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Pathogenesis, the infectious deck-building game, now with an expansion you will be just itching to play!
Pathogenesis, the infectious deck-building game, now with an expansion you will be just itching to play!
1,207 backers pledged $56,336 to help bring this project to life.

FUNDED!! - THANK YOU!! (How about some new stretch goals?)

Posted by Loren Cunningham (Creator)

Hello Everyone!


As of this post, 675 awesome people have helped us fund this project!   We are so excited that version 2 of the game plus the expansion will get to be printed.   This will help us fulfill our vision for the the game and bring the game to more people.

We are extremely appreciative of the support.   Thank you so much!

Let's keep the infection growing!   We have a couple of new stretch goals that we just added to the campaign.   We are going to continue our strategy of a social media push and then start combining that with the good old funding level goals.   

We have added 2 new stretch goals that need to be infected! 

 These enlarged player aids will eliminate the need to flip your player aid card over and over during the game!   Help us unlock this stretch goal by sharing this post on Facebook 150 times.   First time shares to *approved* Facebook groups focusing on board games, teaching, science, or medical related pages will count as 10 SHARES EACH!   Please share the link to the group with us in the comments of this update so we can add to the total count!    

*Approved Facebook groups will have 100 members or more and be related to board games, teaching, education, science, or other medical fields.  Basically, people who might be really interested in finding out about the game.   Please only 1 share per group.  Only the first share to a group will count.   Let's not spam any FB groups! 

These are digestive enzymes – they become virulence factors when they digest proteins needed for cell signaling. Like the soluble cytokines (from the previous image) and the surface receptors on the cells that bind to them. This image can be similar to the cytokine image proposed previously, but with some bacteria present mucking up the communication/shaving the surface molecules off the T-cells

Thank you again for all of your support.

We have 24 more days to make the project everything it can be.

Let's see how much of a viral effect we can have!

Loren & Jamie

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    1. Loren Cunningham 4-time creator

      @John - Thank you for catching the typo! It has been fixed on the KS page.

    2. John Irving on

      Congratulations on the funding, really looking forward to Version 2 and the expansion! Just a minor note, a typo creeped in on the stretch goal, the first ‘o’ got left out in Metalloproteases (or Metalloproteinases, which is the longer alternative). Hope all the stretch goals get funded!