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We are excited to present the first IoT ready standalone smartwatch that is a top of the line product affordable for everybody.
We are excited to present the first IoT ready standalone smartwatch that is a top of the line product affordable for everybody.
304 backers pledged CA$ 143,712 to help bring this project to life.

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      Sean Harrington

      The truth of the matter I don’t believe companies funded by Kickstarter can handle the technology many of them promise. I just bought an Apple Watch that works great.

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      Stuart Strauzer on

      I would also really like to reorder the app listings in the app folder. Is that possible? Or to hide some of them that I'm not using/?

    3. Missing avatar

      Stuart Strauzer on

      I'm concerned that there's not a lot of chatter from the community or responses from the company these days. There are things I like about this watch but definitely a lot of problem I don't know why they weren't considered earlier on in the development. GPS location timing doesn't work, can't get time to the watch through bluetooth on the phone, can't sign into wifi on consent pages, heart rate sensor seems inaccurate and several other issues as well. I'm wondering if anyone's played around with using the developer options to unlock the bootloader and maybe load another version of android on to their watch.

    4. Missing avatar


      I'm thinking of selling mine. Anyone interested? It's the Gold and Black version.

    5. Missing avatar

      Stuart Strauzer on

      Is anyone else concerned about the accuracy of the built in steel counter? What are most people using for fitness tracking with the Look?

    6. Missing avatar

      Stuart Strauzer on

      I'm also finding that places like my work location that have an open wifi that requires a browser style consent page are not connecting.I get the image of a red padlock

    7. Missing avatar

      Stuart Strauzer on

      Why am I not able to use my phone to provide internet to the watch?

    8. Frank Wong on

      I wonder whether there is a way to factory reset the device if it is bricked.

    9. Missing avatar

      Diana Vazquez

      Hello after the update my watch won't turn on. At first I thought the battery so I try to charge it. No charging is happening and my watch won't turn on. 🤔😯😭

    10. Missing avatar

      Claude Kalisz on

      Do you have a time line of any sort in which the companion app with be available ?

    11. Prabhakar Thota on

      Dear Team,

      My watch stopped working! Its not charging, No idea what is the problem?

      Thanks in advance,

    12. Missing avatar

      Stuart Strauzer on

      Got my FedEx info and I'm excited for my replacement unit and the new firmware. Really looking forward to the fixed heating issues and hopefully more accurate heart rate monitoring. I have a few other smartwatches/fitness trackers and I was surprised how far off my Look Watch was for the heart rate monitoring since I'm hoping to wear this for fitness as well.

    13. LAIPAC TECHNOLOGY INC. Creator on

      Sorry for the delay of answering. We had a long weekend holiday.

      @Diana Vazquez
      Thank you and congratulation for the wedding!
      Lot of blessings for you and your new family.

      For the imperial system and Fahrenheit to work for this new version of firmware, it will require a factory reset under Settings after your software OTA upgrade. We know this could be an inconvenience. After many discussions, we found this is the most reliable way of adding new units as default parameters.

      @Erwin Bouwman
      Thanks for sharing!
      The latest version of this firmware is ..0518

      Other improvements of this firmware:
      New keyboard with larger fonts
      Better localization with languages and typos fixed
      New GAC app with better battery management (continue working on better versions of GAC for battery improvement)
      Heating issues been improved and reduced
      More accurate indoor location (with WiFi)
      Fixed heart rate sensor bug
      Improved watch removal alert for GAC app
      and some others .....

      Thank you

      Laipac Team

    14. Missing avatar

      Diana Vazquez

      I just wanna say thank you to this company for delivering the product. I have read other comments on other Kickstarter technology products and many were scammers. I got this watch as a wedding gift for myself. And I love it. The first time I got it I hit the refrigerator and thought I scratch it, but i scratch the refrigerator. Lol the other time I smack the screen hard into a table corner and it didn't scratch or crack.

    15. Brian Kilo on

      I was told the ability to convert from metric to imperial was going to be included in spring update. I didn't see it as part of this update. WIll there be another that fixes this issue?

