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pledged of $1,000,000pledged of $1,000,000 goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 23 2012


Posted by Loot Drop (Creator)

We’re excited to present you with some great information on Shaker: An Old-School RPG!

You’ve helped us to receive a ton of great press on the game, and your active participation in comments and through mail is massively appreciated! Thank you for the fan art that’s been posted, too! On to the update!


Shaker: An Old School RPG is a first-person perspective, sci-fi/fantasy game set in a Bridge world between the future and the very distant past. Taking the role of operative James Connelly, an employee of Shaker Corporation, you are called upon to set right a deadly chain of events that began millennia ago. You must be deployed to Antera, a medieval world in the distant past, to unearth the very beginning of a horrible chain of events and avert it, or the universe we know today will cease to exist in a mere 100 years.

Read more about Connelly here in Update #2 and Shaker Corporation in Update #4.

You have free-movement and viewpoint through the world as you do in any modern-day, first-person shooter until you enter combat. 


Shaker: An Old School RPG features a six-character party - you and your 3 crew as well as 2 recruitable player characters. You begin the game as James Connelly, though you may customize him any way you like (including changing his appearance and gender). Next, you create 3 different Shaker operatives to join you on your Antera mission. Traveling back through time and space to arrive on Antera, you may recruit two locals to work on your crew.


All characters and recruits have key statistics as quantified by Shaker Corporation: Strength, Vitality, Agility, Quickness, Intelligence, and Psy. The values of these attributes determine what Profession you qualify for. Your characters are also born with a specific BioTrait pattern. Similar to “race” in old-school games, a character’s BioTrait pre-disposes gives them certain strengths, weaknesses and powers. Recruiting locals (which you can, of course, fire) will help you to balance your party.

We are in pre-production at present, and want to give you an early look at the core Bridge Professions and how they map to Professions on the destination worlds.

Your characters grow in skill and stature and gain experience level-by-level, allowing you to allocate points as you earn them, and grow more experienced with spells, skills, weapons and other talents.

Speaking of weapons... stay tuned for our next big update on combat!


Here’s the original concept art to use as your desktop wallpaper! Thank your for your many compliments on it.


Vote up Shaker: Old School RPG on Good Old Games (! Here's the link to add the game to the community wishlist.


Please spread the word by following @LootDrop on Twitter, friending us on Facebook at, retweeting our posts and linking to our Kickstarter -- thanks so much for your help and support!

That’s it, thank you again, and see you in the next update!

--Tom and Brenda


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    1. Loot Drop Creator on

      Thanks for all the thoughtful discussion and questions.

      We'll be detailing the Professions in a future update!

    2. Charles Waterman on

      YES!!!! Tinkers and Monks sound awesome! This is shaping up to be a very promising world to play in. My one mild sadness is that my Bards/AudioTechs/Sonicists are absent....sniff. As long as I've got a Tinker I'll be fine, though!

      Will there be a variety of paths that each Profession can follow? Such as the various schools of magic in a game starting with W? (Mentalists/Mages/Alchemists?)

      (Chuck Waterman in Kumamoto, Japan)

    3. ET3D on

      @Hardeep Singh, I just read your comment. In terms of the game itself at this point in time I'm more psyched about it than I'm about Project Eternity or I was for Wasteland 2. Those game I pledged to because of the track record of the developers. Here it's more because I like the setting and gameplay described so far and think it would be an interesting change from other RPG's I played and which are being created (which are all the 3rd person overhead style).

      Initially I didn't know what to think, because of the lack of information, but now that more details are available I think it's worth backing. Pity the weak start hurt the project.

    4. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      All good after reading the comments. In retrospect you are right I should have expected a modern JRPG / Wizardry 8 but my eyes focused on "old school turn based" and for me that was SSI's D&D line on the C64 :). No complaints though, I will play the hell out of this also :)

    5. Gabriel Guerra on

      Well that's kinda dissapointing, I was hoping to kick a dragon's ass with blasters or destroy a robot with a battle axe! I hope that's still possible!

