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Loot DropBy Loot Drop
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 23 2012


Posted by Loot Drop (Creator)

Hey there, folks, some quick news in this new update before a bigger update next week! Let's get to it....


People have asked for a basic boxed edition to display proudly on their shelf and we heard ya!

Behold the BASIC BOX: $65
GAMER WITH EARS AND EYES EDITION + simple BOXED VERSION OF OLD SCHOOL RPG. The boxed copy will include a DVD version of the game and a printed manual. This is in addition to the digital version of the game (so 2 copies overall!). Please add $15 for international shipping.

It's available now! If you've been waiting for it at a lower level, you can change your pledge to Basic Box at any time. Thanks for the suggestion!


We are happy to announce our intent to have the game on Steam. Has to get green-lit of course, but we're going for it!


Loot Drop's Old School RPG plays old-school, but looks new school! Using the Unity engine, our game is planned to have the beauty and speed of today's RPGs! It is also the strongest choice for cross-platform development!

Thanks for all your emails and comments -- so wonderful to see so many folks passionate about the game. Stay tuned for a great update next week!

--Tom 'n' Brenda


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    1. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    2. Paul Du Bois on

      @Peter Do not conflate Steam the distribution system with Steam the backend service that requires account verification in order to implement (among other things) cloud saves, achievements, and rich presence. It's trivial to not require a login (iow, omit the "DRM"); many developers choose not to because it is confusing to non-technical users if the functionality changes based on how you launch the game.

    3. Alex Adams on

      I had already funded this game. I just really wanted to thank you for adding steam support to the game. I get this strange satisfaction out of having games on steam, and I was actually kind of disappointed when I thought there would be no steam support on the game. So thanks for adding the only extra I wanted.

    4. Missing avatar

      David Nielsen on

      This is going to sound odd, while I love RPGs and I would love to see this one made, the thing that made me pledge was Unity.. I am always happy to see another Unity powered title get made here on Kickstarter.

    5. Peter Jacob on

      Steam is all well and good but at the end of the day it's just another DRM platform. Go DRM free on GOG and I won't be the only one to up their pledge. If you are gonna take it to the people like this, please don't treat your customers (now investors) like convicted criminals like all those other soulless, hollow suit publishers do.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jeff Hutchinson on

      any chance you guys can get on with GOG as well?

    7. Loot Drop Creator on

      Steam Achievements are cool. ;)

    8. VJzoo on

      If it gets on Steam, I hope you have Steam Achievements for us to play for :)

    9. Loot Drop Creator on

      Yes, we will still have a 100% DRM-free version.

      We will continue to evaluate the cost of the Linux version as the Kickstarter goes on.

      Thanks for all your passionate comments!

    10. Anders T.N

      This game is due to release in a year or so. Bye that time steam for Linux might be a reality. If they can get the game to steam bye then they will reach a much bigger Linux market than the they reach here on kickstarter. As a result the income later may be higher with Linux and thus Linux will bring in more than they spent on developing it. Using unity the added expense of Linux is either way not that high. People tend to think it is very expensive with cross platform games, this really is not true when the engine itself is cross compatible. Especially today with OpenAL and OpenGL.

    11. Evgueni Baldin on

      @Andreas Monitzer I see. You don't like minorities. You don't believe that the minority could be powerful and useful. I don't think this is a wise point of view. Linux community is quite well knitted and Linux users could pay for their needs. Linux-port is an essential, so No Linux == No pledge and no advertising.

    12. Andreas Monitzer

      @Evgueni Baldin: Yes, the question is just whether the cost of porting to Linux is lower than the amount of pledges a Linux version adds. Linux users tend to shout the loudest, while being a negligible group of people. One KS project I am on even decided to go Linux over Mac first due to feedback from the backers, even though I'm pretty sure Mac users outnumber the Linux users by a few magnitudes.
      Additionally, if they just add it to the base version, letting the Linux users all jump on board, and then they can't do it in execution due to the lack of funds, they're going to have have a problem. I'm pretty sure they have a giant project plan somewhere that adds up all of the little things, resulting in a sum of about $800k (remember that the amount shown here is not what they actually receive). When they add Linux support, it might suddenly be more than that, it depends on the amount of wiggle room they planned. That's not something we can decide for them.