    16. Missing avatar

      Erwin Bouwman on

      @Wallz Go to the Settings ->About Watch ->Wireless upgrade and tap the arrow. When you have the latest update it says : is the latest version, do not need to update again.

    17. wallz on

      After running the update how can I tell it updated? What version numbers should I see in the Settings -> About Watch?

    18. LAIPAC TECHNOLOGY INC. Creator on

      Dear backers,
      Our team will be completing the testing of the new firmware by Thursday. We apologize for the delay of the troubleshooting. We will then conduct a trial OTA to test the result and then post an Update of How to do OTA to all backers by Friday. Shall keep you all posted. Thank you for your patience.
      Best Regards
      Laipac Team

    19. LAIPAC TECHNOLOGY INC. Creator on

      Hi Stuart,
      Can you contact directly to with your RMA number?
      Our team will get back to you shortly. Thanks
      Laipac Team

    20. Missing avatar

      Stuart Strauzer on

      Sorry fedex not Fred Reed.

    21. Missing avatar

      Stuart Strauzer on

      Super concerned! I RMA d my watch for heating issues and got confirmation from Fred Reed it was signed for. Really want a watch like this but I haven't heard anything about my replacement and I'm getting concerned. Can someone please comment?!

    22. LAIPAC TECHNOLOGY INC. Creator on

      Hi Rory,
      We have a delay. The newest OS got pushed back because of found bugs during last Friday. Now team is testing it again. Apologize for this inconvenience. Hopefully we can approve this release very soon before the weekend. Will keep everyone posted.
      Thank you
      Laipac Team

    23. Missing avatar

      Rory Silghigian on

      Are we getting an OTA update? I thought based on the last update we should have had one by now... Thanks.

    24. LAIPAC TECHNOLOGY INC. Creator on

      Hi Andy,
      It seems the issue can be the GMS update with your gmail. Once you have entered the gmail and updated with the Play store, running the GAC app will give you full day of usage even if you use GPS. You can also contact us at and our team will help you directly. Thanks
      Laipac Team

    25. Missing avatar

      ANDY NGUYEN on

      I ordered 2 watches and one is lasted around 5 hours and the other is all day! So would someone in the Laipac co. please help me what did I missed?

    26. LAIPAC TECHNOLOGY INC. Creator on

      @Aodhán Bennett
      Our team has contacted you via email. We are in the final testing stage for the new version of OTA firmware. We believe it will fix the heating issue caused by 3G connection. Thanks for the report!
      Laipac Team

    27. Missing avatar

      Aodhán Bennett on

      Hi all.

      Sent an email to as my watch seriously overheated today causing my skin to blister underneath.

      Hopefully you can find the cause of the overheating batteries, as up to now I’m very impressed.

    28. Mervin L. Cuyugan on

      Hello Laipac Team!

      I need assistance in recovering my username and password for my Location Now. I can't remember those as I intend to log in in my smartphone.

    29. Missing avatar

      Erwin Bouwman on

      @Laipac Tech
      There is no iPhone app for Watch Droid Phone. On the watch I can install the assistent. But I need a solution for the iPhone. What app I should install.

    30. LAIPAC TECHNOLOGY INC. Creator on

      @Erwin Bouwman
      Kindly try the Watch Droid Phone app and it will show the notifications from your iPhone to the watch. Sorry for the delay of answer.
      Laipac Tech

    31. LAIPAC TECHNOLOGY INC. Creator on

      We have created a Support Page on our website. Our team is preparing explainer videos for most asked topics and will upload to the page gradually. GAC is one of them.
      By the way, GAC app has been improved and will have an update soon within these 2 days.
      It has extended the battery life significantly by applying a new power saving policy by identifying the person indoor and outdoor. We will appreciate your feedback. Thank you.
      Laipac Team