    6. Nick Hanson

      If I am reading the graphic correctly I believe each row is a class and each column is just what that class is called in that world. So there are 6 classes not 18 and while you might make your character a Herc (s)he will be called a Warrior when on Antera and a Soldier when on Tenerus. Same with the other 3 members of your core party however the two "locals" you recruit to round out your party will not travel with you to the bridge or the other world so they would be just the first or third column depending on which planet you got them from.

    7. Gabriel Guerra on

      Hi, I have a question! Will I be able to choose Antera Professions on my Shaker main-character?

    8. Ruwanara on

      Great update! Good luck on raising funds! The story is shaping up nicely and I am eager to find out more. I am not a fan of 1st person view so my question is: is it possible to have third person view as well (pretty please)?

    9. Loot Drop Creator on

      Thanks for all your great feedback and comments! Combat update is next.....

      The combat does stay in 1st person view. You are free-movement until combat, then it is old-school party to party turn-based, phased combat. Will see stuff in next update!

    10. Missing avatar

      Luis Gomes on

      Wizardry 8 as a reward would be great (and bring a lot of pledges), but I doubt they have the rights to do it.

      Not even the GOG guys could secure the rights to sell it yet, so it's probably a very though negotiation, or there's something weird blocking it. It may not be one of the highest requested games there, but I've seen more than one thread on the forums asking for it.

    11. Fiurgeist on

      hmm first-person... now I'm quite concerned... need more info...

    12. Corpselocker on

      Here here! Wizardry 8! *drool*

    13. Andrea Schwendimann on

      I know your RPGs and despite the somehow lackluster presentation of day-1 I backed you right away. And now it's shaping up as I espected: awesome retro RPG in a modern suit.
      A suggestion: give us WIzardry 8 on, somehow in the rewards. Simply put: it's nowhere to be found and it's one of the best old-school RPG ever made!

    14. Bofferbrauer on

      Generally in RPGs with a 1st person perspective the view is the one of the whole group

      In the 80' and early 90' actually most RPGs used the 1st person view, supposedly to gain an impression of depth not possible otherwise with the graphical capabilities of the Computers back then.

    15. Nick Hanson

      First person and party based don't usually go together in RPG's in my mind. Not that that's a bad thing I'm just trying to understand how it will work. Typically, from my experience, 1st person RPGs are solo (maybe a lone follower added later) and party based are isometric. So my question is when in 1st person mode (ie not in combat) do your party members actually follow you around (so you can look at them, send one ahead, etc.) or do they kind of merge into you and the 1st person view represents the party as a whole and not an individual member.

    16. Bofferbrauer on

      typo: only human characters only apply to Might & Magic 6, and the 8 one even has Dragons, Trolls and Minotaurs as RPCs!

    17. Bofferbrauer on

      The Wizardry licence is in Japan nowadays. Wizardry was a Major influence for JRPGs, especially Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior, whre the first ones really look like the first Wizardrys. It is still very popular in Japan, to the point that are bringing out a wizardry Online (currently in Beta), based on the mechanics of the first 5 games of the series. The dark Savant trilogy however never was as well accepted there, so chances to see them back are quite slim, and even slimmer are the hopes for an Wizardry 9. A real shame, I'd so wish to continue my saves
      About The Might & Magic on GOG, while the Games themselves are quite good and challenging, theit looks where bad as hell right when they came out and never reallyx got any better: You'll get (very) pixelated Sprites on a 3D Terrain, and a reduced class set (and only Human characters btw). If that doesn't disturb you, then go out and buy them, because they're really worth it!

    18. Riggo on

      Very nice update! Keep them coming. :-)

    19. ET3D on

      @Bofferbrauer, thanks. I guess I'm just too old school. ;) I was thinking of Eye of the Beholder, and I just checked Wizardry 8 and it looks good, so I guess I don't need to worry on this account.

      I wanted to say that I'd check out Wizardry 8 on GOG, but discovered it's not possible to buy it anywhere. Though M&M is there, and I think I have M&M 8 somewhere but never played it. (Not sure, it's just a vague recollection.)

    20. Missing avatar

      cordell melgaard on

      Now that we know its FP RPG I have one request


      that is all

    21. Missing avatar


      This is looking better and better. I might have wished for tile-based movement and a thief/bard/rogue class (certainly not the same as a monk!), but this needs to follow LootDrop's vision, not mine.
      A shame that Brenda & Tom didn't put such info front and center at launch, since I can't see the needed momentum building up at the moment. Many people may have had a look at the start, were not impressed and won't come back now to be wooed over by a second impression.

