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Pathogenesis, the infectious deck-building game, now with an expansion you will be just itching to play!
Pathogenesis, the infectious deck-building game, now with an expansion you will be just itching to play!
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GeekDad approved!! + New stretch goal added!!!

Posted by Loren Cunningham (Creator)

Hello Everyone!

We are very excited to announce that Pathogenesis is now GeekDad approved!   You can check out the article and review of the game HERE.

New stretch goal added!   Our next stretch goal will help us promote the GeekDad review on BoardGameGeek.   When the article has been thumbed up 55 times on BGG we will unlock a new immune system card, Natural Killer Cells.  

More about our stretch goals:

New art on Genitourinary Pathogens (LOCKED).   We are SO CLOSE to unlocking this goal!   We need NINE more awesome backers to share this post on Facebook.   The Genitourinary tract will have it's own special art for the pathogens, spirochetes!

New Stretch Goal - Natural Killer Cells (immune system card) LOCKED:   The Natural Killer Cell immune system card will have a constant attack value 2 but will add +1 attack for every trait card attached to a Pathogen. This will be a tough card in the first deck of the immune system!   

Cytokine-innate (immune system card) UNLOCKED!!:   This is another immune system card for the first deck of the immune attack.   This card will have a constant attack value of 2 and limits players to drawing their next hand only up to 4 cards (ignoring all traits that allow the drawing of extra cards).

INF-α (Interferon – alpha) – (immune system card) UNLOCKED!!:   This is an immune card in the 2nd deck of the immune attack.  It has a constant attack value of 4.   I adds +1 attack for all other immune cards played into your tableau this turn AND adds a fever card to your discard pile.

The new immune system cards added to the game will make an even 11 for both decks of the immune response, which were previously 9 and 10 per deck.  

Thank you to everyone for helping us to get off to a great start.

We are now 81% funded and we will march toward the funding goal.

We are confident we will fund and probably double the current levels by the end.

Let's knock down the 2 open stretch goals!

Thank you so much!

Loren & Jamie

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    1. Loren Cunningham 4-time creator

      @Jim Payne - Thank you Jim! That is so very helpful. If all of our backers with a science and/or education background could do the same, it could really give us a boost!

    2. Jim Payne on

      Just a suggestion to help get the word out. I have been posting information about the game on some of my science educators and medical laboratory facebook groups. Here is what I posted:

      Any gamers here?

      A few years ago I bought a deck building game called Pathogenesis. I knew nothing about deck building games but I love the concept of building a pathogen with real traits and toxins along with the actual immune cells, immunoglobulins, and the complement system trying to destroy the pathogens I am building.

      The goal of the game is to break down barriers that protect 3 body tracks and then attack those body tracts to score damage points. Once the body has been damaged the innate system cells attack. Eventually the adaptive immune system comes in to join the "fun" and if the players do not destroy enough body tracts before the immune system cards run out the body becomes immune and you lose. You can play in a variety of different ways including solo, competitive (up to 4 players), cooperative, or 2 v 2 teams.

      I found the science behind the game (developed by an immunology professor) to be so accurate that I could use it to teach immunology and microbiology in my classroom. We actually play it every day during the immunology unit.

      The second edition in development now by WIBAI Games has STI-related lines of attack and new collateral damage mechanisms that boost the attack. It could be a fun game for home or even after lab meetings.

      Learn more below and at

      The AMA's article on the game:

    3. Missing avatar

      Jaap van der Hulst on

      Sounds like those extra immune cards can do some real damage. Nice!
      Always good to see some additional fever cards being put into the decks.