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Pyramid Arcade is a library of 22 games in one box, with 90 pyramids + boards, dice, & cards. From Looney Labs, creators of Fluxx.
2,051 backers pledged $150,337 to help bring this project to life.

Bonus Cards Unlocked! (One Last Stretch Goal)

Posted by Looney Labs (Creator)

You all are so amazing!  With two days to go, we hit another stretch goal, which means that everyone backing at a game level will be receiving a bunch of Bonus Cards!  

Congratulations! In addition to the pink and KS green Twin Win cards, we will be including additional custom Arcade Cards for all of the fan-designed games sponsored by our $333 level backers. Plus Andy is sponsoring the original game, Icehouse, so that gives you 9 sponsored cards so far:

  • Blam! 
  • Carrots & Broccoli 
  • Freeze Tag 
  • Gnostica 
  • Icehouse 
  • Penguin Soccer 
  • Skurdir 
  • Solomids 
  • Zendo 

We have just created this Other Pyramid Games web page which will provide links to the rules for all sorts of other games you can play with your pyramids. This will include the rules to the games on these custom Arcade Cards as well as the 22 MORE GREAT GAMES listed in the back of the rulebook that comes in Pyramid Arcade.

There are still two days to go, so if you were thinking about giving your favorite pyramid game some love, back at the $333 level and you'll do something great for everyone by adding another card to the bonus!

Speaking of two days to go...  now is the time to encourage anyone who was on the fence to decide to take the leap. Remind them that they will get 120 pyramids (an $80 value) in addition to all the boards, decks of cards, dice, etc.

And to sweeten the pot one more time, we've decided to add one last stretch goal!

If we make it to $133,333 by the time we close on Wednesday (11:59pm EDT), everyone who backs at a game level will also receive a 100% cotton chessboard bandana!  Our wonderful customer service person, Alison Frane, drew the artwork for these bandanas over a decade ago, and we made two small print runs of them, but this product has been out of print for a long long time. Pyramid fans have long been searching for a copy of Alison's Chessboard Bandana... 

Here is a picture of Alison showing off one of the original bandanas:

If we can all get this thing pushed up to $133,333 before the Kickstarter closes, not only will we bring this foldable chessboard product back to our web store, but we will send everyone who pledged for a copy of Pyramid Arcade a free Chessboard Bandana with their Kickstarter shipment as well.  You might want to think about getting some holiday shopping done early and buy another copy as a gift for a friend... each copy bought through the Kickstarter will get all the stretch goal bonuses!  

Thanks again for being such wonderful backers. It's been a joy working together on this project, and we look forward to sending you Pyramid Arcade! 

- Kristin Looney

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    1. ShadowCub

      Still no word as to what, if anything, might be unlocked at $155,555, but just 1 game every 3 minutes and we'll more than hit that number.

      I'm focused on $155,555 because it continues the logical progression from the last 2 goals. $111,111 and $133,333 respectively.

    2. Brett "DJ Archangel" Strassner

      Zendo being included was all I needed to read. I'm on board!

    3. Virginia Davio on

      I still have my Chess Bandana! It's stained several colors though due to bleeding. Make sure to work with a really color fast ink this time and ensure the producer rinses in Synthrapol to get out excess dye!

    4. ShadowCub

      Bandanas unlocked with 24 hours to go.

      So, whacha got for when we hit $155,555?

    5. Chad Smith

      WOOT! We done did it! WE DID THE THING! $133K+ hype!

    6. brisingre on

      2:30 EST. Just woke up from a nap. We're over 129,000. We made dinnertime with hours to spare.

      You would think Kicktraq's predictions would get better.

    7. John Fiala

      KickTraq now says we'll comfortably hit the final stretch goal. :)

    8. Jim Wise on

      @Jeff A: as others have stated, KickTraq does NOT take into account the curve of standard KickStarter pledging. KickTraq just goes on a standard linear projection, looking at what has currently been pledged, how long the project has been active, then extend that over the remaining amount of time. Most KickStarters tend to have a VERY large upswing at the end, and even small stretch goals tossed in during the last few days tend to also create a lot of fresh talk about the project, bringing it back to the attention of those who had previously been on the fence or figured they'd contribute later on but lost track of the time and didn't realize the project was ending soon. The upsurge in pledges has already been so large that even with a linear projection for the remaining 36hrs KickTrak now predicts a bit over $132,000. I have no doubt that this will break $135,000.