    32. LAIPAC TECHNOLOGY INC. Creator on

      @Ismael Jimenez,
      We have answered your email and we do appreciate the log for the heating issue. Sorry the email didn't reach you. We will resend again this morning. We will be doing the SW OTA very soon. Our team is conducting the final testing. Thank you!
      Laipac Team

    33. LAIPAC TECHNOLOGY INC. Creator on

      @Amanda Wilson,
      We have the Gold Blue model ready for you today. The shipment came in on Friday.
      If we ship today, you shall receive it by tomorrow. Since you said the deadline is May 1, are we still OK with the timing? Kindly let us know. Really sorry for this delay of Blue Gold model.
      Laipac Team

    34. Missing avatar

      Amanda Wilson on

      When I invested in this venture, I was given assurances that there would be no problems. I ordered a Blue and Gold watch. Out of stock! I am still waiting for my watch. Yes, you offered me a different color, but that is not what I ordered. Now I have to wait till I get an address in Alberta. I have no idea why it has taken so long to get my watch. I guess personal assurances are not worth much.

    35. Missing avatar

      Ismael Jimenez

      @Laipac team, I sent you guys an email on April 10th to the email you supplied me ( and haven't gotten a reply. It will be almost 2 weeks soon and I would like to know if you still want my log data to help you with your updates. Let me know, I'll keep in touch.

    36. CJP on

      Is there a walk through for guardian angel

    37. Frank Wong on

      A smart watch with battery that can only last 4 to 6 hours is not practical.I definitely looking foward to the OTA software update to improve battery performance.

    38. Missing avatar

      Erwin Bouwman on

      Is there already a way to show notifications on the iPhone?

    39. Daniel Letourneau on

      Prabhakar Thota
      With all my respect why do you come to their site with some other product? have you no respect I have received my look watch at a good price and I am very happy with my purchase this company have given us all the respect we deserve so what is your problems? most of us wanted this product and on the net, we have all the choices we need on my part I do not need your advice and for FedEx part I did not have to pay twice I do not understand why some people make it hard on other I just don't have a nice day

    40. Prabhakar Thota on


      As you said we have to stand with truth only, Dont gives false messages at the end, I was respected you guys because you people are standing on the words.

      But stop telling lies, You guys said we paid Customs fee so only i asked FedEx why you guys are asked customs fee again, But FedEx said @Laipac did not paid any customs fee soo only we are charging. ref this link :

      Proofs cannot lie. Please read you comment(image) in that link before says something.

      And am not promoting any products here, Am showing comparison of both products, It will be great instead of telling stop commenting here just tell why we are charging 78% more than other product price with advantages/benefits.

      Please respect Customers.

    41. LAIPAC TECHNOLOGY INC. Creator on

      You are totally right. Have just consulted with our team again and they confirmed back that you do not need to use WiFi for both phone and watch to have notifications working with "Watch Droid Phone" app. It seems this app works very well with LooK Watch to receive notifications from your phone. Thank you!
      Laipac Team

    42. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      @ Laipac team @ Brandon Morassutti
      The information about "Watch Droid Phone" is not correct: phone and watch don't need to be connected to the same wifi network, but you need to only switch on the wifi of watch, although there is no wifi network. And so, you will have a good Bluetooth connection between watch and phone.

    43. LAIPAC TECHNOLOGY INC. Creator on

      @Ismael Jimenez
      Thank you. Please do so and we would like to have your log file to do more analysis as soon as possible.

      @Brandon Morassutti
      We are planning to issue a OTA software update before end of April. But we will not be able to finish the companion app by then. Because it will require posting on Play Store and Apple store which is the logistic part we forgot to include. We apologize for this. We are still doing test and Apple will require us to send a watch for their testing as well. We can assure you 100% that this is on the top of our list. Many KS backers are using “Watch Droid Phone” app to provide notifications from your phone to LooK Watch. We found it quite good as well. The only thing is that your phone and the watch have to connect to the same WiFi network.

