of the 60's and 70's to the twisted metal Mad Max evolution of Burning Man art cars and beyond into a bright and playful future.  

A classic british double decker bus that has been completely disassembled and rebuilt from engine to structure, mutated with heavy metal, high technology and plush luxury.  The bus is lined with 9000 feet of industrial strength RGB flat rope lights with over 250,000 DMX controlled LED lights carefully diffused and wrapped in custom white fur for a smooth magical effect.

The interior of the bus, from furniture to ceiling, is completely upholstered in soft glow fur. The fur creates a dramatic effect as it dynamically changes color.  The floor glows and changes color to match the furniture, ceiling, and exterior.  It's simply beautiful.

Featuring a fully equipped "Mad Trax" DJ booth and giant lasers capable of projecting a ceiling across the entire dance floor, 8 scanners, nine theater lights, and a multi-beam laser sky projector that is visible for miles.

75,000W of electricity, 16 giant speakers across three sound systems with a total of 34,000W of incredible sound, and 20,000W of lighting ensure that this mind blowing art car is a desert beauty that cannot be missed. Shagadelica is an experience unlike any other.

It even has a nice dance platform for the ladies ;-)

Shagadelica is equipped with a 260 lb cruise liner horn. When the music is at its peak and everybody is dancing hard, a press of a button will resonate for miles letting the rest of the world know just how friggin amazing this experience is.

This isn't a fantasy project.  This is a reality.  We've invested tens of thousands of hours to bring this vision to fruition.  Each year we invest our heart and soul to bring it back to the playa.  This year, we need your help… anything goes a long way.

Keeping this bus alive has been an epic endeavor and a rite of passage unto itself.  Be part of this journey and help us give this gift to the playa this year.  

We can't do this without your support.  When you're dancing your ass off in the cool desert night (feel that freedom coursing through your veins!!!!) and the glowing lights from Shagadelica are shimmering on your glistening skin as the massive sound system gyrates through your entire body you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN.  


"The World is Beautiful" track on video courtesy of Rony Seikaly (c) 2011 - Thank you Rony!


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    Black Rock City is one of the most visually striking places on the planet. We'll send you a mind blowing, reality bending slideshow of the most incredible photos taken around the bus at Burning Man this year.

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    Some of the world's greatest DJs come to spin at Burning Man each year. Not for the money - they do it for free - but for the LOVE. Music produced through love is an incredible thing to hear. We'll send you one of the best mix sets by one of the best DJs in the world from our bus this year. Also includes the slideshow.

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    Show the world your contribution to the Burning Man art scene with your very Shagadelica t-shirt. Featuring our logo and the year of the burn, you'll always be reminded of what an amazing experience you helped deliver to the playa. Also includes the mix set and slideshow.

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    What could be better than your very own Shagadelica t-shirt? Your very own Shagadelica furry outfit. We'll send you 6 ft x 6 ft of fur just like the fur on the bus so that you can have your very own Shagadelica rug, blanket, or make your own furry outfit!!! The fur is beautiful and soft to the touch. Always have a piece of the bus with you. Also includes the t-shirt, mix set, and slideshow.

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    Shagadelica features one of the best mobile sound systems on the playa. As a result some of the best DJs on the planet take a few hours each year to spin on our bus and throwing a mind blowing amazing party. Most of those sets are recorded with the permission of the DJ and shared with a very exclusive group of people. We will send you a DVD of all the mix sets from this years burn to dance your ass off while you wait for the next burn!!! Also includes slideshow, t-shirt, and fur.

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    At this level you're pretty much a super star and we want you to have the "super star" treatment. One of our professional on site (yes at Burning Man) photographers will do a photoshoot with you and some of the most beautiful girls on the playa dressed in incredible outfits next to Shagadelica. Whether you're male or female, this will be some of the most memorable fun you've ever had. It's a good thing you'll be able to share the experience with your friends through stunning photography. Slideshow, t-shirt, fur, and DVD of all the mix sets is included.

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    Shagadelica is a product of incredible love and determination. We're a tight knit group of entrepreneurs who work hard and believe in giving back to the playa for everything it has added to our lives - the bus is one of our proudest accomplishments. At this level we will let you "Borrow the Bus". We'll take you and up to 15 of your friends around during the day. One of our DJs (or yours if you want) will spin incredible music as you and your friends explore the playa and go wherever you want to go for three hours. Includes the slideshow, t-shirt, fur, mix set DVD, and incredible photoshoot.

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