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Pyramid Arcade is a library of 22 games in one box, with 90 pyramids + boards, dice, & cards. From Looney Labs, creators of Fluxx.
2,051 backers pledged $150,337 to help bring this project to life.

They're Starting to Arrive!!!

Posted by Looney Labs (Creator)

They're here at our office!  They're here, they're here, they're here!!!

The employee copies of Pyramid Arcade arrived yesterday!
The employee copies of Pyramid Arcade arrived yesterday!

Did you get your box? Were you as excited as we are? If you hugged your box like this when it arrived - please post a picture of you squeeing - use #PyramidArcade - so we can all follow along on social media...

What game will you play first and why? Post with #PyramidArcade.

Which game is your current favorite? 

Let us know by including #PyramidArcade in your social media posts!

Thanks again for your patience and enthusiasm... we have the greatest fans ever! 

Have fun with your pyramids!

--Kristin and all of us at Looney Labs

P.S. Did you SIGN UP for our Holiday Gift?  It's free, but you have to fill out the form again, even if your were on the list last year! 

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    1. Looney Labs 2-time creator on

      If you are still looking for tracking numbers - please message us directly rather than asking in the comments - THANK YOU!

    2. Missing avatar

      J Benjimin on

      Mine hasn't arrive here in Oregon yet. No panic yet, but if it isn't here soon, I will start to wonder if the porch pirates got it.

    3. Jim Wise on

      My two sets just arrived today :-) Instead of trying to place the extra boxes of pyramids under the tray, I turned the box upside down and removed the bottom of the box, exposing the bottom of the tray, I then put in six sets of KickStarter greens, five sets of pink, to rainbow stashes, and two Xeno stashes, along with some ELBS, previous sets of Martian Coasters and Cosmic Coasters, Pink Hijinks cloth board, Pharaoh cloth board, and original small instruction booklets. I was able to add extra sets of standard, IceDice, and Treehouse Dice to the top of the tray. For normal game nights I can just open the top of the box, but by pulling up the tray I'll be ready to have a houseful of friends and relatives playing a range of Pyramid games simultaneously :-)

    4. Missing avatar

      Wade Enyart on

      Do you have the tracking number? I still haven't received it yet. Thank you �

    5. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Matzen on

      Got mine yesterday in southern Nevada (and that's pronounced Ne-va-da, not Nuh-vah-dah like people on the east coast say lol). So much gaming goodness in one box! Now just gotta hunt down a pair of Pink Hijinks sets and i'll have them all! Muwahahaha!!!!!

    6. J. F. Lewis

      Mine arrived! Woot!

    7. Michael D Evans on

      How do I know when my copy is shipped and when it will arrive? And if I haven't received any tracking number by now, should there be concern?

    8. Aaron Morris on

      Got mine today (delivered to my office). I'll take pictures when I get home.

    9. Nate Johnson

      Turns out yesterday's delivery was not Pyramid Arcade, but the USPS says I have at least one more thing showing up today. Fingers crossed this time!

    10. Glenn Copeland

      Yes, unlikely, and I didn't. :(

      I don't know, I don't know.

      You're welcome, and *BLUSH*.

      Yes I did.

    11. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on

      Nothing here and I'm 40 miles north of you.

    12. Looney Labs 2-time creator on

      @Justin Dugger - No need for concern. Only international backers will be emailed tracking numbers, and that won't happen for another week or so. We will not get tracking numbers from our US fulfillment center until tomorrow or Monday, and hopefully you will already have received your game by then! Those who haven't received their games by Monday or Tuesday of next week can ping us here and we will look up those few tracking numbers to see what the holdup is about, but we won't be sending every US backer a tracking number. So hold tight... it should be any time now!

    13. David Autzen on

      Those of us in the US won't get a tracking # unless we message LL through here and ask.

    14. Justin Dugger on

      Still haven't gotten a tracking number. Should I be concerned?

    15. David Autzen on

      I am guessing Alison is kissing hers, and not taking a bite?

    16. Nate Johnson

      Something got delivered today, but I won't know what it is until I get home from work. I sure hope it's Pyramid Arcade!!!

    17. Missing avatar

      Greg Weston

      Stuck at work. Can't wait to get home.

    18. Troy

      I haven't gotten my copies yet. I can't wait!