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We are excited to present the first IoT ready standalone smartwatch that is a top of the line product affordable for everybody.
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Latest Update with shipments and others things

Posted by LAIPAC TECHNOLOGY INC. (Creator)
Dear Backers,  

First of all, thank you for your patience with us. We have already shipped out 95% of orders. Because of non-availability of couple color selections, the rest of orders will be going out this week and we shall complete the Kickstarter orders. So far we have received lot of feedback. We would like to take this opportunity to provide a summary here.    

1. Android software OTA update

a. We are working on a companion app to provide all notifications from your phone to the LooK Watch. We will complete this part as our promise. Now we look back, we were focusing a lot on the LooK Watch being a “Standalone IoT smartwatch” that has it’s own notifications as watchphone with SIM card.  

b. Adding imperial system  

c. Increasing font size for the keyboard  

d. Fixing existing bugs  

e. Improving power management for the battery  

We estimate the software will be ready between early and mid April, and will schedule an software OTA upgrade by that time.  

2. Extending the usage with battery   

To extend the usage with battery of LooK Watch, here are some tips which can help significantly:    

a. Lower screen brightness to medium or low  

b. Reduce Display ON time to 15 seconds only and enable the "on by rising" under the Gesture. So when you tilt the wrist to read the time, the display will turn on by itself.  

c. Disable wireless icons when not using. Disable WiFi, BT, GPS and Data when you are not using them.  

d. Close Recent Tasks, press the crown button for 2 seconds while the watch is on, it will show the TASK screen with power off, reboot…etc. Select the Recent Tasks to close the unused tasks one by one.  

3. Watch bands 

The watch bands are not switchable. Please do not try to separate the bands with the watch. Inside the bands, there are embedded wireless antennas. By trying to disconnect them will damage the watch and avoid the warranty.  

4. Guardian Angel Connect app 

We have pushed an update for Guardian Angel Connect app two days ago. The app will update itself if you are connected to WiFi. By pressing the screen when the app is open, it will allow you to program the parameters like SOS number and enable fall detection…etc. The same parameters can be programmed over the air in This new update also includes voice interaction for false alarm cancellation. It has English version only for now. We will add other languages soon. 

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to let us know.  

Thank you!

Laipac Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jeff Stoker on

      As One of the 10 distributors, I am disappointed that I have not received my order. We committed to making this launch a success. With 95% of the orders filled and people already using them and finding issues, being a distributor and NOT having devices, puts us behind. I have hired individuals for this project and have been waiting for inventory. Then to find out some are out of stock already. Disappointing to say the least. I can only say I hope that this project runs smoother in the future.

    2. Bradley Smith on

      Droid Watch Phone and Assistant apps provide standalone functionality without the use of a SIM (still via Bluetooth).

      One thing I would have preferred is to set personal images or backgrounds for the home screen.
      There really is no need for every face to show either time, date and weather or even health stats because they are all a swipe away up or down. Perhaps a "face maker" app.

      I have used my watch for a week now with the droid Watch apps exactly how I would have used my phone anyway. I turn off and charge my watch overnight and with the exception of using GPS get 6am-9pm comfortably.

      Droid watch even updated yesterday and now I have remote control of my phone's camera.

      I am definitely totally impressed with my Look watch.

      Main point is custom image backgrounds for me.

      Great job everyone.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jamie Harwick on

      Awesome update. I have been experimenting with all kinds of different settings. The one thing I have found that draws the most battery for me is the GPS. With everything on I can get about 3 hours. 6 with just GPS off. Then I can get about 8 with everything else off.

      So, I am still really impressed with the watch and I like the fact that you are very responsive to feedback from your customers! Thanks!