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Procedurally generated murder mystery evenings; unlimited homicidal fun for all your friends and family!
Procedurally generated murder mystery evenings; unlimited homicidal fun for all your friends and family!
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Clues and Schmooze

Hello everyone!

I was recently interviewed by a guy with a debatably great forename - James - who has done some amazing work interviewing the creators of different projects found on Kickstarter. It's really cool to get more of an insight into what makes a project tick, as well as frank appraisals and experiences. Take a look!

I don't need to remind myself that at the time of writing this update there are only three days left on the campaign. As I'm sure you can all imagine, nerves are kicking in!

I thought I'd post some example game features that are going to be included in Et Tu? to give backers a feel for what they can expect to be generated. I'll also open this update to suggestions and questions, so if you have any burning queries, don't hesitate to ask! I've gone on about the Classic Mode quite a lot, so what else is going to be in there?

Narrative Mode

This mode if for Murder Mystery Evening/Weekend purists - a linear storyline that can be read aloud by an individual for the delight and entertainment of those attending. It's less character-orientated with a focus on the development of the story as well as some deductive elements through conversation. 

Scenario Mode

By the very nature of Et Tu? any number of situations can arise. However, for those players with something a little more specific in mind, there will be a selection of set mysteries (that obviously have random elements) to choose from. 

These will include, as I have mentioned before, a Roman scenario called The Ides of March, where players take on the role of legates, plebeians - you name it - to solve the assassination of an emperor. 

There will also be a tribal simulation, set thousands of years ago (BC), where preternatural men and women fight it out to calculate who the murderer is within their own covenant.

Like The Borgias? Whether you have a passing interest in the television series, or a violent passion in the historiography of renaissance Italy, a mystery set around the papal election may be for you!

There will also be - for those of you who enjoy a bit of escapism - fantasy scenarios, set in mythical realms, legendary locales, and times that were never known. I guess, to conclude, there are going to be a lot of different scenarios!

Roleplayer's Delight

For those players who like something a little more meaty, or who enjoy playing the same character at different events and developing him or her along the way, there will be a mode specifically designed for stat-based roleplaying. There won't be dice involved, but certain elements will be based upon the skill of the character, who will receive experience points to spend during and after mysteries. There will also, naturally, be a set of rules on the etiquette of play.

Other Modes

On top of these four core modes, there will be a number of off-shoot games that the player can also try out. I've already alluded to a zombie survival evening, which involves adequately preparing for an onslaught from the undead, but there will also be variations on classic crime-orientated party games, like wink murder and even blind man's buff.

The sky really is the limit, and I am more than open to backer input with regards to scenarios or ideas people would like to see available. So, if there's a particular period in history you would like to suggest or confirm the presence of, go ahead and ask!

Thank you all so much for your positive comments and on-going support - I've been getting some great feedback and suggestions! Keep spreading the word and hopefully in a few days we'll all be toasting e-pints (or whatever you preferred electronic beverage may be) to success!



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    1. James Wright Creator on January 7, 2013

      Will do - thanks guys!

    2. Missing avatar

      Cristina on January 7, 2013

      It may be a good idea to edit/update the project's homepage with this information, and that of the last update showing the concept art, so that people are able to see them and become more interested.

    3. Austin Boeddeker on January 7, 2013

      oh and when if you have to re-do the kickstarter, don't forget to leave and update on this KS so everyone gets the memo of the new one. would help you alot there! as backers, we tend to want you to be supported and will be almost guaranteed backers, if we get the memo!

    4. James Wright Creator on January 7, 2013

      Thanks, Nathan - I'm an optimist, so I've still got my fingers crossed for this campaign! However, should it not succeed, I will most definitely try again in the future! Thanks for your support.

    5. Missing avatar

      Nathan Rule on January 7, 2013

      I dont think it will be funded but if you go back to the drawing board and actually take the time to film a short film of how your current one works and showing what it does and all that, and then pointing out what your new version will do and all that jazz, and then try another kickstarter in say a month or two, i think you will get this funded