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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 23 2012
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pledged of $1,000,000pledged of $1,000,000 goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 23 2012

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    1. Corpselocker on

      Never would have bet money that Cleve would beat Brenda to release. Cleve has been Greenlit. All hail the incline!

    2. Missing avatar

      Cleveland Mark Blakemore on

      See the REAL successor to Wizardry now on Steam Greenlight!

      Grimoire is #36 in the top 100 games on Steam Greenlight and climbing rapidly! We need your vote to push it to #1, vote YES now!


    3. Corpselocker on

      Please add it Cleve. They may make it yet!

    4. Missing avatar

      Cleveland Mark Blakemore on

      My wife gave me another dollar to spend for my birthday. Is it to late to aim for the stretch goals?

      Your pal Cleve

    5. Riggo on


      A quote from Cleve on his Grimoire 2nd funding attempt here:

      Good thing we listened to his advice here for his project over there. :-)

    6. Riggo on

      @Cleve... I see you and this project are still on the same release schedule... NEVER!!!

    7. Maciej Ziębicki on

      Still hoping for another Shaker kickstarter!

    8. OddBall on

      Been awhile, came across these interviews done the other day with Robert Sirotek, quite interesting, nice to know how it was back then...


    9. Gavin Reading Rainbow KS backer! on

      Wait, why are we thanking you? What happened?

    10. Missing avatar

      Cleveland Mark Blakemore on

      Still waiting on that thank-you from 7,504 people.

      You're all welcome but remember, next time, there may not be a Grimdark hero to protect you from yourselves. So consider wisely before you kickstart and remember if they don't have a very convincing prototype it doesn't matter what else they have.

    11. Corpselocker on

      Still staying tuned as they requested in 2012...

    12. Corpselocker on

      Happy holidays, Cleve. To wherever your underground bunker may be.

    13. Gökhan Halil Düzgün on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    14. Benny Falestål on

      If only there was a way to remove this epic fail from my backer history, that would be great. >.<

    15. Riggo on

      CLEVE!!!!! We need you at Deathfire claiming that it is a knockoff of Grimoire!!! Come on Cleve!!!

    16. Corpselocker on

      Cleve, go back Deathfire! You can promote over there. We need your genius!

    17. Missing avatar

      Cleveland Mark Blakemore on

      This campaign came with a sketch of an action figure and a diagram that showed two labeled spheres. It also had John Romero leaping from his hummer. That proves it was totally real.

    18. Corpselocker on

      Holy cats! A Cleve sighting! I knew it was worthwhile to haunt here.

    19. Missing avatar

      Cleveland Mark Blakemore on

      I got my dollar back. I added another dollar to it and bought some traffic cones off the Unity Asset Store.

      You never know when you will need a good traffic cone to put somewhere.

    20. Riggo on

      ...And haunt it well you do friend!

    21. Corpselocker on

      I continue to haunt this project...

    22. Riggo on

      Wow Ahoy... You should check your facts before posting in the real world. Not only can I program, Cleve is only 3 months late on a guaranteed May release that was only 17 years late!!!

    23. Theodor Mihalache on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    24. WeiMi - Nellies pirated Bard from Oz on

      At least I'm sure we'll get Shaker before anybody will get Grimoire ;)

    25. Corpselocker on

      I don't know, Cleve. They probably figured out a way to keep your dollar.

    26. Daniel

      Your card isn't actually charged until the project is over. Since you never paid they don't give you money back.

    27. Missing avatar

      Cleveland Mark Blakemore on

      Wait - did I get my dollar back yet?

    28. When I do, you won't know. on

      @Riggo that's a yes, grow the fuck up :) The dude spent countless years making something that is in all honesty, not worth all those years .. to most people. Here you are, not even a programmer, (probably some fat horny old gamer dude as your bio suggests, my bio suggests that I'm fucking crazy and believe me, I am) complaining about HIS work. Lets just say you were a fucking game programming GOD would it hurt you to be tolerant of him? Let it go, is all I'm saying. Have a manatee on me. go to calmingmanatee dot com. love you Brenda B, I want to have your kids except someone got there first. kidding!

    29. Matthew Hinz on

      Damn it. This game needs to happen. I learned how to play RPG's by installing Wizardry 7 and playing it. No manual, no internet, just trial and error. I spent so much time learning and playing that game my party began to die of old age(I uncovered the entire map by walking it, including swimming the oceans). How many RPG's are so huge and complex that the developers include dying form old age because they know it very well could take you more than one generation in-game to complete it? This project gave me hope. Sadly, I may never enjoy a game as much as I did W7 ever again as no one seems to want to make games that in-depth anymore. And the Wizardry license is owned by Aeria who keeps crapping out terrible games with the once venerable Wizardry name tattooed on. I wish every day that someone will make another game with the scope and content of the old Wizardry games of yesteryear, but I'm certainly not holding my breath.

