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music + internet + 3D LEDS = L3D Cube.   Create and share in 3D.    Join the future!
music + internet + 3D LEDS = L3D Cube.  Create and share in 3D.   Join the future!
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Cube love

Posted by Looking Glass (Creator)

"The Cube is an imitation of life itself - or even an improvement on life."  -Erno Rubik

Dear lovers of the Cube,

Really Big Cube Update (16x16x16)

This message comes to you from the bowels of the beast. By which I mean, from within a production version of the 16x16x16 Cube!  WARNING:  late night lip-syncing horrors lurk within.

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We pushed through a couple additional hardware revisions to get the assembly time down to a mind-boggling 88 minutes on this beast -- just 88 minutes to put together the massive 3D array of 4096 RGB LEDs that is the 16x16x16 Cube. KARATE CHOP! And it's now ready to go into production. Along with hundreds of the 8x8x8 Cubes! 

The production-version of the 16x16x16 Cube
The production-version of the 16x16x16 Cube

Which brings us to....

A General Production Update

Everything is on schedule for May delivery. We're currently running a series of tests on the Cubes using the new Spark Photons. These are the more powerful brains that we're adding to everyone's Cubes. After these tests we'll be primed to start up hardware production mid-March.

New CubeTube coming in May! 

The development of the new CubeTube is also well underway, on slate to be ready for volumetric Cube app sharing in style by the time the May hardware shipments arrive.

That said, there's already been fierce and wonderful activity on beta  Thanks to the couple dozen Christmas Cube backers who are laying the foundation for what is to come in May!   As just one example of many, check out this awesome new text generator by CubeTube hyper-user Hape:

For the couple dozen of you out there who have Christmas Special Cubes, Alex and Owen just completed a new L3D library that will make it easier to make beautiful volumetric apps for your Cubes. And yes indeed, this library has Hape's text generator built in!  Specific details coming to the Forum on in the next few days.

Joy Awaits!

For the rest of you wonderful backers, here's a brief reminder of the volumetric funhouse that will be unleashed on your eyeballs in May.


To the future!

-Shawn, Alex, and all your origami-folding, CNC mill wielding, voxel-painting, pick-n-placing buddies at Looking Glass


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    1. Blindman2k on

      This is my favourite project ever. I love LED cubes and have been waiting for an 8x8x8 forever. I can't wait till I can justify the cost of a 16x16x16.

    2. Norman Rabek on

      Always fun getting your updates - especially the lip-syncs, but the cube is pretty awesome too!