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music + internet + 3D LEDS = L3D Cube.   Create and share in 3D.    Join the future!
music + internet + 3D LEDS = L3D Cube.  Create and share in 3D.   Join the future!
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Final Strrretch goal: CUBE ARCADE

Posted by Looking Glass (Creator)
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The future is here!!! It's 2015!!! Wooo!!!

We'd like to ring in this special New Year with one last Stretch Goal...and this one's a doozy. In the last 4 days of this Kickstarter campaign, if we can push to $222,000, we'll unlock CUBE ARCADE. With Cube Arcade, you'll be able to play 3D video games on your WiFi-connected Cubes from any web browser with zero setup and no programming.

A few of the backers with Christmas Special Cubes have already been posting amazing new Cube games like 3D Snake & Space Abduction on the CubeTube Forum. These games are awesome! But right now, they're pretty hard for non-coders to play, since they require running code on a computer which can be intimidating for a whole lot of folks.

But if we hit this Stretch Goal and unlock Cube Arcade, no longer!! We'll make a web-interface for these and future games so that all you have you do to play a 3D arcade game on your Cube is 

1.       connect you Cube to WiFi and 

1.5     cut a hole in that box

2.       open a web browser and play!

Thanks to all of you this Kickstarter has blown past all expectations, reaching more than 500% of our original goal. Help us with this final push to $222K by tweetpinagramfacing this all over the web and make Cube Arcade a reality!!

TO. THE. FUTURE! -Alex, Shawn, & the Looking Glass team joyfully swimming in a mountain of cubes


music in the video by

Sakun-1, John Williams, and M. Ward.

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