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Lone Shark Games and Monte Cook Games create an epic board game of exploration and skill set in the Numenera universe.
Lone Shark Games and Monte Cook Games create an epic board game of exploration and skill set in the Numenera universe.
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If you're just coming back to The Ninth World, here's what you missed!

Posted by Lone Shark Games (Creator)

The 48-hour notifications will go out soon! And that means a lot of people looking at this campaign for the first time in several weeks. If that's you, here's what you missed!

We added a co-op game

Last night we finished design on the cooperative version of the game, and sent it on to development. Paul is writing up the rules and we'll include it in an update tomorrow. But as a preview, here are the basic concepts when you're playing in co-op mode.

  • Each player needs to get a certain amount of points every 3 turns to win. This is indicated by a score card. At the start of the 9-turn game, those numbers are currently 20 points each at the end of round 3, 40 points each at the end of round 6, and 80 points each at the end of round 9. In the 5-turn game, it's 20 at the end of round 3 and 40 at the end of round 5. (Note the words "At the start.")
  • The wilderness is now a horrible place which tries to kill you. On every round, after the focus phase, there's a co-op phase where three terrible things happen: First, any creature card in the wilderness attacks the town; you roll a die (or 2 dice for larger creatures) and each bad result means you put a wound card on one of the town card spaces. Second, any relic card in the wilderness adds 1 point to the amount on the score card that you need to get at the scoring steps; that's every turn, so if you leave a relic out for 3 turns, that number's going up by 3. Third, you draw 1 card from the wilderness deck per player plus 1 card for each quest or ally card still in the wilderness; blue cards go to any player, then are immediately replaced.
  • On any phase other than focus, you can pool your bids. This will allow you to team up against cards. A player can only claim cards in the wilderness that she has marked. Also, you can fulfill conditions of quests in the wilderness if you have marked them, but cannot claim any quest whose requirements haven't been entirely fulfilled. You can't pool your bids during the focus phase, though.
  • Any player who doesn't have the number of points needed at a scoring step is eliminated from play.
  • If your town card spaces are ever all wounded, you all just lose right then.
  • Solo play is a stripped down version of this. You have a score card and you don't pool bids, but otherwise it works like the above.

There's a little more to it, and it's all still in playtest, so things will change. We'll get you those details probably tomorrow. But yeah, co-op mode is totally happening, and it's all because you asked for it.

We unlocked lots of new regions

The Ninth World takes place in the Steadfast, a land of nine kingdoms such as Malevich and Navarene. But along the way, we've been unlocking new regions in which you can play in very different ways. So far we've unlocked four of them: the Black Riage, the Plains of Kataru, Seshar, and the Cloudcrystal Skyfields.

Here are our remaining region stretch goals:

  • If we get to $100,000, we'll unlock the Frozen South, a frigid region south of the Steadfast. 
  • If we get to $110,000, we'll unlock Vralk the Red Kingdom, a fiery desert north of the Steadfast
  • If we get to $120,000, we'll unlock Lostrei the Spiritlands, a weird region north of the Steadfast.
  • And if we get to $125,000, we'll unlock three more regions: the Rayskel Cays, an archipelago west of the Steadfast; Corao, a far-off land accessed through a portal in a wall; and the Lands of the Dawn, the rest of the lands on the other side of that portal.

We'd love to unlock all of those, so if you want them, let us know!

We added a deck of powers cards

You told us you wanted to customize your characters, so we're giving you an online character card creator and are making a deck of power cards that you can put on top of the power on your character. So if you have a Tough Nano Who Hunts Big Game but you would rather play a Tough Nano Who Regenerates, you can do that.

If we reach $105,000, we'll double the size of the powers deck. We'll make a 50-card powers deck that has some crazy nonsense like "Who Wears a Sheen of Ice" or "Who Exists Partially Out of Phase." We want to see what those do.

We added three new characters

We added three more characters to the game, and they're all ... not normal. They are nonhuman: One is Ace, an automaton Nano whom we've previewed earlier. Another is Kwaidyno the varjellen, a reptilian Jack you saw a ways back. And the third is a lattimor who is not yet designed, but is, y'know, probably a Glaive.

We're adding a new stretch goal here: If we reach $115,000, we'll add three more characters to the game. That'll give us all 12 possible skill combos in the game. And the cool part is that they'll all be mutants. More about this tomorrow, probably.

You can also help us design a character by going to the Numenera Facebook page. We've already determined that character is a Jack. Now we need to know from you whether the Jack is Clever, Stealthy, Learned, or Tough. Go vote!

We added new town cards

We added 18 more town and wilderness cards to the game, likely settling at about 54 cards in town and 54 cards in the wilderness.

In addition, we added 5 bid cover cards so you don't have to pull your cards below the table if you don't want.

We made the map into a double-sided "playmap"

The world map is now a double-sided Ninth World playmap specially designed for this game. On one side, it'll show all the locations in the Steadfast and where they appear in the card game, so you can chart your progress during the game. On the other side, it'll have a playmat in which you can array your region cards, skill cards, and town and wilderness cards. So you'll be able to display it on one side and play it on the other. And don't forget: At the $125 level, your map will be signed by the whole design team.

We announced a cool party with our cool friends

You already know that we're working closely with our friends at Monte Cook Games. For example, we're right on the edge of a stretch goal where MCG's supremely talented writer Shanna Germain will write the game's flavortext.

But hey, how about a little face-to-face interaction? Our friends at MCG will be joining us at a party at Gen Con that we're co-hosting with the crazeball geniuses at Cards Against Humanity, Secret Hitler, and Exploding Kittens. If you jump on that $300 level, you get all the cool stuff plus an invite to our party at Gen Con. You'll play games with all the creators of those games and all of us. Come hang out!

Plus, we're in the last day of our BoardGameGeek contest. If you want a shot at a crazy cool Lone Shark prize bundle, go play that now.

So, y'know, an eventful couple of weeks. Whether you're looking at this for the first time or returning after a while, we hope you'll look at this and let us know that you want to join us in The Ninth World. We think you'll enjoy the trip.

Mike and the Sharks

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    1. Lone Shark Games 6-time creator

      @ Janelle Cooper: Sorry if I wasn't clear. Solo functions the same way as co-op, except you can't pool your bids because there's nobody to pool them with.

    2. Hellspark

      I fully agree with Janelle Cooper's suggestion :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Janelle Cooper

      Please start working on (or at least leaving crumbs for amateurs to follow) for a solo rules. There is a vast market for solo-playable games!