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Procedurally generated murder mystery evenings; unlimited homicidal fun for all your friends and family!
Procedurally generated murder mystery evenings; unlimited homicidal fun for all your friends and family!
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Update #3 - Example mystery & over 25% funded!

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Hello everyone! 

We've hit over a quarter of the project goal, which is amazing - so thank you all so much!
Be sure to keep spreading the word and I'm pleased to say I've been getting some great feedback!

In support of this, attached to this update is a movie that contains all of the pages of a mystery that was randomly generated from the original Excel version of the software. Below, I will explain some of the limitations of this original version, as well as indicate what will be improved to make Et Tu? as good as possible!

The Excel-generated mystery is, if you like, a light version of what to expect from the retail release, so below is an explanation and expansion of each part.

Mystery Introduction

In the release of Et Tu? the mysteries will be much meatier than in the Excel version. For example, there will be detailed backstories about what is going on, why the players are where they are and some of the history behind the location. As well as, of course, detailed pretense for murder!

Character Sheets

As shown in the first update, the character sheet will be greatly improved upon for Et Tu? - this will include more detailed descriptions and back-stories, as well as fleshed-out relationships between the players. As with the introduction, there will be greater purpose behind what is going on. Perhaps the players are all part of a secret organisation who meet once every year when the moon is fat? Or maybe it's just an after-work party. Either way, there will be a lot more going on than represented in the Excel version!

The Stages

As you can see from the different stages in the Excel version, play is heavily determined by the way that players interact with one another. This is good fun, but it makes it a little difficult to deduce things as any good detective should. Et Tu? will include dynamic clue discovery as well as more elaborate mysteries that can be solved through logical deduction combined with questioning and interaction.

Also, one of the issues with the Excel version was that once the maximum number of kills had been achieved, the mystery was cut short. To counter this, there will be an option to leave one kill remaining, so that innocent players will have as much chance as possible to find the clues they need and also have at least one accusation.

The Solution

The 'big reveal' needs to either be a big sigh of frustration for the people who didn't work it out, or a satisfying sigh of relief for those who did. Et Tu? will create exciting and surprising mysteries that will often confound, but always entertain.

If you have any questions  feel free to ask! Otherwise, thanks again for all of your support so far, make sure to let everyone know about the project, and have a great festive time!

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    1. James Wright Creator on December 21, 2012

      Thanks, Ian!

      Good point, Zach. The clues were originally written like that in order to give the players and indication of who might be next for the chop... this is definitely something that won't feature in the release of Et Tu? - so you can expect some innovative methods of clue-finding and problem solving. There was a 'secrets' mechanic, too, where some players sometimes knew things about other players, which they could volunteer or keep secret.

      I'll be posting more about mechanics and gameplay during the campaign, so I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts!

    2. Missing avatar

      Zach Smith
      on December 21, 2012

      Looks very good. A question, though: shouldn't the "Player X has discovered Y" things be known only to that player? That way they get to choose how they make use of the knowledge and so on.

    3. Ian Millington on December 21, 2012

      Superb, this helps a ton to see what you're aiming at. And congrats on the progress!