      @Prabhakar Thota
      We are sorry that we cannot comment on your last post.
      Because it is a spam post to promote your friend’s product in India by discrediting our product with wrong comparison.
      This is the second time that we had to flag your comment as inappropriate.
      The previous one was when you sent out tweets to many, calling FedEx and Laipac doing scam for your shipment to India because you have been charged with import duty tax. We respect everything that backers have to share about their experience with LooK Watch, but we need to stay with truth only.

      Laipac Team

    44. Missing avatar

      Ismael Jimenez

      @Creator great update. I still would love to be able to send you the log files for what I experienced to see if it helps you more. I'm sending you an email right now. I'm so sorry it took me this long to send the message

    45. Missing avatar

      Brandon Morassutti on

      When is the estimated time for the update allowing cell phone messages coming up on the watch without sim card

    46. Prabhakar Thota on


      Instead of deleting my comment, please give us proper replay. Am sharing my friends thoughts here. I forgot to mention that.

      Please read my previous all comments.

    47. LAIPAC TECHNOLOGY INC. Creator on

      @Edgar Xavier Mendoza, @Ismael Jimenez @michael beachum @alex and others
      Sorry for the late response. We are working on the software for OTA upgrade, and fixing the following issues:
      1. We have located the issue for the reported heating problem when using 3G. We are working on fixing that.
      2. Imperial system and temperature in F. has been added.
      3. Working on extend the battery life by creating a GPS policy for the Guardian Angel Connect.
      4. Working on more languages files and voice over for Guardian Angel Connect (supporting English and Spanish at the moment)
      5. Deleting Chinese characters on IME keyboard and add Spanish or French.
      6. Gesture sensor improvement and also extend display on time to 3-4 seconds when turning the wrist.
      7. Companion app still under development. Take longer than we thought…...
      8. Debugging BT disconnecting issue and solve with the companion app.
      9. Watch removal alert done
      9. Few other reported bugs

      We are also working on Android 8 Oreo. It is our goal to be able to have Android 8 ready in Q3 for the update. It will extend the battery life for at least 15%.


      Laipac Team

    48. Missing avatar

      Edgar Xavier Mendoza on

      @Laipac Technology
      As a a backer, I am all for having that @Prabhakar Thota's comment delete it from the "comment section"
      But will also appreciate further feedback from you guys concerning how you guys are doing with respect to the OTA software and other stuff.
      You last comment was on April 3 and then now because someone is using this section unethically.
      Would be great to see an update from you guys regarding all our comment. Sometimes, it feels like we are talking to thin air!!!

    49. LAIPAC TECHNOLOGY INC. Creator on

      @Prabhakar Thota
      We appreciate your comments. We will address all questions about our watch and improve it. Please respect that this is a place to share your feedback and experience of LooK Watch. We need to ask not to promote other products and make incorrect claims and comparison here. Thank you.
      Laipac Team

    50. Prabhakar Thota on

      Guys! Who are all planning to buy this from India! Buy Intique X2 instead of Look watch

      Total price after discount
      Look Watch : 19738 (include taxes)
      Intique X2 : 3995 (include taxes)
      buy from here :

      Compare to Look watch, Intique X2 "78%" less price and it compatible to 4G

      Intique X2 Advantages other than Look watch
      - Ceramic Bezel
      - Supports 4G
      - Supports NFC
      - Standard 22mm straps
      - IP68 water & dust protection
      - Button for fitness lovers like you to start the workout app instantly
      - Battery More than 2 days’ usage
      - Google Assistant | Just hold the power button or say “Ok Google”.
      - OS | Android Wear
      - Bluetooth version: V4.1
      - CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 quad-core, 1.1GHz
      - And finally price 3995 which is 78% less than Look watch

      Look watch disadvantages than Intique X2
      - Battery
      - OS
      - WatchFaces from other third party wear apps is not showing
      - Unable to see full view of any App, Example google playstore back it self in hidden position
      - Lot of bugs related to SIM and WIFI
      - Unworkable SOS
      - Payable Location service, Which is not accurate

      Note: All prices are in India rupee, And expecting some discussions!

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