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Pyramid Arcade is a library of 22 games in one box, with 90 pyramids + boards, dice, & cards. From Looney Labs, creators of Fluxx.
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Please help local stores sell Pyramid Arcade!

Posted by Looney Labs (Creator)

Do you have a friendly local game store near you? 

If your local store sells Fluxx, they can easily get Pyramid Arcade from the same distributors... so even if they are not stocking it yet, they easily can. And we would LOVE your help in helping them sell Pyramid Arcade.

We have added a cool new feature to our online store locator - that let's you print a little flyer about Pyramid Arcade that lists the name, address, and phone number of any of the stores on our roster of stores who sell our games - so you can easily tell your friends about a place they can buy Pyramid Arcade in your local community. If you would like to help us out with this, please do the following:

1) Search our roster (click here) to find the stores closest to you. 

2) Pick the store you want to promote, click on the PYRAMID ARCADE FLYER link (the store's name and address will automatically fill in), print the PDF, and cut it down to the 1/4 page size of the single flyers.

3) Keep a few of these flyers on hand to give to anyone interested in Pyramid Arcade! 

If there truly is no physical store near you, please use this flyer.  Pyramid Arcade is not available for sale on AMAZON or any other online game store, but it can be ordered online from Looney Labs:  online sales in the USA  •  online sales outside the USA

Thank you for helping us promote sales of Pyramid Arcade!

-Kristin Looney

P.S. If you have the time, please contact the store you selected and let them know you will be promoting their store as a place to buy the new Pyramid Arcade game whenever you are playing it with friends. A quick phone call works... but if you can, please drop by the store with your copy of the game and show the staff the game and the flyers. Tell them they can get more flyers from the roster on our website! If they are interested, teach them how to play Color Wheel and let them know they can get their own demo copy from their distributor at a 70% discount.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Chiara Burattoni

      I saw your games in Tokyo at Shosen grande :)

    2. Looney Labs 2-time creator on

      @Chad_Smith - I do not know if Miniature Market is selling Pyramid Arcade in their physical store, but they can if they want to. We are on friendly terms with them, and we appreciate that they are following our online sales policy regarding Pyramid Arcade. I'm not sure why you think they backed the Kickstarter, as I am very sure that they did not! They had taken 5 pre-orders before the online policy was announced, and Miniature Market is sending each of those customers a set of the special backer rewards since they might otherwise have backed the Kickstarter. Thank you for your kind words about our website, I hope you find some fun new gaming places nearby from this exchange!

    3. Chad Smith

      I appreciate the ability to find local game shops through your site. I see a lot of places I need to visit soon. :) But it seems like one is missing.

      It's a store that I know backed this Kickstarter, and while they are primarily an online shop - they do have a brick and mortar store where one can walk in and shop. It's Miniature Market 9610 Continental Industrial Drive, Affton, MO 63123 314.833.3792

      (I'm not affiliated with them - I just know they exist, have a physical store, and backed the project. I've shopped there once or twice.)

      I guess it could be that they just aren't carrying the Arcade anymore - but since they can't list that on their website - I can't say if they do or not.

      Either way -- thanks again for the Kickstarter and for the website with new places to shop for Looney products. :)