    13. vladtempest on

      yeah, hopefully it will still be completely possible to circumvent the steam crap. no interest in this. no steam drm on box copies please, and do download alternatives to steam.

    14. Missing avatar

      Nahn on

      What some people still don't want to see, is how it's massively inconvenient.

      @Loot Drop
      I assume the DRM-free version is still on the table, or at least a Steam-free version that is. If not, well, you're gonna have to go on without my pledge.

    15. Artran on

      @pld: The point is, if Linux users will remove their pledges, it could be bad even for windows users, because some stretch goal could be lost (or even whole game in the worst scenario). I'm also a Linux user and I won't withdraw bud lower my pledge to $15-$20 hoping the game will run under Wine. And I agree, 500k with Unity is rather steep.

    16. Missing avatar

      pid on

      @evgueni: to retreat after committment might seem wrong, but it's your money, so I'd say it's perfectly understandable AND even CORRECT (!) that you withdraw if you don't get what you've paid for. I'm not interested in Linux, but if they don't port it I see no reason why Linuxers should pay for... say... me :) So, do it without feeling bad at all. Just saying, I hope they port it, because this would be a win for you and your fellow friends and "us"... you've all my understanding, not from a windows user but from a gamer like yourself.

    17. Serpentine on

      I'm happy you bring it to Steam. What some people still don't want to see, is that it's massively convenient. Thanks guys!

    18. Evgueni Baldin on

      @Andreas Monitzer Linux support for Linux user is an essential feature so at least some of them (including possibly me) will remove there pledge without Linux-port goal met. It's a matter of priorities.

    19. Andreas Monitzer

      @Riggo: Yes, it's a matter of priorities I guess.

    20. Riggo on

      Actually, Project Eternity started out with Linux as a stretch goal and removed that stretch goal once Unity was announced as the development platform.

    21. Riggo on

      @Andreas... It is only 200k above the previous stretch goal, but 500k above the base goal. A lot of campaigns launch simultaneous Windows and Linux when using Unity. That is the reason for my question.

    22. gandalf.nho

      What about a $50 tier with the contents of the $60 one but without the PnP? I'm interested in the Adventurer's Guide but don't have someone to play the PnP version.

    23. Andreas Monitzer

      hmm scrap that, it's not $500k, the stretch goal is only $200k after the previous one, and it features more than just porting to Linux…

    24. Andreas Monitzer

      @Riggo: You need some extra testing (MUCH more testing for the chaos of configurations that is Linux). $500k is still a bit steep though, you're right.

    25. Jalister on

      There are some passionate Linux backers on Kickstarter. When a game supports Linux, they get the word out to the community. I'm not sure how much that helps, but I've seen Humble Bundles have around 25% of the total be Linux on more than one bundle.

    26. Riggo on

      @LootDrop... I do not use Linux, but have many backer buddies that are avid penguins. I am just wondering why the $500k amount above base for Linux if you are using Unity (I assume 4) and it supports Linux from the get go?

    27. Matthew Nash on

      Any chance for a DRM free version on

    28. Loot Drop Creator on

      Odd Ball: Yeah evaluating that tier.

      Yup, emails and comments and work on the updates... they are right, this is a full-time job all by itself! :)

      Aaron: too late for the text (once people pledge it, can't change), hope that's clear that it's just one box, will add to update text. Nice idea about the pet... hadn't planned a pet system, but the in-game items will be cool.

    29. OddBall on

      @ great news, now you just need a tier for the cloth map and you will get the pledges in, good to see you in the comments section there had been some negativity but I knew you guys were working in the background, look forward to the next update and in 2014 a Sci-fi/fantasy 1st person RPG aka Wizardry like on the unity engine!

    30. Missing avatar

      Yaron Davidson

      It should be pretty obvious, but you may want to change the text of the BASIC BOX EDITION to explicitly state it's not included in any "All the previous rewards" of higher tiers. Because the way it's phrased right now people could misunderstand you and think they're getting two boxes...

    31. Missing avatar

      Tiberius Gracchus on

      if I could have a "backers only" vanity pet (wouldn't effect game mechanics), that would definitely entice me to up my current pledge.

      Just sayin'