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Pyramid Arcade is a library of 22 games in one box, with 90 pyramids + boards, dice, & cards. From Looney Labs, creators of Fluxx.
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Delays, But Product Is On Its Way!

Posted by Looney Labs (Creator)

Happy November to All!

Well, we have good news and not-quite-as-good news. For the Executive Summary, skip to the bottom. For all the details, read on...


• For most of you, your Pyramid Arcade has shipped! The vast majority of rewards for this Kickstarter were shipped last Friday and yesterday and are winging their way toward you as we type this update.

• For those who would like tracking information, our fulfillment center will be providing all of that information soon--possibly as soon as tomorrow, but maybe not until the end of the week. So starting next week we should be able to start offering tracking for anyone who has not received their shipments.


• There are a few batches of US shipments that will not be shipping until today (Tuesday, 11/1). These include: signed copies, no-pyramid copies, and retailer bundles. So, depending on where you are and if our fulfillment center truly gets everything shipped today as promised, you may not get your copies of Pyramid Arcade until slightly *after* the street date of Thursday, 11/3. We are very sorry if this is the case for you, and greatly appreciate your patience.

• International rewards are also being shipped to our UK fulfillment facility today. This means that international backers will probably not receive their rewards for another couple weeks, but they ARE on their way! International backers will receive emails when their copy has shipped. Yes, this was supposed to ship last week. We thought it had.


For the most part, things have gone smoothly. But there have been a few SNAFUs that have slowed us down juuuusssttt enough to cause us to miss our desired ship dates:

• The aforementioned problem with the size of the safety testing logo caused our shipment to leave China two weeks late.

• The shortage of Xeno pyramids for stretch goals required a little extra time to figure out.

• Our facilitator at our US fulfillment center was ill, causing work to back up for about a week.

• There was a miscommunication about the importance of the order of shipments which caused the retailer backers' orders to go out later than desired. If the order of importance was understood, they could have scrambled to finish adding the demo copy stickers in order to get the retailer versions out close to on schedule.

• Our freight company made three crazy big mistakes, including shipping a pallet of product to our office in College Park, MD, when it was intended for Fresno, CA, and shipping the product intended for our own warehouse from Michigan to Illinois to New Jersey to Illinois again to Indiana and now to Pennsylvania... when our warehouse is in Virginia. Never seen anything like it. We are switching back to another freight company. 

Some of these mistakes were our own, others were out of our control. None of them were game changers, so that's good... but together they did cause us to be later than desired with our shipping schedule. Thank you for your forgiveness.


• If you are a retailer who really needs to have product on street date, your best bet is to check with your distributors right now to see if they can get you some copies in time. Remember that we have a 100% return policy (in sealed, salable condition), so if you end up with too many copies once your Kickstarter shipment arrives, we will buy them back from you. To estimate arrival, we shipped on 11/1 from zip code 49037.

• We are very sorry that our retailer backers will not be able to sell product before street date, as this was one of the reasons you may have Kickstarted this project. However, you are still getting a free demo copy, a dedicated store locator on our website, and the exclusive ability to sell Kickstarter green pyramids through your store. We did not intend for this to happen, and the delay is only slight, but we recognize that it is not at all ideal and we are truly sorry.

• For fans of all kinds--retailers and consumers alike--we would like to invite you to sign up for our free holiday gift. This is just a little thank you to all of our amazing fans for your wonderful support, and we hope that you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it for you. We can't tell you what it is, but we're sure it will be of interest to you! So to receive your gift, sign up here today!

P.S. There are still close to 40 of you who have not filled out your survey... we can't ship your game until you do!


Executive Summary: Things are OK but not ideal, and we deeply apologize for delays. Shipments are happening and you will have your games soon. Retailers: You may want to order product from your distributor TODAY. To all our wonderful fans, we love you and want to show that by sending you a special holiday gift!

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    1. Kimberly Lasseigne Plaisance on

      Just received our Pyramid Arcade! So excited to get playing!!! Thanks again for such an amazing product!!

    2. Jim Wise on

      @Scott: This update is barely two days old. They are shipping from Michigan, and so far only two people have posted that they have received their Pyramid Arcades. I think we can wait just a bit longer before asking for another update ;-)

    3. Scott Campanella on

      I live here in MD and I still haven't gotten mine! Update please?

    4. Looney Labs 2-time creator on

      Shipping method update... our US fulfillment center just told us: "Most of them are shipping via DHL, but the tracking is available through the USPS website since they’re the ones carrying these packages into the endzone." We still don't have an answer on what shipping method our UK fulfillment center is going to use, we will let you know when we know.

    5. Looney Labs 2-time creator on

      @Derek - I am not sure what shipping service our UK fulfillment house is going to use, we can try to find out... we have been told they will send an email to each backer when they ship, but we can't say yet when that shipping will begin. We will provide more details when we know them!

    6. Derek on

      I hope the tracking number for international shipments prevents this game being lost in the Christmas "rush". Which company is the service provider and when will they send out notifications?

    7. Danielle Lynnette Jackson

      Oh my goodness. The situation you had with your freight company sounded like what happened to me with one of my packages coming via USPS. It went from IL to PA to IL, and I live in IL.

    8. Looney Labs 2-time creator on

      @Whyatt_Hensley - you responded to the survey on Sep 20 2016 - you are all set!

    9. Wyatt Hensley on

      I know that I had completed a survey, but I do not recall seeing a confirmation that it was completed... was there one sent?

    10. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      Will they be coming via USPS or UPS/FedEx? Just wanted to make sure I keep an eye out for it this week :) Really excited!

    11. David Autzen on

      I was wondering why the postman only brought me 1 box today, and not 2. Maybe he will have it for me Thursday or Friday.

    12. David Funderburk on

      Thanks for the update!

    13. Missing avatar

      Christopher David Yudichak

      Thanks for the update! Sorry you've had so many troubles, but super glad to hear pyramids are on their way. Fun times ahead!

    14. Tim Seiger on

      Thanks for the update! Delays are always unfortunate. But super excited to start playing with shiny new pyramids!