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music + internet + 3D LEDS = L3D Cube.   Create and share in 3D.    Join the future!
music + internet + 3D LEDS = L3D Cube.  Create and share in 3D.   Join the future!
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Photons, Big Cubes, and TechCrunch!

Posted by Looking Glass (Creator)


Brief update!

1. If you haven't done so already, you can now send in your Cores and we will send you a free Photon upgrade, via regular post.  FASTER, BETTER WI-FI, MORE MEMORY!  

Email me and Alex at once you send out your Cores for the upgrade.  Please include your shipping address in the email. 

Cores can be sent here in the included padded envelope, via regular slow-with-a-stamp post:

Looking Glass Factory Inc.
95 Commercial St.
Shop E, Mailbox 6
Brooklyn, NY  11222 USA

2. Really Big 16x16x16 Cubes are undergoing final QA this week and will start shipping out in a few days, with the Assembled Really Big Cubes shipping out a few days after that.  Thanks to all Really Big Cube backers who have sustained months of delay, slaked only by the sweet nectar of a complimentary 8x8x8 Cube.  You Big Cube backers are crazy and we love you.

3.  Volumetrics in the news, "Looking Glass Founders See Their L3D Cube As A New Type Of Display".  Video here!

...with hints of the glorious future that awaits.

4.  CubeTube is buzzing with activity but is simultaneously getting filled with a bunch of apps without 3d previews and, in some cases, apps which simply don't work.  To fix this, we'd like to propose both a short-term and medium-term solution. 

Short-term (i.e., in the next few weeks):  Alex and I will shoot high quality video of all working apps and post these videos for all users, so everyone can see what the apps do before loading on their Cubes.  As for apps that are non-functional or 100% derivative, we will ask the users if we can delete those apps.

Medium-term (i.e., in the next few months): we will work out a star-based ranking system and a genealogy of apps, to give credit where credit is due.

What do you think?  Please post your thoughts on the short-term and medium-term proposals in the comments here or in CubeTalk!

To the future!

-Shawn, Alex, and team Looking Glass

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    1. Chris L on

      I just saw that there was an Aug 31 expiration date on the coupon! Is it too late to send in the core for the upgrade?

    2. David on

      Hi there. I haven't received any cubes yet. I am wondering where you are with them as so many people seem to have them already???


    3. Missing avatar

      Trevor G on

      Oops, I only put one stamp on mine and it was returned yesterday for insufficient postage. Trying to send it again.

    4. Missing avatar

      John Doe on

      4. Yes please! I haven't really bothered with the CubeTube because it's so difficult to find good apps. Please fix!

    5. Looking Glass 3-time creator on

      Hi Trevor! Yes, it's ok to put the Core in the envelope w/out padding. They are all seeming to make it back to us fine if the small Coupon card is placed under the pins.

      JD, yes! Emailing you now.

      -Shawn, Looking Glass

    6. Missing avatar

      Trevor G on

      I'm trying to figure out what I can use to prevent the pins from bending. I know I had some foam around here from something, but is it ok to put the core in the envelope without additional padding?

    7. Missing avatar

      JD on

      Would it be possible to keep the existing core for our own projects and purchase the Photon from you?