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The Idea Shapers book gives you the power to put your thinking in your own hands.
The Idea Shapers book gives you the power to put your thinking into your own hands.
The Idea Shapers book gives you the power to put your thinking into your own hands.
274 backers pledged $12,500 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Marco Gutierrez on

      Sorry about your cold. I'm in the same boat. But thanks for the books!

    2. Brandy Agerbeck Creator on

      Good question, @Marco. They quoted me an arrival date of November 21st, but the new order, which looked great, arrived on November 17th. Sadly, I stayed home from my trip due to a chest cold, so my fella and I have been packing and shipping books 30-50 a day.

    3. Missing avatar

      Marco Gutierrez on

      Brandy, I received an email saying a package was on its way, but a few days ago you posted that the books you received weren't up to you print standards. Did you ship reprinted books already or if this a different package? Thanks for getting this out before the Holidays.

    4. Ram

      Keep it up, I believe it will be worth the wait

    5. Brandy Agerbeck Creator on

      @Nataliya Vayunina Absolutely. Long overdue. Finishing one now.

    6. Missing avatar

      Nataliya Valyunina on

      Hi Brandy, what is the current estimate of the book completion? Can't wait. Nataliya

    7. Missing avatar

      Tina Bernstein on

      Brandy, thank you for your heartfelt response.

      I think the lesson here is to get over your paralysis and update regularly. That's the least I would expect from anyone asking strangers to back their project. Thanks and I look forward receiving the book as and when!

    8. Brandy Agerbeck Creator on

      Tina Bernstein, I absolutely understand your frustration. I've backed a couple dozen projects, so I know what it is like on your side of the campaign. This is my first campaign as a creator, and big lessons being learned. I definitely set too aggressive of a deadline in the first place. It only would have worked in some platonic ideal of life without health issues, client work, any semblance of a social life.

      I agree, my updates are too few and too far apart. Each time I begin, I feel compelled to give you all the larger context of my life and what is getting in the way. That always feels like I am making excuses or showing someone my underwear drawer. Blech. So, I get paralyzed.

      Please know that I won't deliver until the book is rock solid, but I WILL deliver. Your feedback is heard and appreciated. I need to reframe my thinking on updates and share more with you all.

    9. Missing avatar

      Tina Bernstein on

      As much as I appreciate how hard it might be to write this book I'm always surprised to see how many on Kickstarter default on their advertised deadline when they are asking for pledges.

      Furthermore, it cannot be that difficult to keep updating your backers more regularly.

      All this makes me want to stop supporting anyone here. More and more friends tell me they are having bad experiences too.

      I look forward to your book and appreciate you not wanting to set further deadlines, but wish you would keep everyone updated on a more regular basis. Unfortunately we have to part with our money upon the successful campaign but in turn, you guys can deliver whenever you wish, if at all.

    10. Kristen Dyrr

      Small world. I backed a BetaBook, and they just sent an update about a coupon for refill pens. I go watch the video on how to refill, and you're the one showing how to refill the Neuland pens!!

    11. Brandy Agerbeck Creator on

      Kelly, we can be pals. :^) I definitely hope The Idea Shapers helps you confidently embrace drawing. I understand why people use the word doodling — it is less intimidating. But it irks me because doodling is by its definition absentminded. Here's to mindful drawings!

    12. Kelly Pratt on

      Can we be pals! You have a fabulous energy and I can't wait to get my book and start drawing. Although I have to call it "doodling" it's less intimidating :-/ even with your book I'll graduate to "drawing"!

    13. Missing avatar

      Jérôme D. on

      Thanks for this blog entry, it's brilliant and helpful for anybody. You'll tame the dragon, no doubt :-)

    14. Missing avatar

      Jean on

      Can't wait for Randy's new book!

    15. Jonathan Cook on

      Brandy Agerbeck has a track record of innovation in graphic facilitation. I can't wait to see the ideas she brings to this kind of visual inspiration.

    16. Jeremy Patterson on

      Having seen your TED x talk I am really jazzed to see this project. Good luck!