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Lone Shark Games and Monte Cook Games create an epic board game of exploration and skill set in the Numenera universe.
Lone Shark Games and Monte Cook Games create an epic board game of exploration and skill set in the Numenera universe.
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many thanks, plus game design books from Lone Shark and Monte Cook Games

Posted by Lone Shark Games (Creator)

Thanks to backers like you, we've had a really good month on The Ninth World. The game came out at retail and did well enough that several distributors have already requested reorders. It's rare to get these so quickly. We have you to thank for it.

Part of the wave of positive energy has come from the box and packaging, which is pretty different than anything else on the shelves. We've been pleased to see unboxing videos like this excited one from The Dice Tower's Melody Vasel.

If you're enjoying the game, we're always in favor of you posting gameplay videos and reviews so that other people can share your enthusiasm. We very much appreciate those of you who spread the word about the game, especially after our long art and production delays. We're thrilled with the results, and with the reactions from you, our backers.

Some new game knowledge from us and MCG

Right now, the Lone Shark team is running a very cool Humble Book Bundle with all our favorite Game Design and Puzzlecraft books. It benefits the charities Girls Make Games and Girls Who Code, whose missions are near and dear to our hearts.

There are a lot of great design books on there: a brand new edition of Puzzlecraft, Level Up!, The Kobold Guide to Board Game Design, A Theory of Fun for Game Design, Things We Think About Games, Women in Tech, and so many more. One that our Numenera fans might particularly like is by Monte Cook and Shanna Germain, a crowdfunding book called Kicking It. It's very newly revised (like last month), and it's really good.

If you like that, you will also want to hear Monte speak about everything required to run the best RPG you can. In his upcoming book Your Best Game Ever!, now on Kickstarter, he dispenses wisdom on subjects like finding a group, making a character, running a game, creating adventures, and much more. If you like Numenera, you'll like this.

So if you like game design, or you run Kickstarters, or you just want to read cool things that people like Monte, Shanna, and us write, please check out the cool Humble Book Bundle and the Kickstarter for Your Best Game Ever! We really appreciate it.

Thanks for supporting The Ninth World! We hope you're enjoying it!

Mike and the Sharks


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