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The Electric Loog is a small, electric 3-string guitar designed to make it fun and easy to play music.
The Electric Loog is a small, electric 3-string guitar designed to make it fun and easy to play music.
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"Already a proven success (…) an incredibly slick kit that contains everything you need to start you (or your kiddo) on an epic musical journey." Gizmodo

"A rad electric guitar (...) By building their own guitar, kids understand and engage with the instrument before they even set finger on a string (…) the sequel to the now award-winning acoustic guitar." Fast Company  

"A new, easy-to-learn, child-centric guitar sound was born and grade school would never be the same." TechCrunch

"Having been a backer of the original Loog guitar, I have no doubt on Rafael’s ability to complete and ship the electric Loog." GeekDad

"A couple of years ago Rafael Atijas designed a nice 3-string acoustic guitar (..) I have one at home. It's nicely made and sounds great. Rafael recently launched an electric Loog. It looks nice and is well on its way to reaching its funding goal. I want one!" BoingBoing


Hi there! Thanks for checking out our project. With your help, we would like to launch the Electric Loog Guitar.

What it is

The Electric Loog Guitar is a small, 3-string guitar designed to make it fun and easy to play music. It is the electric version of the original Loog Guitar, which we launched 2 years ago here on Kickstarter. It is a fun, little instrument with a big, serious sound.

So, why 3 strings?

We love 6-string guitars, but we believe that they can be overwhelming for little kids and beginners. With its 3 strings, the Loog Guitar makes it easier and faster to play music, offering a more stimulating experience that allows children to play music right from the start.

I also think that the electric Loog could be a cool instrument for grownups and seasoned players. The constraint of less strings actually acts as a trigger for creativity and many professional players find themselves rediscovering ways to play when they grab a 3-string guitar. Like my friend Dinamita here:

The Electric Loog Guitars come in a vintagey color palette and -as with the original Loog- all parts are interchangeable. 

The electric Loog will come in these 5 colors.
The electric Loog will come in these 5 colors.

In this way, you can get the blue guitar and if after a couple of months you feel like changing to the red guitar, you can just buy the body, easily attach it and have a brand new looking guitar without the cost of a whole new guitar.   

And this is not just about convenience. Pulling your guitar apart, assembling it again and customizing it as you want is actually a big part of what the Loog is all about: when you build your own guitar, you feel a deep connection to it. It is an experience that helps you understand and love the instrument and that is why we'll ship the electric Loog unassembled for you to put it together at home. (No special tools or expertise is required and in just 15 minutes you'll have your Electric Loog Guitar assembled and ready to play.)

A little bit about us

It feels special being here again on Kickstarter, because this is where our little company was born: two years ago we launched a campaign for the original acoustic Loog Guitar, which I had developed as my Master's thesis at NYU. It basically changed my life: we reached the goal, started production and two years later here we are still making guitars.

We even won a few awards too: at the last NAMM Show, at NY Toy Fair, at the Design Biennial in Madrid and from the Innovation Agency in Uruguay (my home-country).

Design Process and Production Plan

We've been working on the design for 10 months with a team of very talented folks: Joaquín Uribe (musician and industrial designer) and Cedrés & Vargas, luthiers specialized in electric guitars who own the guitar workshop you can see in the project video. And then there's Edgard Barilas, who actually joined us two years ago to help us fulfill our first Kickstarter rewards. He's our logistics genius.

We've been designing and prototyping like crazy.
We've been designing and prototyping like crazy.

Because we already make the acoustic Loog, we have every element in place to begin production and we even have a smooth fulfillment process implemented (took as a while, but we now are able to ship our current Loog Guitars in one day).

If we reach our funding goal, we will start production in December, as soon as we get the funds. The only parts that are different from the ones we already make for the original acoustic Loog are the guitar-body and the electronics. The guitar-body should be fairly easy to manufacture as it is basically one piece of wood going through a CNC mill: you enter the CAD file and it cuts the shape and its cavities with millimetric precision. As for the electronics, we already selected the supplier of the pickups (they already supplied the ones we used in the prototypes that you can see and hear in the videos) and the rest (jack, knob, etc.) are standard parts that we'll probably get in China.

As you may have noticed, we set the delivery date for the Electric Loog for May 2014. This is a very conservative estimate, but if things go moderately well we hope to deliver way before that. 

Why Kickstarter

Simply put: we don't have the money to launch the electric Loog on our own. We outsource production of most parts to several suppliers (some in China, some in the U.S.) and this requires a sizable upfront manufacturing cost. We need to know if there's enough people out there who want these guitars, before we can commit to placing a large order to our suppliers, and that's why we are here asking for your support.

If you think this is a cool project and you would like these guitars to exist, we can make it happen together. This is both our chance to make them, and your chance to get an electric Loog at a special price and before anyone else.

Thanks again for stopping by!


P.S.: See a little bit more of the electric Loog in action in the clips below and also check the FAQs section for technical details such as scale, tuning, etc.

⬆ Dinamita Pereda killing it on slide guitar.

⬆ In this audio-clip you can hear a wide range of sounds and loops all played exclusively with an electric Loog and just an electric Loog. The artist is the genius of Pablo Faragó.

Risks and challenges

As with every project that involves manufacturing, there are always unexpected challenges to overcome: delays, last-minute design tweaks to better serve production, etc.

Having said that, we are confident that we will overcome them; we had a successful hardware project before and we actually have built a small company that ships guitars every single day. Moreover, the electric Loog actually uses many of the same components as the current Loog we already make and sell, so we are 100% confident that this will not be a daunting task for us.

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