      At this point KickTraq has plotted so many KickStarter projects that you would think they would be able to have a much better prediction model than just linear growth.

    9. brisingre on

      $700 in the past half hour.

    10. brisingre on

      @Jeff A Kicktraq predictions are pretty much just a linear projection I think -- they just assume a campaign's average dollars per day so far will remain constant for the rest of the campaign.

      Kickstarter campaigns tend to follow an extremely U-shaped curve -- The first day can easily be ten times the average for the campaign, and the last few days are usually at least three times average.

      The result of this is that every Kicktraq prediction for a new campaign is like 8.5 million dollars. That number crashes pretty quickly as the middle of the campaign drags the average down, and then a few days before the end of the campaign, the average starts going up again. This pushes the projection up slowly, but campaigns nearing their end rise quickly, and pretty consistently beat the estimate. We're already ahead of the projection from the 27th. The projection right now is 129,423. We're at 125,000. We made 11,000 yesterday. I think we'll have another 4,500 by dinner time.

    11. Looney Labs 2-time creator on

      Just to demystify, Reese was talking about my very old page here:

    12. Looney Labs 2-time creator on

      Alison here: Rees, wow, fun to hear from you. I haven't updated the Animelds in, lo, these many years, but I have to say Coppershed works for me, but, as you did note, early on we already got a Battlesnake, so regional variants are probably not in the works. If you want to continue to banter about this particular topic, email is probably a much better channel. Let's start with, and I can redirect you to my personal email from there.

    13. Missing avatar

      Greg Lattanzio on

      @Jeff A It will be difficult, but not as bad as that looks. That projection is based on "yesterday's totals." We've had over 7k added today that is not on that chart, and we've already gone over the minimum on the tracking there. We have a shot. :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Jeff A on

      Kicktraq says 133k won't happen unless something drastic happens.

      Thanks even if it doesn't pan out.

    15. Missing avatar

      Greg Lattanzio on

      @Rees Maxwell Wow... without context! lol Alison better watch out for any packages with Rees's name on it is all I have to say.

    16. Rees Maxwell on

      @Alison Frane
      Two new Animelds for you (related to the two venomous snakes in Maryland):
      Northern Copperhead - "Northern Coppershed" This guy keeps all his tools with him at all times, and gets a nice patina the older he gets!
      Timber Rattlesnake - "Timber Battlesnake" That wooden armor might not look like much, but he's not to be trifled with! (Darn, just checked your Animeld Compendium and I can see Battlesnake was a part of the original crew. Ah well.) Tender Rattlesnake? Hard to imagine! Tinder Rattlesnake which can start fires? Scary. Timber Rattleskate? You'd better run from this one as he'll catch up to you in no time...unless those wooden wheels give out.

    17. John Fiala

      Oh, and just after I ordered a couple chessboard bandanas from someone! Oh, well, I can always give one away, I suppose.

    18. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hackard

      Tophu, I know. I'm asking if they can have an add-on level where they send two copies of each set, rather than two copies of only one set.

    19. old beetle on

      I have a black ink bandanna. Will there be an option for other colors like you used to have, or will there be the basic (and beautiful) black ink on white cloth?

    20. Tophu on

      Andrew, they aren't making a new product for the extra pyramids. They are just including two boxes of Looney Pyramids, which you can already buy at your LFGS.

    21. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hackard

      Everyone who gets the game is getting either two extra Rainbow or Xeno sets...but could you have an add-on that guarantees we'll get four extra sets, two each? Otherwise, my OCD will be annoyed. I wouldn't mind paying some more to have five trios of ALL the colors!

    22. Avri

      I *love* my Chessboard Bandana (perfect for playing Blam!, Pikemen or Penguin Soccer . . .) and am excited to potentially get another one for my Pyramid Arcade box.