    22. ErekoseDM on

      love the latest update! thanks for the info Loot Drop, looking forward to the next combat update and definitely looking forward to playing this eventually when it gets released.

      i had to reread the pitch and the updates again, FPS view was the first thing i saw (but forgot after reading through the updates). i have questions about the view in battles but im pretty certain it will be solved in the next update.

      you guys said no Elves somewhere, but are there going to be any character classes that are Immortal?
      i figured elves would be possible to be alive 1000 years in the past and then possibly re-occur in the future on the 2nd planet (if its actually a 2nd planet, and not just the future on the same planet/ or space travel to the 2nd planet in the 1100 years).

      any vampires or dragon-hybrid immortals that might substitute in place of Elves for longevity?
      unless the Tinker class is depicted with a few Flintlocks strapped to the belt and a bow in the other hand i 2nd the idea of a physical ranged class. Archer/gunner/Sharpshooter or whatever the names turn out to be. [the blastTech is on the mage path, mages dont excel at arrows and bullets]

      secondly the "Mentalist" class seems like it would be better named as Psychic or Augur or Oracle.
      Psychic/PsyTech/Psyonic would flow perfectly with no need to even peek at the classes list.

      when i see "Mentalist" extreme intelligence does not spring to mind, quite the opposite in fact. i picture a Round-Empty-Headed buffoon like Karl Pilkington spouting out comedic nonsense drivel, or someone pushing a baby carriage down the street but instead of a baby its a bucket with a face drawn on it instead.

      unless "Mentalist" has been used in RPGs for years and ive completely missed it (easily possible), i'd re edit the class title.
      just seeing "mentalist" it seems more likely its a person with mental issues who hears voices telling them to do something stupid or illogical, rather than someone with ESP or enhanced mental ability to solve crimes.
      off topic:
      and no dis to Karl Pilkington, ive loved all the shows hes been featured in, the podcasts, The Ricky Gervais Show. Some of his lunatic theories and stories have been the only things that can really make me laugh in recent years, probably due to the over-the-top absurdity. he coined the term "Mental homeless" and had the bucket-face story as well.

    23. Bofferbrauer on

      not really. Setting was Retrofutiristic from the start as far as I can tell.
      It's maybe easier to understand if I say like we have 3 Planets, with 2 of them being more advanced, hence the more futuristic Classnames, and one more primitive in comparision, whom has more classic Classnames

    24. Missing avatar

      Martin on

      I'm a little confused to how the words 'BlastTech' and 'MedTech' fit in with that original concept art... I presume the whole setting has changed?

    25. Bofferbrauer on

      Wizardry 8 and Might and Magic 6-8 all had a party and where in First Person Perspective, without having any grid or "jumpy" movements. Wizardy 8 aditionally had a quite complex Party formation System, where not always the most obvious formation was also truly the best one

    26. ET3D on

      The more details I get, the more I like this game.

      Regarding first person, how are you going to handle the party? It's true that a lot of old school RPG's were first person and had a party, but there you moved in blocks, and a formation for the party could be assumed. I imagine that this could be applied to a free moving first person camera, but it would feel less natural. I'd love to see a concept design for this.

    27. Cainoor on

      I would like to thank you very much for the GoG possibility. I've commented this some time ago and now - here it is :) I've already voted and I hope many people will do the same. Maybe I should raise my pledge ;-)

    28. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Reaban on

      And no, I don't think the project feels disjointed or rushed at all. Everything makes perfect sense to me and is exciting.

      I think the problem is that unless you are 40 years or so old and played the very early CRPGs (and pen & paper RPGs) and read the fantasy/SF that this is meant to emulate, all the descriptions and concepts just swoosh over your head like rotary dial phones or Hydrox cookies.

    29. Bofferbrauer on

      True, "Blast Tech" sounds like a Ranged combattant, but still not well enough. Plus, he's coupled with the Mage... Engeneer/Engtech/Tinker does feel more like a ranged Fighter, at least for those who played Wizardry and loved Omniguns I think

      How about some Ranger / Sniper / SpecOps as a dedicated ranged Fighter?