    30. Riggo on

      The final tale of the tape between Cleve and the 9 yr old on KS:

      And now for the battle royale:

      Grimoire totals:
      Days: 180
      Backers: 273
      Pledged: $17,403
      Backers per day: 1.5
      Pledges per day: $96.68

      9 yr Old girl:
      Days: 30
      Backers: 1,442
      Pledged: $24,534
      Backers per day: 48
      Pledges per day: $817.80

      This looks like a clear TKO for the 9 Yr old, but when one pulls back a layer of the onion and looks at the 9 yr Old campaign once the questions about the mother came out, The numbers aren't quite as convincing.

      9 Yr Old post people figuring out what a fraud the campaign was:
      Days: 27
      Backers: 292
      Pledged: $2,927
      Backers per day: 10.8
      Pledges per day: $108.40

      Looking at the data from that perspective backs up the "There's a sucker born every minute" phrase. It looks like a 17 year old piece of vaporware and a scam run by a 9 year old's mother on kickstarter can generate $100 a day regardless of how many people attempt to warn off the "suckers".

      I'll give Cleve a break and call it a draw. :-D

      The individual Grimoire statistics for each campaign are listed below.

      Grimoire stats

      Campaign 1:
      Days: 120
      Backers: 159
      Pledged: $10,598
      Backers per day: 1.325
      Pledges per day: $88.32

      Campaign 2:
      Days: 60
      Backers: 114
      Pledged: $6,805
      Backers per day: 1.9
      Pledges per day: $113.42

    31. Corpselocker on

      I'd still like to see them come back and do it. There hasn't been a similar project proposed for Kickstarter.

    32. Daniel

      This kickstarter is so much better than so many that DID get funded. It's rather sad.

    33. Corpselocker on

      Heh, Riggo and his $10k pledge. LOL LOL TROLL LOL.

    34. Riggo on

      *one... Damn lack of an edit button!!!!

    35. Riggo on

      Guess it takes on to know one!

    36. Riggo on

      OK... Sadly, I must give Cleve a little bit of credit here.

      Brenda is a huge backer of this project:

      Which smells SO MUCH of scam, that I would probably put it in the Grimoire camp for wasted money. :-)

    37. WinterBlaze on

      250k would of been a great budget for this type of game, Loot drop shouldnt of been so greedy.

    38. Riggo on

      @corpselocker... I know right?!?!

      Updated stats 10 days later:

      Grimoire stats

      Total to date:
      Days: 156
      Backers: 223
      Pledged: $14,513
      Backers per day: 1.43
      Pledges per day: $93.03

      Campaign 1:
      Days: 120
      Backers: 159
      Pledged: $10,598
      Backers per day: 1.325
      Pledges per day: $88.32

      Campaign 2:
      Days: 36 (out of 60)
      Backers: 64
      Pledged: $3,915
      Backers per day: 1.777
      Pledges per day: $108.75

      I am thinking that it really has to chap Cleve's ass that a 9 year old girl has destroyed his Grimoire total in 5 days (and Cleve is at 156 days!!!!)and she is using RPG maker!!!!

    39. Corpselocker on

      And we didn't even get married or anything :(

    40. Riggo on

      Corpselocker and I are posting nothing but facts, not sure why you would ask us to grow up!

    41. Riggo on

      Grimoire stats

      Total to date:
      Days: 146
      Backers: 214
      Pledged: $13,963
      Backers per day: 1.65
      Pledges per day: $95.63

      Campaign 1:
      Days: 120
      Backers: 159
      Pledged: $10,598
      Backers per day: 1.325
      Pledges per day: $88.32

      Campaign 2:
      Days: 26 (out of 60)
      Backers: 55
      Pledged: $3,365
      Backers per day: 2.12
      Pledges per day: $129.42

    42. Riggo on

      @Scout Leader of your nuts... You are asking others to grow up? ;-)

    43. When I do, you won't know. on

      Holy crap! Came back here to say that this would've made a good game if two people hadn't decided to get married. But to my delight uh detest there's still some drama going on here! Grow up kiddos! :)

    44. Corpselocker on

      I've got a pretty rocking computer, so I can only contribute the software failure to one man.

    45. Riggo on

      @Corpselocker... I am impressed you took it one step farther than I... Installing it had not crossed my mind yet!

    46. Corpselocker on

      Well, I bit the bullet and downloaded Cleve's demo. It crashed twice before I even got to game play.

      Cleve, will you need another additional 17 years to get rid of initial crashing bugs? Will you be eating your crow feet first?

    47. Riggo on

      @Corpselocker... Considering his ability to deliver, I would think his "Fan" would think Grimoire was the epitome of Torment, so that should have been a natural choice.

    48. Katrar (∞) on

      If Cleve ran a KS or Indiegogo under the pretense that he'd be paid to go away, it would probably catch fire.

    49. Corpselocker on

      Cleve should have renamed his project Torment. It seems they pulled in over $500,000 in the first few hours of Kickstarting...

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