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We are excited to present the first IoT ready standalone smartwatch that is a top of the line product affordable for everybody.
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Update - Battery Life

Posted by LAIPAC TECHNOLOGY INC. (Creator)
Dear Backers,  

We have received lot of feedback about the battery life. In our internal testing, we have consistently reached full day of battery life (about 18 hours) by using the following settings: 

• Connected to 3G network (average 5-6 hours) 

• Turn on occasionally to use Bluetooth and WiFi and turn them off. 

• Turn off GPS and turn it on only when SOS alert is required. 

• Use medium or low brightness for the AMOLED Display and set it at 15 seconds ON with On by Rising under “Settings/Gesture”. 

• Press the Crown button for 2 seconds and close open apps under Recent Tasks (very important) 

• Measuring heart rate (1 time per day only) 

LooK Watch is a full Android device with a powerful 1.3GHz quad-core processor. It is like a smartphone in a size of watch. It's battery capacity is 450mAh and is less than 1/5 size of a typical smartphone battery (2500mAh). While we continue working on a better power management for the software to improve the battery life, we strongly recommend to turn off the wireless connectivity when they are not in use and also close all open apps so the battery can extend more hours during the day.

Thank you!

Laipac Team   


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      Ta Da Isa on

      Guys, you have a beautiful product however, I think you over sold the capability before it was ready for market. The battery updates are helpful however the reason I purchased this watch was for the gps, health monitoring and emergency capabilities. I think it is completely ridiculous to expect someone needing urgent help to have to fiddle with the settings on the watch while needing emergency assistance. What happens if I broke my hand or arm? Forgive me if I'm ignorant but I understand that the SOS function will not work unless it's turned on, am I mistaken? In addition, I spoke to someone in technical support and was told not to use the cradel as a charger and that the cord was much more reliable. Why put it out there? Right you are! The cradle doesn't even work! Another disappointment from such a nice piece of technology. If this watch is supposed to have the multi-functuality advertised, it seems rediculous to have to have to change settings constantly to connect my watch/phone/gps/health monitor/computer back to my phone to answer calls, sms etc. I would like to use it as a "fully functional Android device." I think you did a great job with your objectives of the device but fall very short in almost all the areas of execution and usefulness for people with decent vision and normal size fingers. I've even tried using the stylus from an older Note 6 and the watch doesn't even recognize the touch. I appreciate the scramble to make it better however I think you should have had these issues worked out before you ever brought it to the public. Just my opinion but right now my Galaxy 3 watch is more convenient to use without having to change functionality to access the features. Thanks and keep on working on the updates quickly.

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      Ismael Jimenez

      Great update! This clarifies quite of few things for people. Others might want more information but that's normal. This at least (for now) gives a nice understanding of what to do to optimize the watch battery until you guys are able to provide a proper OTA update for battery improvements.

    3. Missing avatar

      Kirsten Frandsen on

      I like the possibility of all the things this watch can do, but there are no directions as to how we can access them, I have just found out that a sim card is necessary, otherwise no information as to how we are able to do everything you say it can do. My husband has dementia and I would love to be able to place it on his wrist, but I have to learn a lot more about it before I can do this. Please if possible, send me information as to how everything works.