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Loot DropBy Loot Drop
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pledged of $1,000,000pledged of $1,000,000 goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 23 2012

The World of Antera

Posted by Loot Drop (Creator)

Hey, folks, we've been having discussions about the world of Antera...and here is the current world map! There may be slight refinements as we go... and the places, races, and story deepens. Check it out!


Connelly (or whoever you customize as your main character) and team find themselves on a world they've visited before, but only in a narrow sense, under strict orders. Now they will be required to explore it more deeply to find out what happened...and if there is the possibility of any way home. If not, it's time to settle in and find their place in this new world!

This area is Blade Sector, the second sector in the way Shaker operatives have divided up this world and its primary inhabitation sites. Sector names are based on locally familiar words, so that an off-mention will not sound strange. Anvil Sector is inhabited, but is not near the Delta Node on Antera. 

 Here are a few highlighted places in the area the game will take place in:


Loke is a beautiful city on the water, a thriving city for trade and a meeting place for all races. This has been the team's first stop on all their missions.


Living in Rhun-Daar, the humanoid race of the Paldor are survivors of a great onslaught of creatures from Darkling Crag. They won the war, but at a dear loss to their population. Those remaining have an intense mistrust of strangers.


Home to wintry-mountain dwellers the Grell, their Mt. Valchonne has at its base lava-heated Valchonne Springs.


Dry-cracked plains in the lower regions of the south, below Landsrift. Home to hard-shelled, hardy race known as the Fen-Rasei, who live in the barren city of Tiladi.


Home to a magical, earthen-borne race know as the Xyla, they are often chaotic, but are immensely useful when facing magical foes, and can learn to enhance their innate ranged attacks.


The hirsute race of the Kalakaan mastered their surroundings and became renowned for their healing prowess and subtle fighting skills. Their beliefs do not allow them to use ranged weapons -- a purity of attack lies in landing the personal strike upon the enemy -- but they can grow to be devastating fighters.


Please spread the word by following @LootDrop on Twitter, friending us on facebook at, retweeting our posts and linking to our Kickstarter -- thanks so much for your help and support! 


Thanks for your feedback, support, and passion -- you are helping make this happen! 

--Tom and Brenda


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    1. Missing avatar

      Vyacheslav on

      Guys, definitely do your next pitch with music and some art slices. I know that you will produce game on the same level of quality as Wasteland and Project Eternity.

    2. Andreas Monitzer

      I wonder how they came up with that $1M goal figure, if they only started thinking about the game in any detail two weeks into the Kickstarter.

    3. gandalf.nho

      Nice information, I hope to see more about the races

    4. Missing avatar

      Paula Kutvonen on

      Sounds very unique and intriguing! Make it happen!

    5. Minsc&Boo on

      The successful kickstarter demonstrates the person(s) asking for the money can do the job, is depending on our input (and not just doing it because they feel like it), and really love what they do. They do that by providing working concepts, entertaining video's in and of themselves or slick marketing (in-house or third-party). Showing your name and waving a placard of past games that younger gamers don't remember is not going to get this kickstarter funded. For the record I absolutely adored the games Tom and Brenda worked on, but In this instance I can understand wholeheartedly why younger gamers might shrug and change the channel (the results speak for themselves, we aren't going to succeed at this trend -
      So look to successful kickstarter's like Project fedora, wasteland2, project eternity, shadowrun, Carmageddon reincarnation for direction.

    6. metzger on

      Am more excited about this project than PE and would be pretty pissed if it didn't make it. Love Tom Hall's storytelling vibe and all that good stuff. Please reboot this campaign if it doesn't get the funding

    7. ET3D on

      @Veeno, I think that it wasn't part of the initial info because they only had a vague idea of the game then. "we've been having discussions about the world of Antera" implies that they're just now deciding how this world will be. They just weren't prepare enough. It was a mistake, but at least they're rectifying it.

    8. John "King" Roberts on

      Nice, i really hope we can turn this around and get it made.

    9. Ziffy "zifnabbe"


    10. Veeno on

      Very nice.

      But why, oh WHY wasn't this a part of the initial info provided in your Kickstarter campaign? THIS is presenting your project!

      I hope this manages to garner some more attention and backing.

    11. KinnArchimedes/@Bland_Boy on

      Spend some money like PA did, get a good concept video out there. This will surely drive the uptake close to 2 million.

    12. Patricia on

      I'm with OddBall on this one - Everything he said & we can do this!

      Love the map! & As Jared said, cant wait to see some concept art for the different races, cultures & such when you finally have those ready.
      And the more I read the more excited I am about the premise here, of Connelly & Co finding themselves stranded, for better or worse, in a relatively unfamiliar world, adapting & coping with whatever comes up next in order to survive.
      Damn, I wanna be in Connelly's shoes myself right now - expect I really like his concept art as a guy, so I'll stick to playing him as you've created him in the game ;)

    13. Missing avatar

      Jack on

      Oh, excellent, just when I was worried we wouldn't hear any more from you! Now that Project Eternity has ended you guys are the last good looking RPG on Kickstarter, you ought to try leveraging that!

      (Also wanted to say that I finally put two and two together and realized that Tom worked on Commander Keen. That was my first game and I played it when I was three. Thanks for defining my childhood, and ruining the rest of my life!)

    14. OddBall on

      @ LootDrop if it is possible, can you change your original video(editing is your friend) to include the name for starters and all the lore/concept art you have been adding.

      Also would be a good idea to put all on the front page,if you haven’t already.

      Sorry to nag!

    15. ekster

      Great update, thanks! I love that the races are different from the usual fantasy ones.

    16. Jared Fite on

      Awesome update :) Curious to see what these different races will look like

    17. OddBall on

      Good small update, hit the potential backers in the ribs now for the knock out blow, big update, videos, interviews, let's plays of Wizardrys by Sir-Tech, more favours from your developer buddies and get news onto more gaming website and us backers will spread the word of mouth, goodluck we wcan do this!