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Loot DropBy Loot Drop
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pledged of $1,000,000pledged of $1,000,000 goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 23 2012


Posted by Loot Drop (Creator)

Hey there, Shaker operatives! This update we thought we’d let you check out the new tier you asked for, and give you a peek at the concept art process -- from sketches to finished design!

Before we begin, just want to remind folks of the new tier, $125 for the Old-School Edition + Cloth Map. People wanted something more affordable, and we priced it as low as we thought we could!

Concept Art

To review: Shaker: An Old School RPG features a six-character party - you and your 3 crew as well as 2 recruitable player characters. You begin the game as James Connelly, though you may customize him any way you like (including changing his appearance and gender). Next, you create 3 different Shaker operatives to join you on your Antera mission. Traveling back through time and space to arrive on Antera, you may recruit two locals to work on your crew. This is a medieval era world, with swordplay and magic.

So we needed cool concept art to convey combat in that medieval world.


We’ll first look at the primary concept art of characters fighting a dragon-like creature. Our concept artists provided some roughs, and we chose this one:

So a work in progress was done.

We liked this a lot. We gave comments about intensifying magic color and such. Then we got the final image, improving the rendering, adding detail and bright magic. This was a representative piece of art, but also a bit of a color study for the world of Antera.


James Connelly, experienced Shaker Operative, was the next -- we had his character description and provided a lot of reference art.

We liked what we saw, made comments, so we approved the final. Connelly is wearing his usual duty wear while on the Bridge. 

He of course turns into a medieval version of himself (or herself, if you customize to change gender and such) when reaching Antera!


Please spread the word by following @LootDrop on Twitter, friending us on facebook at, retweeting our posts and linking to our Kickstarter -- thanks so much for your help and support!


Thanks for your feedback, you are helping make this happen! See you in the next update!

--Tom and Brenda


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    1. Missing avatar

      Gorthauer on

      Hello, esteemed Tom Hall and Brenda Brathwaite!
      I've liked very much the announcement of your new RPG Shaker.
      True RPG's of high quality are being made so seldom these days, more like casual sh*tbusters and semi-finished games 10-20 hours long; your announcement filled me with hope.
      3D, and turn-based 3D, medieval fantasy, even with cyberpunk in it(HOORAY!!!), and seems kinda made with soul.

      But the announcing of project is only floor of business.
      Publicity is above all when dealing with kickstarter, you know. An ability to AROUSE AUDIENCE'S INTEREST in project, ability to persuade backing it.
      You should care about every backer every single day, giving grains of info along the whole campaign.
      And this is your weak side unfortunately. =(
      Back to the first day when project've been announced - your kickstarter page was criticized a lot all around the internet.
      For lack of actual information about the game, for small quantity of arts/screenshots...ending up with people simply started calling you swindlers, just because of poorly designed kickstarter page.

      To attract backers\sponsors you have to remake project's main page and add as much attractive information as you can plus a lot of arts(screenshots would fit even better).
      To be successfull you have to excel Obsidian developers in brilliance, future game details, arts quantity, desire for people attracting.(bearing in mind they've got legendary reputation, and NWN2 with New Vegas been released not so far).
      For now your KS page is weaker by far than theirs...and if you alone are not interested in campaign success, so neither players pay any attention by donating money.
      Not improving your page in nearest days(yet there is some time) by adding arts and information - this will lead project to fail.
      And I don't want with all my heart so ambitious RPG idea to become dead and your company to be declared bancrupt withount financing.

      Hope for your understanding.
      Good Luck.

    2. Loot Drop Creator on

      Yeah, the game is the thing -- we like his look a lot!

    3. Patricia on

      I'm with Sebs on this one. Besides, I really like the concept art for James Connelly. He fits the bill for the job perfectly imo.

    4. Joel Connelly on

      Woohoo, a character that shares my last name, awesome :D

    5. Sebs on

      Hmm...I tend to take a different view on this. Connelly has to be tough, that's true. But if he was a scarred, grizzled rendition of Master Sargeant, no community would ever accept him, and after all, he seems to be a contact agent. Looking for allies and information, and adapting as quickly as possible is part of the job. He could hardly do that looking like he is reigning in a violent streak. Of course - ultimately how he looks depends on the mood of the game!

    6. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Reaban on

      He looks like a dark haired version of Tim Thomerson to me. Which is a little bit of both. (He played Jack Deth in the Trancers series of movies, some of which are actually pretty good, and also was on a soap opera and an episode of The Golden Girls.)

    7. xwormwood on

      The concept art Connelly looks tough, while the more detailed Connelly looks kind of stupid,
      Couldn't he look more like the war dog which i imagine to see in the first picture, and not so much like a beau who just found out that i have thrown out his last bottle of body lotion?

    8. Missing avatar

      Paul Stuckey on

      I'm loving the art....with intense situations come intense emotions. Would love to see some faces splashed in there from time to time!

    9. krayzkrok on

      Great to see the updates coming. I'm curious though, why did you choose to have a named character as your lead, when you could just as easily have let the player name that character? You can change everything else about him/her, and what's more old school than being asked to type in the name of your character!

    10. Leni Calavera on

      Great concepts :)

      Could you also do a concept art of a female "James Connelly"?

    11. Shagittarius on

      Thanks for the 125$ Tier! Out of all the kickstarters I've backed this is the one I'm most excited about!

    12. Missing avatar

      Jackson Ross on

      Looking fantastic. I look forward to the updates everyday! Doing my best to spread the word of this project!