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A book of inspiring stories of communities coming together to harvest the rain, and how you can do it too!
A book of inspiring stories of communities coming together to harvest the rain, and how you can do it too!
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Books in, shipping packages on their way, hopeful ship date is Monday (April 2nd)

Posted by Lonny Grafman (Creator)

Hello All,

Thank you for your continued support and patience. We finally have all 500 books in! 

500 books ready to send (serendipitous spectrum)
500 books ready to send (serendipitous spectrum)

If all goes well, the books will be shipped on Monday morning. I know we said we would ship in March, but I made a mistake. 

We could ship them now, but when I went to pick up the bubble wrap envelopes that books are normally sent in... I realized that I did not want to support such an egregious polluter. The bubble wrap envelopes are neither recycled nor recyclable. I should have thought of this before all 500 books finally got here. 

So Monday, I spent a while looking at life cycle assessments, embedded energies, carbon impacts, and recyclability of various shipping methods. One of the alternative companies I found and called stood out - EcoEnclose.

I just met them, and have not inspected their product nor manufacturing, however, their materials seem great. That said, talking to them over the phone is what really sold me. They helped me find the best product for this book (in terms of environmental impact and protection of the book), they helped me get a great price, and their representative bought a copy of the book! They are in the process of planning their own rainwater catchment system... so that kind of sold me. 

The packaging material comes in on Friday. We will pack through the weekend... and then on Monday, the local post office will be opening early just for us (gotta love small towns), so that we can process all the shipments without making others wait for the hour or two it might take.  

Thanks again for your awesomeness. Also, those of you building systems based on the digital copies... thank you for sending in your photos and stories, they have been really inspiring!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Felicity Grube on

      Good news about the packaging.
      Happy Easter weekend to you and all the packers, as well as your other supporters, such as the local post office team. Hope you can all relax some time soon!

    2. Lonny Grafman Creator on

      Just to clarify, their representative was building a rainwater system... not the company itself. :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Miriam Dym on

      how delighted I am to hear this tale of packaging carefully chosen. and also glad I won't be recipient of bubblewrap! (let's end the petrochemical era!!) excited to have the book!!!

    4. Lonny Grafman Creator on

      Will do!

    5. Missing avatar

      Aome St Laurence on

      Pleaes send my book to Aome c/o Annamalia Tecknor, 2415 N. Oak Park Ave. Apt. 2A, Chicago, 60707-2237