    30. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Reaban on

      I would imagine "BlastTech" are ranged guys.

    31. Missing avatar

      Alexander on

      so we'll have only 6 profession to choose from when creating our primary party characters? what about ranged profession? ranger/gunner/cannoneer?

    32. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    33. OddBall on

      Good update, It feels like Wizardry, need to get this project up to 600k with 7 days to go and we will just make it!

    34. Hardeep Singh on

      I'm still pretty iffy on this... I love the names behind it, but the game itself feels just so, disjoint? The entire kickstarter feels it may have been rushed even. And I think the slow rise to reach the goal, even with the endorsement of so many big names, probably points to that.

      It's hard to put my finger on it exactly, but when compared to Wasteland 2's kickstarter and the current Project Eternity one, I was hooked immediately. I'd love to see the talent that's pushing this, produce something but with this so far, I've still not been convinced it's worth investing money into. And this, after following the project for a week and watching for each update, etc...

      Am I the only one who feels this way?

    35. Indoclone on

      I think it is stated clearly in the pitch that Brenda develop Wizardy games so for people to expect this game to look like Pool of Radiance and Baldur's Gate is probably expecting a different game altogether. I would love to be wrong but I am expecting this game to be a First Person turn based RPG.

    36. Missing avatar

      Yegor Bayev on is not "Good old Games" any more, it's just "GOG" or "".

    37. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Reaban on

      I think what they mean is that each archetype had 3 different classes or professions, based on where the character is from. Like if you wanted to play a sneaky martial artist, on the fantasy planet a native would be a Monk, on the SF planet, a native would be a SteathOp, and a Shadow if it was a character from the spaceship

      And unfortunately, "old school" these days seems to be defined as Bioware/Black Isle sort of third person games, which are only about 15 years old. When I saw Old School RPG and Brenda Brathwaite, I immediately thought "Wizardry!", which 30 years old. Maybe that should be Ancient School?

    38. Missing avatar

      Martin B on

      I interpret it as a tinker, an engineer and an EngTech will fill the same function in a group, with the same primary stats, and their exact class name will depend on where you find them.

    39. Missing avatar

      Adauli, Red Wizard of the Obisdian Order on

      So the Chars change the profession depending on what planet is visited?
      I wonder how this will work out, at last for now I find this kind of confusing.
      Will this mean that skills also change depending on the world?

    40. Missing avatar

      KP on

      @Peter, I think it's pretty clearly going to be styled after Wizardry 8, which is the game for which Brenda is most well known. This is awesome, in my opinion, since that game was crazy good!

      This is an awesome update, by the way. I love the profession mapping concept and additional details.

    41. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      I'm with Linda in that I completely missed this was FP POV, I was thinking some more along the lines of FO2 or SR or hell even a turn based BG. Can I at least get a commitment when you all say "turn based combat" with FP exploration you means something along the lines of the old SSI D&D games like Pool of Radiance (with nicer graphics of course) where it was FP exploration and 3rd person tactical combat.

    42. Missing avatar

      Royce E on

      It keeps getting better and better. I expect to see way more pledges as this project develops.

    43. Stuart on

      Very unique storyline, sounds really fascinating and can't wait for more details. Hopefully this will speed up funding now that more of a clear cut storyline has been revealed.

    44. Lydia Eickstaedt on

      I agree with the requests for third person; what sort of graphics are you planning to do, also? 2D or 3D? I don't know about others, but unless I can scroll back the screen a certain distance from the character's POV I get simulation sickness when playing games. A lot of my problems with modern games come from sheer unplayability from that particular front.

      I confess, I'm a little sad that Connelly's design is set as a 'default', which makes certain elements of customization (especially gender, since he has a non-unisex first name) kind of feel like a second thought.

    45. brunes on

      Any way you could add third person option? I have always disliked first person view in an rpg.

    46. Minsc&Boo on

      Please offer any wallpapers at a maximum resolution of 2560x1600. Thankyou.

    47. Loot Drop Creator on

      Thanks much folks!

    48. Missing avatar

      Shocon on

      Psyched for this! Looking forward to it :)

    49. Merin

      A very good update!