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Pyramid Arcade is a library of 22 games in one box, with 90 pyramids + boards, dice, & cards. From Looney Labs, creators of Fluxx.
2,051 backers pledged $150,337 to help bring this project to life.

New Stretch Goal!

Posted by Looney Labs (Creator)

We don't want to count our chickens before they're hatched, but it's looking like we will meet our $100,000 stretch goal soon (we are at $96,000) and will hopefully be sending out 30 additional pyramids with your game shipments!  We're not quite there yet, but we have 7 days to go - so we thought we'd add one more stretch goal for you to get excited about - BONUS CARDS!

New Stretch Goal:  Bonus Cards!
New Stretch Goal: Bonus Cards!

If we reach $111,111, we will add two sets of cards to each game shipment! 

First, we will add four more Twin Win Cards—trees and nests for the Kickstarter Green pyramids and the pink pyramids found in Pink Hijinks. We know the completists out there will want to have Twin Win cards for every color available, and we look forward to making that happen!  

Second, we will make enough of all the $333 level custom Pyramid Arcade cards to send one of each along with the game to all game level backers (including the NO PYRAMIDS level), rather than just to those who backed at the $333 level. These cards are for other pyramid games, beyond the 22 that come in Pyramid Arcade. We currently have four backers at this custom level, and they have chosen these four games for their sponsored cards: Zendo, Skurdir, Freeze Tag, and Martian Gunslinger. In addition, Andy wants to make a card for the original game, Icehouse, bringing the set to five custom Arcade cards so far. And since it is still possible to back at the $333 level and add to the fun for everyone, more cards for more games might still be added! 

So... this stretch goal will provide our Kickstarter backers a minimum of 9 additional cards, maybe more. These cards will NOT be included in Pyramid Arcade when it goes into stores this fall. Stores who back at the RETAILERS level will get one set of the Bonus Cards for there personal enjoyment. 

Here are some great ways to share the Pyramid Arcade Kickstarter with your friends, family, and co-workers - please help us get the word out in this last week to reach this final stretch goal!

1) Choose your favorite video and share it on your favorite social media platform.  Here are links to all the videos released so far. (Don't forget to check back on the Kickstarter each day for another new video!)

Links to all Videos: Introduction • Sample Games: Give or Take, Black Ice, Ice Towers, Color Wheel, Volcano, Hijinks, Treehouse, Launchpad 23, Ice Dice, Petal Battle, Pharaoh, Martian Chess, Homeworlds, Pyramid-Sham-Bo, Twin Win, Petri Dish, World War 5, Powerhouse, Looney Ludo, Lunar Invaders, Verticality, Zark City • Secret Bonus Videos: Unboxing the Arcade, A Brief History of Looney Pyramids, Kristin's Re-Boxing, Andy's Deal, #5, #6, #7

2) Do you have a blog? Please consider writing about Pyramid Arcade. If you've had a chance to play with the prototype, post a review. If not, tell your readers about the Kickstarter and why you're excited to get your copy. Have a design blog, post about the artwork. Chess or Go blog? Post about Homeworlds as another classic deep strategy game. Homeschooling blog? Post about what a great educational value you get with Pyramid Arcade. Here are some examples of what other bloggers have done so far:  A Gnome's Ponderings, A Gnome's Ponderings on Martian Chess, Puzzle Nation, and Kickin' It with Meg.

3) Boost our signal any way you can!  

Basically, think of ways that you can help our message reach a new group of people who may not have heard about these great little pyramids!

And thanks again for all you have done to support Pyramid Arcade! We very much appreciate your help, and look forward to sending you this beautiful box set!

-Kristin Looney

P.S. There isn't enough color in this update - so I will share this awesome image!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Gregor McNish on

      It would be nice if the designers of the other games could format their rules in the same way as the pyramid arcade rulebook-- could Looney Labs perhaps provide a template?

    2. Yves Bouyssounouse on

      @John Darrow @Naomioooooooooo Gray Twin Win cards would be great... but may make others jealous. :(

    3. Collectr on

      @LooneyLabs: Thanks for the great information! So I don't have to be sad about the lost pink pyramids. ;)

    4. Looney Labs 2-time creator on

      @Oliver_Be - with the extra 30 pyramids you will have enough pyramids to play just about any pyramid game ever invented (including whatever games come on the custom Arcade cards) but you might need to gather a few extra things like guessing stones (for Zendo).

    5. Looney Labs 2-time creator on

      @Oliver_Be - Sorry (for logistical reasons) we will not be doing an add-on for purchasing Pink Hijinks through this Kickstarter. The game "Hijinks" is included as one of the 22 games in Pyramid Arcade, so you will already be getting this game! If you want the pink pyramids, you can buy Pink Hijinks online here: - but the 10 colors that come with the Arcade are enough to play any game you might want to play with the pyramids!

    6. Looney Labs 2-time creator on

      @Trent_Hamm - the bonus Arcade cards are for games that are NOT included in Pyramid Arcade, so you will need to download the rules from wherever the designer of these games has posted them online. We will be providing links to where to find the rules!

    7. Collectr on

      Will the custom Arcade cards be playable with the stuff from the box or is there additional stuff needed?

    8. Bart R on

      Awesome update, I'll be tweeting and forum posting ASAP :)

    9. Collectr on

      So, in Germany, I've never seen the Pink Hijinks pyramids. Is there a possibility to get them with these cards/ this stretch goal? :)

    10. Naomiooooo on

      Gray Twin Win... LOL. Hoping for 111,111 :)

    11. Trent Hamm on

      Will there be rules for the games represented by these extra cards? Or will we have to download them ourselves?

    12. Missing avatar

      John Darrow on

      So will I be able to get a gray pair of Twin Win cards? ;)

    13. Eric

      Awesome! More cards sound great! I hope we get more $333 pledges to add more games. ;)